Lady GaGa’s scrotum-do killed a man. Literally.

How has this not happened sooner? Via PopEater:

Lady Gaga stepped onto the red carpet on Monday night sporting a widow-esque black veil, and minutes later, celebrity photographer A.J. Sokalner was dead. Sokalner was working the red carpet at the ACE Awards that the ‘Poker Face’ singer was attending in New York City when he collapsed just minutes after Gaga took to the carpet. He was pronounced dead at Bellevue Hospital shortly after, and the owner of ACE Pictures, who Sokalner worked for, says emergency workers said he had suffered a heart attack

Jesus Christ. I don’t even know how you’d explain this one to someone’s family. “Ma’am, we want you to know your husband died bravely photographing a woman whose hair looked like a set of balls. If it’s any consolation, I’m sure I’ll probably bite it doing something lame like saving kids from a burning build- you know what? Let’s start over.”

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