Lamar Odom’s Gone Rogue

If any of the Kardashians were to ever go off the reservation, my money was always on Khloe after jumping up on Kris Jenner’s bed with a dead Mason, Penelope or North in her mouth as a present. (She’d also be covered in soap suds and shake herself dry while “Roll Over, Beethoven,” played, but I’m getting ahead of myself.) Turns out I was close because it’s her husband Lamar Odom who’s apparently not in rehab like everyone reported he was yesterday and isn’t communicating with Khloe at all. Which is actually smart considering her mom is selling every goddamn piece of information to TMZ and Radar like this little tidbit about Lamar’s drug dealer allegedly bailing him out after his DUI:

Lamar’s drug dealer — a different person than the one that opened up to us this week about the hoopster’s vices — “posted to $15,000 bail to get him out of jail last Friday morning, after being arrested for a DUI,” a source close to the Kardashian family told us. “The sad thing is that Lamar didn’t call Khloe to bail him out.
“Instead, Lamar opted to call his drug dealer. Khloe found about his arrest by reading about it in the press, and was stunned.”
Odom, the source said, “has been hanging around a very bad crew recently, mostly his drug dealer and various sketchy associates,” adding that Khloe had refused to let the shady characters into their home in recent months.

Who is allowed in Khloe’s home? A rapper that performs for murderous dictators and goddamn Beelzebub, so clearly it’s a sacred garden of truth and purity forever to remain untarnished. Speak only of it in whispers.

Photos: Splash News