We Get It, Lana Del Rey. You’re Banging Axl Rose.

Lana Del Rey has already banged Marilyn Manson, so it really shouldn’t be a surprise that she’s moved on to Axl Rose which she made even more evident by wearing a Guns ‘N Roses T-shirt in London last night after the two were spotted together over the weekend. On that note, when I say this shouldn’t be a surprise, I meant to anyone who isn’t Axl Rose who clearly has no fucking clue what’s happening. I’m pretty sure Lana Del Rey found him drinking behind a dumpster and only managed to coax him into her car with promises of fixing his cornrows. “Alright, alright. But I’m only doing this ’cause I had to sell my last set to Hair Sniffer Tim under the bridge, so don’t be jerkin’ me around, lady. I’ve punched supermodels in the face for less. And on account of the voices. Now which hole am I putting it in?”

Photos: INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN