Lance Bass came out of the closet to Britney first

October 17th, 2007 // 36 Comments

Former N’Sync member Lance Bass came out to Britney Spears before he told any of his close friends. Lance told Britney the night she married her first husband Jason Alexander on a whim in Las Vegas. Page Six reports:

Her manager had already gotten rid of [her first husband] Jason [Alexander] – they’d flown him home. Britney was upset about what she had done. I felt bad for her. I knew she was about to go through a lot of crap. I felt the need to share something. So I sat her on my bed, and I’m like, Well, I’m gay!” Spears was “surprised. I was always the Southern gentleman.”

Britney was probably surprised because she didn’t even know what “gay” meant. So she went home and had one of her assistants look in that big thing with all the paper. A book, she believes it called. The assistant started reading the definition of “gay” which means happy, but before she could go any further, Britney said “Oh, it makes so much sense now!” She then had her assistant write Lance a letter: “Dear Lance, I too am gay. Gayer than ever! You see I’ve met a boy named Kevin and I can already see us falling in love and having the most wonderful life together. Will keep you posted. Your gay friend, Britney.”


  1. paper or plastic

    Not what I had in mind.

  2. …she should be happy to know that having a gay boy on her arm is as good as gucci. fruit flies.

  3. BC

    ahahaha. that was the best tangent story i’ve read.

  4. actually I’m sure this is how the conversation went….

    Britney : Like oh my god I’m soooo stupid, I suck.

    Lance: Well if it makes you feel better… So do I

    ::insert porn music::

  5. Ript1&0

    It’s true, if you are going to share something, you should make sure the person you share with is listening, caring, has half a brain, is not high on Frap, etc. God, I’m so unfunny today..

    Oh yeah, btw – Southern gentlemen are called “Good Ol’ Boys”. And they aren’t fooling anyone. If you aren’t pounding tall boys and beating your woman by 5pm, you’re a total queer.

  6. uhhh

    hahah that last bit is so funny. god dammmmmnnn

  7. cookievanderbilt

    10/14/07: Lance dumped by hookup/boyfriend #37 since the hot German robot.

    10/15/07: Lance consumes 15,000 calories, watches E! Online for 24 hours straight.

    10/16/07: Calls current publicist. Demands publicity – ANY will suffice. (“you know, like that Brittany bitch!”)

    10/17/07: A Star IS Born – (“Lance Told Brittany first, folks!!”)

  8. Bigheadmike

    Britney is now a therapist?????? Oh my.

  9. News Flash………………………..

    I’m a bi-sexual crossdresser, that loves sex.

    Bet none of ya’ll saw that coming.

  10. cashitin

    So the South is responsible for Brit and Lance “please stick your dick in my” Bass. Ya’ll need to get it together down there.

  11. Grace

    Ok, Lance, we get it, you’re gay. No one cared then, we don’t care now.

  12. Balls Johnson

    Lance Bass is gay? Since when?

  13. Lance Bass “coming out” is about as big a shock as me saying “Psst…guess what. Sometimes,….sometimes,…I sexually gratify myself!”

  14. DA

    If Lance is sucking my cock, does that make me gay?

  15. thats why she went psycoocoo

  16. @14,
    LOL, that’s what I tell a lot of men.

    “Just because I’m sucking your cock doesn’t make you gay”

    But, if you return the favor, you might be.

  17. havoc

    How the fuck could you not know this guy was gay? Look at that just-pumped-cat, pillow biting, Liberace grin on his face. I’ll bet you could tell from his sonogram as a baby that he was gay…..


  18. KamUK

    That is such a gay face, how much plastic surgery has gay boy had?

  19. Burning Gaynus

    “So I sat her on my bed, and I’m like, Well, I’m gay!”"

    The truth: he said that after Britney tackled him onto the bed, wrestled around and drooled on his lips (you know, courtin’), then said “hay! why aint yer stankhole plunger gettin bigger?”

  20. Riotboy

    I thought this guy was in space.

    /bye, bye, bye

  21. DaveMustaine

    fucking faggots must die!!!

  22. It’ s so funny when the gayest of the gay feel the need to come out. If you’re in a boy band we already know you’re gay! His face radiates pure gayness.

  23. Gay and bi are sort of in vogue now among the young and glamorous – Ten years from now he’ll be married with two kids

  24. me

    One part of that was hilarious and out of the blue.

    “Lance, I too am gay”

  25. jacknasty

    Man, Lance is such an attention whore! Seriously, this dude will say anything for press. He doesnt have a career…but he still thinks people should give a shit about him.

  26. Big Dumb Oaf

    Wait a sec- you mean to tell me this (guy?- is he the one on top or the bottom???) let’s say- fellow- HAD TO COME OUT for anyone to know? I know no one wants to “profile” being all PC but, c’mon- take a look at that pic. Makes ya wanna look thru your high school yearbook doesn’t it?

    Is 26 like 69 with Ellen if your a gay male?

  27. iheartbrit


    somebody made a Brittany 4 Presadent (sic) t-shirt

  28. Mdiz

    No shit Sherlock Lance was gay…i mean…LANCE!?!?!?!?

  29. Auntie Kryst

    Ok no offense to gay persons, but I got to make fun of rednecks. I now sort feel sorry for Britney. The crippling ignorance. Wow, just wow, how dumb? A southern gentelman that happens to be gay, Lawd’s no! No one tell her about the Brittish. She can’t handle it.

  30. Conor S

    Who gives a shit?!

  31. D. Richards

    But, Lance, you still(!) are the “southern-gentleman”. You always were, and you always will be, sweetheart. The only difference between the gentleman they thought you were, and the gentleman that you are now, is that you are a-kind-of, “hey, come on my face”, kind of a gentleman now.

    I feel so ridiculous! I just married a longtime friend. I’m coming down off of who-knows what, and I am, like, so hungry! Ya’ know what I need? I need an aquantance to profess their homosexuality to me. That’ll make me feel bettter.

  32. at least he came out which is the important factor. Sucks that he choose her but now he can be who he is!

  33. gerard Vandenberg


  34. gerard Vandenberg

    Are you still not death?

  35. BunnyButt

    Wow, this chick looks just like my sister!

    Uh, wait … that’s not a chick?

    (apologies to my sister for a joke at her expense)

  36. ad1972

    honestly as a queer, im insulted. i dont want that twit associated with me. who would fock that? YIKES!!!

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