Lara Flynn Boyle might have arthritis

April 20th, 2006 // 72 Comments

Page Six claims 36-year-old Lara Flynn Boyle told her friends in LA that she has arthritis and is using homeopathic remedies to help ease the pain. They follow up the claim by saying Boyle’s rep said the rumors are “Not true.”

What’s the point of following up on a lead if you’re going to report it anyway? I might as well make up whatever story I want and just throw in a “their rep said it wasn’t true” at the end. This just in, Katie Holmes bought a kangaroo to ride around the house. When asked, her rep responded that the rumors are “Not true.” My God, it works!



  1. Land-Man

    I’d like to smash her box…with a goddamn sledge hammer.

  2. ESQ

    I guess the stories of her recovering from bulimia or anorexia nervosa have not surfaced yet.

  3. Italian Stallion

    Arthritis? I thought she had a boyle…….hehehehehehe… so stupid

  4. thetruthhurts

    *YAWN* Who the hell cares about this anorexic has been? This site sucks ass lately…WTF?

  5. Chrystal03

    I’d hit it..

  6. Land-Man

    I’d slap her around with the big 11″ i’m packing downstairs. Fuck u Italian Stallion.

  7. Akapee

    Jack Nicholson already hit that so many times that the pussy is disfigured. But I’d still hit that :)

  8. ziggurat

    who is this? still LOOKS hot…

  9. mamacita

    Land-Man’s talking about that 11″ t.v. that’s in the downstairs living room. He can’t be talking about his penis, because as we all know, he has an Air-Cock.

    On the subject of Lara Flynn Boyle and her arthritis, who the fuck cares? My grandma’s got arthritis too, and I don’t see her getting national attention for it. Geez, couldn’t she come up with a better ailment if she needed some publicity?

  10. PapaHotNuts

    “she has arthritis and is using homeopathic remedies”

    How can gay people cure arthritis?

  11. pam



  12. Otto

    I think I have arthritis to. Everytime I even think about this chicks bony butt I get stiff….And, for the record…I’ve fucked mamacita’s grandmother and she’s no Laura Flynn Boyle. Not even close. Though they both smell like lilac and old socks. Hmmm…

  13. PapaHotNuts

    Anyone here live in Houston?

  14. gsprescueguy

    11 – Tom Cruise could cure her, oh no, I let it out that TC is gay!!!! Sorry everyone.

    How could she not have arthritis, she has no muscle, tendons or cartilage. How much plastic surgery has she had? She is starting to look older (in plastic surgery) than Joan Collins.

  15. Chrystal03

    I live in Houston.. :)

  16. PapaHotNuts

    Chrystal- I need 4 tickets to the 2:05 Astros/Pirates game Sunday. If you can hook me up, I’ll ravage your body in a sexual frenzy that you have never experienced. Unless you’re fat. Then I’ll just take the tickets.

  17. mamacita


    I’ll have you know that my grandmother doesn’t smell like lilac and old socks. She smells like cat piss and mothballs.

  18. ThatsHot

    I think she’s mistaking her “arthritis” pain for the pain of her bones piercing her skin. Yeah, that’s gotta be it. By the by, the bitch is a has been. Raise your hand if you care……. It’d be more interesting if she said she and Jack had a 3-way with Diane Keeton and she got herpes, and by George, she’d not sure which one she got it from.

  19. Chrystal03

    LOL…I haven’t even been to a game yet, tryin to see who I can sleep with to acquire those tickets. We gotta lotta homeless scalpers down here, I’ll see what..err..WHO…I can do for ya papa.. ;)

  20. M@ce

    Mamacita is right, definitely cat piss and mothballs…and she makes me wear a doily on my pecker when I give her her ‘medicine’.

  21. Iambananas

    Who cares about her or her arthritis or her weird skinny body? I don’t.

  22. JP

    She’s using homeopathic therapy? What do gay psychics know about arthritis that a Doctor doesn’t??

  23. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Hey, my grandma has arthritis too, but my grandma doesn’t look like a taxidermied hairless cat. She looks more like a Playboy playmate. It runs in the family.

  24. JP

    Oh damn, I should read the posts first. Somebody else already used that joke. But i did add the “psychics” part. So let’s just say that the previous poster and I accentuated each other rather than repeated.

  25. Jacq

    Did they ever catch that gorilla done exscaped from the zoo and punch you in the mouf?

  26. krisdylee

    damn, i wish i lived in houston. :-(

  27. gogoboots

    Whenever the rep says it’s not true, it REALLY is! That’s the lesson. She probably got arthritis from being anorexic, it’s a proven fact dammit!

  28. Italian Stallion

    I don’t think I’m gonna come back to this site because Land-Ham doesn’t like me. I’m sure you will all be happy now. I had fun while it lasted. Fuck me? That hurts dude, nice to know ya’ll……….

  29. Gee, theres a shock, she didn’t eat anything for like 10 years and now her body may have responded by trying to digest her joints.

    Lara, that isn’t arthritis you feel, it’s your bones grinding togethether because theres no padding. Go eat some pudding you skinny bitch.

  30. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Cheer up, Mr. Stallion. Have some Grand Mariner. It’ll be like spinach to Popeye, I figure, because Popeye was a mariner, wasn’t he?
    Word on the street is Land-Man is MeganHarris’ boyfriend, which means he is the man-boy with cerebral palsy who she keeps in a pen next to her chickens.

  31. Kbartender

    No Mr. Stallion! Don’t go you’re my favorite. Land-Ham’s a tool k? OK!?

  32. Fisher55

    I don’t understand why LFB has had so much plastic surgery…she’s only, like, 31 years old.

    and on a different note: does anyone know the band “Bloc Party…?”

  33. Land-Man

    How about a show of support for Land-Man!!! Holla, whoot whoot.

  34. mamacita


    Jeebus!!!! Nobody likes you, so for a show of support, may I suggest the Cross My Heart 18-hour bra? It’s comfy AND beautiful!!

  35. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I bet Lara Flynn Boyle also wonders why her throat feels scratchy after she purges.

  36. Arthritis is what she gets for fucking Jack Nicholson. He gave her arthritis of the pussy, a little known elderly transmitted STD. It’s side-effects are premature aging and acting like a dumb cunt.

  37. Feed_Me_Chocolate


    *chirp* *chirp* *chirp*

    (That’s crickets you hear, Bitty Schlong)

  38. Please stop picking on Mamacita, if she quits posting here I won’t have anybody correcting my spelling. ;)

    Oh yeah, I had Lara Flynn Boyle over for dinner…I should have just taken the food off the stove and put it directly into the toilet, would have saved both of us time.

  39. hendero

    she obviously caught arthritis from Jack Nicholson.

  40. mamacita


    Ain’t that the truth? Besides the fact that I, much like OshKosh, also have tits that are super high and firm.

  41. SuperSpence

    Arthritis wouldn’t be a good thing for this woman because I believe it’s been confirmed that her body mass is 92% bone.

  42. HollyJ

    I’m putting my money on osteoarthritis resulting from extreme anorexia.

    BTW, she needs to lay off the face lifts and lip injections. If she pulls her skin up and back anymore, her eyes will be permanently pulled shut. :::: pipe in theme music “I think I’m turning Japanese” ::::

  43. Land-Man, you have no idea what your getting yourself into. If they think you are my boyfriend, they are going to run with it. no matter what.

  44. Libraesque

    My friend went to high school with her, at prom she dragged some guy, who was not the guy she went with, into the bathroom, fucked him, then threw up all over herself hahahahahah.

  45. PapaHotNuts

    Chrystal- what’s up with the tickets? Let me know, OK hotpants?

    Land-man, I know you have a beef with a few on here, but please don’t let MeganHarris give you advice. You’d be better off asking a quadrapalegic for long-distance running techniques.

  46. booface

    MeghanHarris is the funniest person on this site.

    I’m not joking. Thank you, MeghanHarris.

  47. booface

    Isn’t the Cross My Heart bra for fat chicks?

  48. Land-Man

    ask Jacq

  49. Trotter

    MeganHarris is already trying to protect her boyfriend, Landclam. Those basement-dwelling tranny’s stick together you know. Its from all the body parts they’re preserving; they ooze gluey plasma…

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