Lance Bass motorboated Cloris Leachman (You just read that.)

October 30th, 2008 // 31 Comments

Lance Bass, who I’ve never seen in an interview before today (Do you think he’s gay?), stopped by E!’s Chelsea Lately last night where he admitted to motorboating his Dancing with the Stars opponent Cloris Leachman. How does that even happen? Glad you asked:

LANCE: I’m not sure I’m feeling this whole homosexual thing anymore. CLORIS!
CLORIS: Yes, Lance.
CLORIS: Ready for the man-gina again now, dearie?
LANCE: Hell yeeeeah!
CLORIS: It’s nice to feel useful. Cookie?

Photos: ABC/WENN, Splash News

  1. thumper

    What the hell. I’d motorboat ‘em too.

  2. lulu

    you would, thumper


  3. He stole my dreams!

    I’d do it too, I love her.

  4. catchme21

    Wtf if you’re going to distract your opponent why not throw the gay guy at ‘em.

  5. peter

    “It’s nice to feel useful.”
    I love this one!!
    The secne reminds of the ball I once atteded with the sexy lady I dated from ” MatchRich. COM ” she’s so nice!! so, anyway, thanks for bringing back sweet memories!!LOL

  6. mamadough

    growing up, one of my closest friends LOVED n’sync. another friend and i would always tease her relentlessly about what a flaming faggot lance was. i called that shit, like 11 years ago. God, i get so tired of being right all the time.

  7. Al N

    I hear Lance Bass is gay. Just sayin

  8. veggi

    See? It’s gay to be fixated on breasts.

  9. Bruce

    Hey I’m gay and I’d motorboat them too…It’s a gay man’s privelege…that’s why women love us so. We get to do things straight men envy us for with women.

  10. Cliff Clavin

    Mimi has yet to reply. She must have passed out on Amy Whinehouse’s douche water.

  11. Rick

    “We get to do things straight men envy us for with women.”

    You mean, NOT fuck them, while taking another man’s cock up your ass? The looks you see are not of envy.

  12. Bobby

    I’m Gay and I would motorboat them too.

    It’s a gay man’s privelege to be able to do that to a woman…that’s why they love us so much…no threatening sexual adavances…just motorboating and touching/curiosity.

    It’s good to be gay!

  13. 2 seatless bicycle enthusiast bonding…

  14. mamadough

    @10, for some reason, she’s moved on to britney spears. she’s still a twat though.

  15. Bruce

    I know that look is jealous…

    I meant we get to touch and feel and motorboat…while most straight guys get slapped for even suggesting.

  16. Bruce

    I meant we get to touch and feel and motorboat…while most straight guys get slapped for even suggesting.

  17. FRIST!!!

    Obomma’s campaign slogan is “Change”, which means:


    Apparently the media answered yes to this question, as they’ve done everything but name him a fucking Saint already.

    The only good thing that can come out of an Obomma victory is that Eddie Murphy can get his old Buckwheat costume, and can make cameo’s on SNL playing the first monkey Michelle Obama.

    Have you seen this fucking coon? She’s gonna paint the White House purple and cover all the furniature in plastic. The media has to do some digging on her, there’s no way her name is Michelle, it’s gotta be Dishiqui or KaDiesha or Shaniqua or some shit, fucking African tribe woman National Geographic looking orangutan….

  18. you're a moron cock sucker troll

    8 and 17
    You are a complete moron troll. Same stupid shit everyday.

  19. p0nk

    no doubt he confused Cloris Leachman for a bear.

    speaking of douchenozzles, #17 should try trolling somebody else for a change – maybe Binky or mimi.

  20. veggi

    19 amen..


    the real veggi. not the assclown at number 8..

  21. I agree with the troll when is Frist going to have some black peep on her my space?

  22. weetees

    said that she is seeking sexy & hot guys on
    ___MatchWealthy.C o M___, Is he looking for a serious relationship or just for fun? nobody knows!

  23. npv

    Some friends I met on a sports community and i would always tease her relentlessly about what a flaming faggot lance was. it’s the real place where hot cougars and milfs hang out with sexy young men!! My friends told me so, gonna check it out!!

  24. Jamie's Uterus

    This guy is such a loser hack. He was a backup singer for Timberlake for a few years, then came out to get some attention, realized no one really cared, and now he’s on a dance show for alleged ‘stars’. Completely pathetic.

    ………..but where?

  26. JimmyBachaFungool

    Uh-oh. Derek Jeter is gonna be mad. He’s been banging Lance off & on for about 3 years. He’s also made out with Jimmy Fallon outside a bar in Chelsea. This is what I’ve heard from friends in the city.

  27. farty_mcshitface

    lance “up the ass” bass dancing with some old broad, that’s pretty funny but i am actually bored.

  28. farty_mcshitface

    oh yeah number 11, you are right, real men don’t envy the shitpackers ever.
    i would rather fuck a woman than do some stupid, silly-ass crap like that.

  29. Monkey's Wood

    Everybody worried about someone elses ass other than their own …….

    The moral of this story is …… “The stress of being concerned about public opinion, can bring you much grief and misery.” And even shorten your life.

    Pastor’s Ass

    The pastor entered his donkey in a race at the local spring fair
    one year, and it won. The pastor was so pleased with the donkey
    that he entered it in the race again the very next day, and it won again.
    The local paper read:


    Upon reading the paper the next morning, the Bishop was so upset
    with this kind of publicity that he called the pastor to his office
    and ordered him not to enter the donkey in any more races.
    The next day, the local paper headline read:


    This incensed the bishop and was too much for him. So he
    ordered the pastor to get rid of the donkey.
    The pastor decided to give it to a nun friend of his in a
    nearby convent. The local paper, upon hearing of the news,
    posted the following headline the next day:


    The bishop fainted !
    He informed the nun that this sort of publicity was unacceptable
    and she would have to get rid of the donkey also. So she sold
    it to a local farmer for $10.00. Hearing of this news, the next day
    the headlines in the paper read:

    “NUN SELLS ASS FOR $10.00″

    The bishop could stand it no longer. This donkey and all it’s publicity was
    getting to be to much for him. So he ordered the nun to
    buy back the donkey and lead it to the plains where it could run wild
    and set it free. The next day the headlines read:


    The bishop was buried the following day.

    So be yourself and enjoy life. Stop worrying about everyone else’s ass and
    you’ll be a lot happier and live a lot longer!

    Have a nice day!

  30. Random DeFristler

    Frist, have you shot yourself in the head yet?

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