Lady GaGa’s scrotum-do killed a man. Literally.

November 4th, 2009 // 33 Comments

How has this not happened sooner? Via PopEater:

Lady Gaga stepped onto the red carpet on Monday night sporting a widow-esque black veil, and minutes later, celebrity photographer A.J. Sokalner was dead. Sokalner was working the red carpet at the ACE Awards that the ‘Poker Face’ singer was attending in New York City when he collapsed just minutes after Gaga took to the carpet. He was pronounced dead at Bellevue Hospital shortly after, and the owner of ACE Pictures, who Sokalner worked for, says emergency workers said he had suffered a heart attack

Jesus Christ. I don’t even know how you’d explain this one to someone’s family. “Ma’am, we want you to know your husband died bravely photographing a woman whose hair looked like a set of balls. If it’s any consolation, I’m sure I’ll probably bite it doing something lame like saving kids from a burning build- you know what? Let’s start over.”


  1. Nobody

    Geez, can you imagine that being the last thing you see? Poor bastard.


    first lol F u all

  3. hpeszti

    I know that she(????)’s ugly as hell, but still this kinda sucks. Especially for that man’s family, but still I’m guessing this is all gona come out in the media like she killed him, and that’s gotta hurt a bit. even if you’re a man and you can take it…

  4. arda

    garlic head?

  5. lolwot

    wait srsly some one did die!?!?!

  6. FishBone

    She looks like the elephant man.

  7. She's right

    For covering up her ugly face

  8. Chrissie

    OMFG….seriously her needing for attention with her wild outfits is getting superrrr old. Why the fuck does she keep humiliating herself.

    She or he used to be an okay girl…
    i guess daddy didn’t love her enough

  9. dubba

    @8 the stupid outfits and behavior is picking up the slack her generic music and lack of talent are lagging on

  10. Jon

    When she is on stage showing off that big ass booty of hers I’d hit it twice but when she goes out into the public with her “fashion” costumes, my peeny shrinks into my stomach.

  11. AmericanWhiteTrash

    ugly whore

  12. liz

    i think it’s stupid to relate a death to someone who has had worse outfits than that

    completely stupid

    slow news week, huh superficial guy?

  13. DJS

    I’m curious, do you think she wears a bra under her shirt to? Maybe that thought is what killed the guy.

  14. Inducing vomiting, maybe, but actual death?

  15. Eddy

    Y’know, I’d believe it.

  16. MikeD

    Oh how I wish she choose plastic over lace….

  17. All the more reason...

    … to burn it with fire, then nuke it from orbit. This wouldn’t have happened if we had done that. It’s not too late to stop it from happening again.

  18. Jason American

    HA HA HA. This made me laugh.

  19. M_D

    HAAAhahahaha amazing

  20. Dave Mustaine

    WHo is this idiot and why is she dressed like a retard?

  21. Laura

    How the hell are people comparing her to Madonna these days?… All though the whole dark arts bit doesn’t seem too far off… But to me Lady Gaga is like the Marilyn Manson for girls… weird as fuck.

  22. Grannypants

    What’s the deal with the depends she’s wearing? She looks like a 65 year old granny with those things on!

  23. ada

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  24. kateri

    I feel awful a person passed but after reading

    “Ma’am, we want you to know your husband died bravely photographing a woman whose hair looked like a set of balls. If it’s any consolation, I’m sure I’ll probably bite it doing something lame like saving kids from a burning build- you know what? Let’s start over.”

    I lost it completely and started laughing like a mad fool, hahaha!

  25. heather

    OMG!! All of yall hating on Lady GAGA! I happen to love her, she is awesome! I love her music and the fact that she can wear whatever she wants and she doesn’t give a F*** what people think. She is awesome!!

  26. terri

    finally shes covering that ugly face shes talented il give her that but shes an attention seeker theses clothes arent what she would normally wear shes a fake an trying to clone madonna shes not orignal

    shame about that man that died though

  27. lololololol

    once again this site is making fun of dead people who aren’t famous like it did when miley cyrus’s bus driver died.

  28. zig zigler

    i like how her torso shadow is light blue, while her arm’s shadow is dark brown….fucking photoshop amature!
    what a weird waste of time.

  29. 80's leashed

    Lady Gaga I don’t give two shits about you get out of my television. I am so sick of your music because it gives me headaches, it is nonsense, and you look like a bloody hooker. You’re a slaver.

  30. Lexi

    i love lady gaga! all you haters can die!
    its funny how all you people can do is talk crap about her on the internet, i for a fact love her and her outfits.
    and she isnt a guy.
    so suck it!:)

  31. i love u gaga, you can show me your facebook poker face anytime!

  32. Lady Gaga I get out of my television do not give two shits. I was sick of my music because it’ll give me a headache, it’s crap, and you look like a bloody whore. You’re a rhyme or reason.

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