Lady GaGa’s winter attire and other news

February 10th, 2010 // 36 Comments

- Mark McGrath has no business being here. None. [Lainey Gossip]

- Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t fear Simon Cowell. [PopEater]

- Josh Duhamel’s stripper mistress claims she’s pregnant now. [The FABlife]

- Miranda Kerr’s runway show has too many clothes. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Kendra Wilkinson’s baby will not go hungry. If it lives off silicone. [Celebslam]

- Johnny Depp talks about his torrid love affair with Tim Burton. Or playing the Mad Hatter. Same diff. [Just Jared]

- Tom Cruise will keep making these movies until you believe he’s straight. [The Blemish]

- Alicia Keys shoots a video poolside. [PopSugar]

- Lady GaGa’s yearbook photo. [Amy Grindhouse]

- Katie Holmes celebrates her love of men’s clothing or else her brain chip will explode. [ICYDK]

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  1. Limz

    Is she human?

  2. Yes, she is human. Just ugly and coke numb.

  3. Richard McBeef

    lady gaga – post op tranny

    alicia keyes – she’s got a really pretty face, but methinks she has an oddly shaped body.

  4. Randal

    Lady GaGa continues to push the barrier in the industry, always staying on top of her game. Here she matches the colors of the season, moving gracefully through the crowd like a snowflake on the breeze.


  5. The tape over the boob thing is really really bad.

  6. Rachel

    Looks like she tried to use some tape to stop all the deflation.

  7. Rusty Cocks

    Oh shit Randal, I thought your HIV progressed to full blown AIDS and that’s why you haven’t been posting. Glad to see that antiretroviral cocktail is working for you.

  8. Anastasia

    Wow am i the only one who thinks Gaga is beautiful?

  9. Erica

    Ugly face, big nose, deflated boobs, penile stump…yup, you’re the only one.

  10. Randal Fan

    I love Randal. I look for his comments on every post because they are hilarious!

    Three cheers for Randal!

    Hip Hip, Hooray!
    Hip Hip, Hooray!
    Hip Hip, Hooray!

  11. Yokye Dokey

    Your completely right, Randal, too bad she can’t sing to save her lost soul.

  12. wosh

    I seriously love the dress! I’d wear it with more than tape underneath though… I love Randal too! such a sweet man :)

  13. me again

    Pic number one – bad jawline on such a young woman

  14. Yeah, Randal makes sarcasm a high art.

  15. Posh

    So she covers up her legs in the winter with flimsy cloth. It all makes sense now.

  16. Giorgio!

    This is one ugly tranny! He looks like the rat king from the teenage mutant turtles.

  17. AnnaDraconida

    My eyes feel dirty every time I see her.

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  20. Mr. Nice Guy

    Say what you want, she has lots of fans. I would hit it. Over and Over Again!

  21. Regina Spektor wears the Russian military hat better.

  22. bar room hero

    This slag is MK’ed…

  23. I am not getting all that is up with gaga lady ‘er .. whatever

  24. Leopold Peterson

    I get Tom Cruise loves it when Katie dresses like a boy. I bet he blows her strap-on.

  25. Did she purchase this dress before she lost all the weight or what?

  26. Helena Handbsket

    Cutting edge? Bjork did this ten years ago, and better. And she killed a swan doing it, too.

  27. bwm11

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  28. Lana

    I love you theSuperficial!!
    you have the most killer sense of humour! thank you for being you. you’re great.

  29. Rougher than rocco

    Does she gets any tax incentives for her quest on turning some of the male population into fagz…Superfish please contact Barney Frank’s office and get back to me…

  30. Rougher than rocco

    Note: to all concern

    The above statement is much more effective with disparaging term…

  31. Gaga

    I know this chick. She’s a freak- that provides an outlet for other freaks! No harm. Luv her! And, she’s not the amazingly best body on the planet, but I’d eat her arse for the cherry, with nuts on top.Cute bum. Like the married chick that comes to visit!

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