Lamar Odom isn’t giving Khloe Kardashian a dime

Turns out Lamar Odom is fully aware of the Kardashians’ reputation after all, which is surprising for a man who “married” one after just a month of dating. TMZ reports:

We’ve learned Odom went to the Beverly Hills law office of divorce-guru Neal Hersh last Friday to hash out the terms. Hersh won’t return our call, but Odom’s people tell us “Lamar has a set of balls” — translation, he’s not giving Khloe half of anything.
We’re told Lamar wants to make sure the money and other assets he brings into the marriage are solely his. Beyond that, we’re told Lamar ain’t giving Khloe half of his earnings going forward.

Of course, Khloe married Lamar for love, so none of this really matters.

UPDATE: Khloe Kardashian is reportedly perched atop the Empire State Building where she refuses to stop batting down fighter jets until Lamar Odom’s attorney agree to a 70/30 split…