So Alejandro’s Her Vagina?

June 8th, 2010 // 94 Comments

Lady GaGa released her new video “Alejandro” (after the jump) today, and I’m going to be honest. I didn’t watch it as much as I went through and screen grabbed pics of her crotch. Which I’m 90% positive is how Lady GaGa wanted it to be viewed. (Dress up like a KitchenAid mixer if I’m getting warm.)

Photos: YouTube

  1. K.

    She is absolutely genius, brilliant, millionaire made – pre meditated … genius.

  2. Haylan

    people complain when kate hudson gets breast implants, then shout that gaga needs a nose job…i don’t get it. i love that someone is a famous sex symbol and has tiny boobs and a huge nose. it’s awesome.

    and for the one hit wonder/15 minutes of fame thing…the time for that is already over. she’s been famous for a while and has more top 10 hits than anyone else, in music history, from one album. it’s kind of impossible to have only 15 minutes of fame and be a one hit wonder when you’ve hit that goal.

  3. Walter

    Not keen on the religious tones, but this is a really good commentary on the Catholic Church abuse history. She is extremely talented no one can doubt that…for all those haters, lets see you write a song that’s better!
    I don’t mind the nose either, she’s not a California girl…not plastic and hope she never gets knife happy like Michael Jackson.

  4. Ray Thain

    all she does is this faggy shit

  5. picture #4 is a great example that she is not pretty. She has to concentrate to get that “Oh, wait, is she? Maybe, yeah? I think she looked pretty” look. not a multi-tasker

  6. Oohhh she’s so different. Hey, look everyone…its Lady Gaga and she so original. I’m sold.

  7. Argos

    So,..huge budget filming, stage setups, costumes actors. Check
    Working in ethnic theme (that really sells). Check
    Get her clothes off. Check
    Just copy someone else’s general look and feel. Check
    All in all typical crap that I wouldn’t let you pay me to watch in most cases, but then whoever edited the video after is like an intern or something,…horrible cuts, bad fades/pans/……

    if you’re going to to “Big budget formulaic crap” at least follow through *jeesh*

  8. Banquo

    I’m renaming this video “The Erotic Awakenings of the Pete Rose and Moe Howard Armies”

    Also I guess this song means LG sleeps with a lot of 3rd world dudes.

  9. titsonsnack

    Didn’t she used to be normal sized? Every time I see her she’s more scrawny. It’s not a good look. It makes her look knobby-kneed.

  10. Toby

    Am I wrong in thinking the goose stepping dudes at the beginning are carrying a Star of David and either a minorra or a christmas tree? It looks like some Jew/Nazi mashup but with dancing and Russian sadness music.

  11. AnonymousError

    Every Madonna cliche in one video.
    lame, unoriginal, NEXT !

  12. RadioQueen

    I love that everyone thinks her style and videos are so original.. you really think she’s designing the crap or coming up with these videos? Please, she’s totally a product being sold to everyone, she really has nothing to do with it, she’s just the pawn. There’s only one GaGa.. and that’s Radio Ga Ga. Now Freddie Mercury, that’s a man who had style, and designed his own clothes, and was so talented that it can never be touched. This pig has as much originality as Freddie did in just his pinky nail. So over this bitch.

  13. Dick

    Now I understand why she wears huge sunglasses all the time. I wish she would put them over her vagina, too.

  14. IToldYouSo

    Sooo, do i have a reason to dislike her now? ive never been fond of her for dozens of reasons. i was amazed that she had next to minimal makeup and minimal clothing and shit. i guess its as raw as we get, boys and girls.

  15. b-nan

    Fucking haters! This video is hot!

  16. Douche Bag

    She’s obviously admitting that she’s the anti-Christ and is plotting to take over the world with an army of horny faggots.

  17. KL

    WHY does she copy Madonna so much?! Why can’t she do her own thing? Steven Klein, the director, is like Madonna’s best friend. Kabbalah shit and all. She is just a lame Madonna poser but Madonna did this all years ago. Get a new shtick!

  18. anonymus

    i can’t even tell christina and gaga apart now.

  19. Liz

    I was disturbed by the Nazi-esque imagery in this video. There was a moment where one of the dancers was actually goose-stepping. I’m surprised more people haven’t found this video upsetting.

  20. zoomzoom

    Am I surprised lady gaga’s new video is nazi themed gay porn? Not one bit.

  21. anonymous

    #78 Goose stepping was/is actually used in many countries armies, not just the Germans.

  22. Brooke

    Oh, Madonna released another video? She spliced clips from her “Like A Prayer” and “Justify My Love” vids with the music from “La Isla Bonita”? Well, that’s a weird concept, but how Madonna! Oh, wait, that was Lady Gaga? How original…

    I don’t hate Gaga but I don’t quite get her. If her music was better I’d be on board, but it’s got that cheap remix quality to it… does she even like singing this stuff? Oh well. But damn, no wonder every teenage girl is a whore…

  23. all that she wants

    “Don’t turn around, cause you’re gonna see my heart breaking/ Don’t turn around, I don’t want you seeing me cry.”

    thank god ace of base got back together!!!

    “Just walk away/it’s tearing me apart that you’re leaving…”

  24. Jon


    Then why doesn’t she do a full frontal with her legs spread that. That’d be a shock to the fans, and would make people uncomfortable. It’s not much different then what she shows now. At least the males would have something to actually appreciate. Right now there is nothing.

  25. Jon

    I can’t believe Christina Aguilera has been copying her. At least Christina still looks reasonably good, after many more years in the industry.

    What’s worse.. Gaga or all the copycat immitation Gagas?

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  27. la chica

    i think that La GaGa was deeply hurt by the rumors that she has man parts. she will not rest until we can all inspect her vagina up close.

  28. turd da third

    I’d like to crazy glue her twat lips to the chair and send her home.. now that would be entertainment…unlike this shit she whores out as shows.

  29. L

    Lady Gaga should put more effort into writing her music. Most overrated songwriter and performer ever.

  30. J

    My Eyes!!! My Eyes!!! I’m fucking blind!!! Nothing original, nothing fresh, same old exhibitionist tripe. Please Stefani put on one of your stupid costumes!! Is that fish I smell!

  31. XavierH

    Disappointing. This girl has a strong voice with a good range and can play piano like crazy, and this video featured neither of those talents. I just wasted 8:44 of my life. Yes, it sounded like Ace of Base, specifically their version of Don’t Turn Around:

  32. captain america

    I’m glad she has one………..

  33. bitch PLEASE

    I can see her dick….

  34. dsfdassasdas

    All Catholic, black bra with baggy pants and short hair is very Vogue-ish. The song also reminds me of Fernando ABBA.

  35. All Catholic, black bra with baggy pants and short hair is very Vogue-ish. The song also reminds me of Fernando ABBA.

  36. Wow really great pics, and every one are looking so hot in this pics, and what i said about this pics, i just want say they are looking amazing.

  37. Lady Gaga is a reallhi fanstastic actress in the hollywood, And its a really looking so hot and sexy her dresses is really strange like a model and now i know thats her realeased a new video of Alejandro’s her vagina, ya thats will be nice because i did not saw it yet,

  38. jimmy

    Looks like Alejandro likes it up the ass with a strap-on

  39. Fati87

    That’s funny cause this is the only song by Gege I like. But then it’s also the only song by her I know.

  40. gaga looks quite different..amazing

  41. ignatz

    Ace of Base???

  42. Miss Marple

    If you look carefully, you can see that her penis is taped to her belly. I don’t know how she’s hiding her testicles.

  43. babejesus

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  44. gildlily

    My god, can she make a filmclip without turning it into an egotistical rant????? She takes the music clip and bastardises it. Her music is second-rate at best; and it’s a shame she needs to lower herself to this kind of attention seeking to push what sounds like Ace of Base and ABBA’s lovechild. I started playing it while I was reading this page, and HAD to turn it off as my ears started BLEEDING!!! What an awful song, a completely inappropriate clip and a person who is superfluous to the progression of music. Oh, and superfluous to the progression of women. Ho hum. Gaga’s back – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  45. tc

    Her cunt looks nice and tight from where I’m sitting.

  46. guy

    biggest pile of cliched bullshit i’ve ever seen. fuck off and die gagahhhh u dopey cunt.

  47. Sarah

    I love Gaga, this song, as Gaga has said herself is about fear of being sexually active. “Alejandro” represents her virginity. All this illusions to nuns, Queen Elizabeth, and her basically being gang banged are a dead giveaway to that. Her deep throating the Rosary? Homosexuality in the military. Ahh this is just brilliant. I love her even more.

  48. Vintage lingerie, is it?

  49. I really Lady Gaga..So hot..

  50. ROUGH is never having to say you're sorry!

    Do the two Alehandros from 3:38 do office Xmas parties… Btw gaga should thank you Fish, I would never see this video if it wasn’t on this site.

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