Larry King Might Have Saved Wesley Snipes

December 9th, 2010 // 37 Comments

“Always bet on black. I mean, Jew.”

Wesley Snipes is scheduled to go to jail today for failing to file his taxes five years in a row because apparently that’s illegal. (Side note: What are taxes?) Anyway, Monday night he appeared on Larry King Live where it was shockingly revealed one of the jurors comments on this site which is how I interpreted this information. TMZ reports:

During the show, Larry read a statement from a member of the jury that convicted Snipes during his tax evasion trial which said, “There was one juror that had said they knew Mr. Snipes was guilty right when they first saw him during the jury selection.
Wesley’s legal team immediately jumped into action — and moments ago, they filed an emergency motion for a new trial based on juror misconduct.

Although, in this juror’s defense, it’s nice to see tax evasion is no longer considered just a white man’s sport. We’ve come a long way, America. We’ve come a long way…

UPDATE: And it didn’t work. Blade’s in the pokey.

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  1. Fear

    Hmmmm, Fed Res, courts, media, banks, you name it. And the riches are sequestered, the wealth rises to the top, resources gobbled up, guns guns guns
    poverty starvation (stick around)

  2. Spurious


  3. Horseshit.

    Either he paid them or he didn’t.

    Juror misconduct my ass…….


  4. J

    if passenger 57 just went to jackson hewitt, he wouldnt have to go to court….

    on a side note, my opinion of the monopoly on capital, printing money, etc….is a discussion for another day.

  5. Ze German

    With as long as they’ve dragged this shit out, if he would have just went inside in the first place he’d be out by now and on about his business.

    I also don’t think he willfully didn’t pay, but it was more like a “Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies” relationship with his accounting people and when the music stopped he got caught without a chair.

  6. jojo

    “… I am the Larry King…I can do anything…”

  7. There’s always a problem with this guy paying his taxes on time..

  8. Wesley Snipes
    Commented on this photo:

    Sigh! First.

  9. GravyLeg

    Tax Evader? Saucy French berets and spiffy voodoo talismans don’t come cheap bitches…

  10. Deacon Jones

    Black people and money are like a puppy with a new bone; once they get it, they have no idea what to do with it

    • Mortimer Duke

      Hey! Thats racists, you asshole.

    • Deacon Jones

      Also, gay people molest children and Asian women are bad drivers. Russians will rape you. That’s not a common stereotype perpetuated by idiots like me, it’s just because I got raped by a Russian once. It wasn’t that bad really. Even a little cuddling afterward.

    • Richard McBeef

      In my experiences puppies are pretty good at figuring out what to do with a new bone.

      • McFeely Smackup

        and child molesters are overwhelmingly men who self ID as straight.

        Asian women are bad drivers though, so even though an idiot racist, he’s not totally wrong.

      • Deacon Jones

        My dear troll wrote that second one, but I stand by my initial post!

  11. Cock Dr

    Straight men should never wear berets.

  12. Mortimer Duke

    Of course he was guilty, he’s a NEEEgro. Been probably not paying his taxes since he could crawl…

  13. McFeely Smackup

    This is hilarious. He’s going to drag this out as long as possible, to no effect. He doesn’t even dispute that he didn’t pay his taxes, his only defense was that he got duped by a group that believes taxes are voluntary. No shit, he walked into court with the formal defense of “I’m just stupid”.

    He’s going to jail one way or another, all this does is get more lawyer bills to pay.

  14. meh

    Come on Blade! Dont’ let them lock you up!

  15. Imate 12236969

    Hi Wesly, got some grease for ya.

    • ilikesake

      Geez, I agree with another post. Had he gone to jail earlier, he’d have been out by now or within the year working on Blade 4. But noooo, he wants to drag shit out and waste more money on lawyers and other resources. If you have enough money to pay lawyers, ya should’ve paid your fucking taxes. YOU ARE RICH. Why the hell should this be about race? Black, white or whatever you still didn’t pay your taxes. Plain and simple.

  16. Hey, we all know one hard and true lesson of life in North America. Don’t fuck with government Money. You can sell your soul and your kids so long as you pay your taxes every year. Snipes made more than enough money in his career so there is no reason why he didn’t pay the taxes. Doesn’t matter about a juror, if he didn’t pay he is going to jail.

    That is one law that sees no color or gender or race. The IRS will tag anyone for Tax evasion, no matter who you are.

  17. The law?

    I’m surprised people even get arrested for this. If you haven’t watched Zeit Geist yet, I strongly recommend it. If you don’t feel like hearing how Jesus was fake skip to the area about banks and taxes. There happens to be no law that anyone can point to that says its illegal to not pay *income* tax, which is what I assumed he was charged with. And before anyone flames about “not everything you see in a documentary is blah blah blah,” i felt their source guide was pretty legit.

    • Imate 12236969

      Here’s the place:
      Yeah well I tell you what stop paying your taxes and I’ll have some lotion for you too.

  18. Maybe he’s doing a secret undercover bid to rid the federal penitentiary of vampires.

  19. See Alice

    Why is he exempt from paying taxes ? Because Chuck Norris said so ?

  20. Deacon Frost

    I finally got his ass!

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