Lady GaGa’s penis and other news

February 25th, 2010 // 49 Comments

- Seth Green got engaged to his hot girlfriend bringing hope to tiny people the world over. Chin up, Tom Cruise! [PopEater]

- Jennifer Lopez hosting SNL on the heels of getting dumped by Sony. [Lainey Gossip]

- Courtney Love wants to hate-fuck John Mayer. [Dlisted]

- Hayden Panettiere should be shot out of a cannon. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Jenny McCarthy still thinks fake tits make her smarter than scientists. — Let’s hear her out. [Huffington Post]

- Madonna’s dark arts got Jesus a record deal. [TheFABlife]

- Jaime Foxx wants everyone know his dick is big enough to penetrate Kirstie Alley. I’m honestly impressed. [The Blemish]

- Blake Lively’s breasts are starting riots. We better hide her in my bed. For safety purposes. [StarPulse]

- Lindsay Lohan can quit going out every single night whenever she wants. [ICYDK]

- Reese Witherspoon has finally found a man who will spoon her giant chin forever. [BettyConfidential]

- How to Break the Earth’s Homoerotic Threshold. [Socialite Life]

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  1. Marie

    I’m starting to like her ass more and more… what a fantastic body!

  2. jenn

    why are her breasts so saggy?

  3. yammerskooner

    Por fin!

  4. Guy Rossi

    Dear Jamie Foxx,

    Thanks for re-enforcing stereotypes.


    Dumb White middle America.

  5. Dank24

    God help me. I gotta hand it to Gaga, she is a sweet ass.

  6. Nasty

    its awesome that she put a strap on down her pants, stupid fucking rumors.

  7. kingofbeer


    More Bar!

  8. Posh

    LOL she’s so ugly. Check out the sagging boob in pic #2. And, what’s with the Marilyn Manson make-up? She tries so hard to be “different.” No wonder she flaunts her ass.

  9. Randal

    There are many acts in the industry that try to push the edge but nothing ever comes out of it because it’s just an act. Laday GaGa on the other hand has done an amazing job defining herself as a true entertainer, not only with her musical talent, her captivating voice but also her original style.


  10. Giorgio!

    Man she is an ugly tranny!

  11. wtf

    Those gloves are fucking scary.

    And where the hell was I when Reese Witherspoon dumped Jake Gyllenhaal?

  12. Jenny McCarthy

    Vaccines turned my kid into an autistic person. But my magical powers, alternative medicine, religious beliefs, transcendental meditation and scientology are rapidly curing him. I’m the greatest mother in the Earth.

  13. 539

    Musical talent? She’s a half baked gimmick designed to make money and her backers paid small pockets of people to cheer for her and tell you she’s the greatest thing since real musical talent. Now you can like who you like but be clear on the reasons you like her.

    And she has no ass.


  14. I wish people w/dark eyes & olive complexions would stop sporting the platinum hair. It just comes off as self hate…

  15. Phil loves Tiger

    That last pic looks like she just shat an asian tranny.

  16. Phil loves Tiger

    That last pic looks like she just shat an asian tranny.

  17. bribios

    Move over Madonna? Are we just all going to forget that Britney Spears ever existed as a singer?

  18. Brewski

    Lady Gaga must have eaten Chinese food before the show…because she is crapping Asian people!

  19. Lea

    Gaga is such an interesting performer. I wonder what she really is like to people privately because it’s pretty clear (to me at least) that her public persona is an entire act. The insanity of her costumes/exaggerated features (like the hair which is a hallmark of marilyn monroe/madonna) is basically her acting like a mirror back at the industry.

    Fascinating to watch her more recent videos and break them down into hidden meanings/symbols.

  20. Dread not

    @ 17
    LOL. Britney Spears a singer! Britney Spears a singer! That’s some funny-ass shit!

  21. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  22. gen


    I was about to be all “Hey! Those are what real breasts look like!”, but then I took a look at pic 2. Yep, those are really saggy…

  23. okr09

    gaga and her “really big donkey d***”. haha. damn, i love her!

  24. Gueibor

    I’d hit it… with a bat, while screaming histerically, until it either shuts up, goes away, or my meds kick in.

    That said, pics 6 and 7 are kinda sweet-ass-y, and pic 3 is totally awesome if you make fart noises while looking at it.

  25. KL

    Two words: Fug face. Damn, that bitch is ugly!

  26. Roux

    I want those boots…

    …and my personal trainer to make my ass look like that

  27. Blech

    See, JHO? That’s what you get for being such a bitch-whore.

  28. lady caca suck my dick

    Lady Caca Has done shit ! she s the copy of Grace Jones, Cher, Marilyn Manson and Hagdona, She s just another coked out bitch ready to do whatever it takes to be famous and sell her shitty music, coz please, her music and act is no fucking new thing, the only “new” thing about this buterface is that she s ugly as shit and the whole world thought for a long time she was a guy until she show us her “dickless crotch” She have saggy strech mark tits because she used to be a fat hairy brunette italian american skank dreaming to be a blond skinny whore and because of the coke and certainly “working out and eating healthy” it makes your tits looks saggy and ugly !… and yeah, her ass is nice…. actually is the only nice part about her no wonder she keeps showing it ! keep enjoying your 15 minutes of fame/shame coked out whore roaaaaa roaaaaa roaaaa raaaa raaaaaaaa lady caca is just a skank fugly as fuck with a nice ass la la la la la la

  29. ito

    lady gag looks like a Watchmen/ Minutemen Reject

  30. Bob

    You tease!
    You get me excited to see more of Blake Lively’s breaasts only to show me William Baldwin’s fat greasy face.

  31. bbw283

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  32. ashleigh

    shes so fucking ugly i could never find this women attractive

  33. Lain

    It’s the glove, you morons. She put her hand down her pants. And they’re covered with those freaky gloves.

  34. captain america


  35. THE SICH

    Gaga Sex tape please..I think its time we delve further into this no?

  36. She is an OK singer and an average face, but has to resort to weird costumes and mucho makeup to stand out.

  37. lindsay

    lady gaga is so fucking hideous with her big ass nose! i agree with everybody else about her wearing the stupid costumes because thats the only way people will talk about her.nothing about her music stands out from all the other bubblegum pop. shes just lame.

  38. ttt

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  39. ttt

    OMG!!!! Life is so cool !!! a good place for us Seeking for the stimulation—— R i c h M i n g l —-i think u would like it,,,trust me u may find something make u join free

  40. yadig

    She may look like a dude but from the back she’s alright in my book

  41. Rip

    Please stop calling him a her.

  42. Guilanro

    Her breasts are saggy because they’re real, dumbass. obviously you have never seen boobs outside of porn. They’re like that.

  43. jalucia

    Yes, Guilanro, those are real breasts. I don’t see where they look so horrid. All of these shallow comments about her “saggy” breasts makes me wonder what these so called men are going to do if they are lucky enough to get married and their wife gives birth to a couple of their kids. What are they gonna do with those saggy breasts? I doubt that they’ll have lots of options.

  44. It’s sad to see how far we have sunk. Liking something kinky and weird is bad enough but ugly on top of it is just way to much.

  45. Blitz

    She is so fucking gross!

    GAGA reminds me of a cross between Madonna & Marilyn Manson…

    That shit will give a guy nightmares!

  46. BIG AL (a person with real musical talent)
    Commented on this photo:

    Dude lady gaga has no talent and is the uglyest person in the biz. not to metion shes fuckin weird!!!

  47. GagaIsGagly

    Lady Gaga is simply UGLY !!!

    I’ve stated what everybody else has been
    thinking for years (and you know it’s true).

    She looks like that ugly little kid who was
    the star of that one show called ‘Blossom’.

    Why won’t they both just get a nose
    job and their jaw/chin fixed already?

    Just because they are rich does not
    mean that they also have a right to
    go around traumatizing society
    with their unattractive faces.

    How dare they?!?!

    Do society a favor and call
    a plastic surgeon already.

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