Someone Is Farting on Lamar Odom’s Lap

Lamar Odom has had a troubled history with women. After being married to Khloe Kardashian, the former NBA star literally banged his way to the brink of death before finally getting help. Now that he knows he’s addicted to strange poonanny and doesn’t have Kardashian kash to pay for his drug habits, he’s certainly had to make some cutbacks in the lady department.

Here we have Odom with a “possible” new unnamed love interest. Needless to say, he looks fucking miserable and she looks like she’s farting on his lap.

Yep… This all checks out with me, anybody else got something here? No? Alright then, thanks for checking in. Lamar… good to see you’re doing well! Watch out for the “bitches and thots coming out of the woodwork.” You don’t want to ruin your reputation as a wordsmith before that big book deal takes off!