Larry King’s Wife Allegedly Cheating With Guy Who Just Wants To Bang

“Oh God, he’s touching me.”
“Bring me young Skyvalker…”

By my calculations, Larry King is a million years old, so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that his 56-year-old wife finally accepted that he’s immortal and is trying to cut her losses. (Plus that time he allegedly banged her sister for years, which is actually kind of amazing/why Viagra is gross and wrong and should be dumped into the sea.) Except Shawn King’s plan hit a small bump in the road when the dude she’s allegedly fucking went, “Whoa, wait, I never said anything about leaving him…” Page Six reports:

Shockingly, an insider told us that Shawn, 56, met [Richard] Greene when he was a guest on a podcast she co-hosts with her husband, “Back and Forth With Shawn and Larry.”
“He’s heartbroken,” a friend of Larry’s told us. “He’s embarrassed and furious.”
The source added that although Shawn — who the Enquirer reported on Wednesday had sent nude pictures and had “steamy afternoon sex sessions” with her boy toy — is still living with Larry after the news hit, the veteran broadcaster hasn’t made a decision on whether to file for divorce.
In fact, the insider said that before the scandal broke, Shawn “was ready to divorce Larry for this guy, but the guy was hesitant about it.”

Now you’re probably thinking to yourself, Wait a minute, do old people really have this much sex? Aw, no, Grandma… And welcome to the entire point of this post.

Enjoy your day 💃

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