Lady GaGa’s ass defies human comprehension

April 21st, 2010 // 155 Comments

Here’s Lady GaGa performing in Tokyo last night where apparently 90% of her stage show involves dancers touching her ass like it’s the face of Jesus. Not that I’m saying it isn’t because if I were a deity returned to earth, this would probably be the form I’d choose, too.

Or Coco’s vagina if Xenu didn’t call dibs.

Photos: WireImage

  1. First!


  2. Second!


  3. NL

    2nd failed!

  4. Fourth!


  5. cee dee


  6. xylus

    Oh no! There goes Tokyo, Gaga Godzilla!

  7. AnnaDraconida

    Stumpy little whore posing as a sex symbol. Ridiculous. Take away the weird outfit + the hideous yellow wig & she’s Snooki without the fat rolls.

  8. anon

    She looks like a stick bug next to Beyonce in Videophone and Telephone. But here, her ass looks pretty damn succulent. Turn her the fuck over and hit it doggystyle.

  9. anon

    She looks like a stick bug next to Beyonce in Videophone and Telephone. But here, her ass looks pretty damn succulent. Turn her the fuck over and hit it doggystyle.

  10. parissucksliterally

    her ass is much better than Kim Kardashian’s! It looks hard as a rock!

  11. All you dudes would hit that. She’s cute and has a rad body.

  12. Haywood Jablowmie

    9, 10 & 12 – you know that’s a dude right? have fun fags.

  13. Peanutty

    Ke$ha has a much better ass.

  14. David Bowie, Madonna, Grace Jones, Roisin Murphy, and now she’s stealing from Prince and the Revolution. Yes, she’s given it a tiny bit of a tweak. But will she ever do anything original? And thanks for the pictures; they made my eyes bleed. Good lord Gaga is UGLY.

  15. Girl

    what the fuck…. just play your music and not try and be so over the top. like i want to see the artist when i go to a concert, not some crazy fucker draped in lace.

    trying to be a hybrid madonna marilyn manson. sigh

  16. Girl

    #15… YES/

  17. Beeotch

    Looks like toilet paper stuck to a turd in her ass!

  18. guy rossi

    She’s interesting. She puts the show in show business.
    I’d hit it.

    Shut up

  19. She soon signed with Streamline Records, an imprint of Interscope Records, upon its establishment in 2007. During her early time at Interscope, she worked as a songwriter for fellow label artists and captured the attention of Akon, who recognized her vocal abilities, and had her also sign to his own label, Kon Live Distribution.

  20. Girl

    Yeah I guess she needs to put the show in show business because when it comes down to it, her music is unoriginal and sounds like your average pop queen.

    But I see right through it, and I’d rather just have her stupid singles that I can play while I’m pre-gaming. And that’s that. No fake image to build upon her lame songs so that she can feel she is so much more edgy than the rest. She is not.

    guy rossi–a fag

  21. Summers Eve

    @ 14. I agree, Ke$ha has more talent in her right ass cheek than GAGAG has in her whole fat ass.

  22. Marie

    I kinda wanna touch it

  23. netstarman

    Does it look like in one of the pics that the dude has his head up her ass?

  24. Phalicy

    Wtf? Who the hell even this Kesha has talent? Did you see SNL last week? It was like a broken record of fucking FAIL. Does that man-bitch even sing? She just talks, more AutoTune plz. What kind of fucking lyrics are “Blah blah blah” anways, you fucking teenie boppers are whats wrong with this world. Thinking attention whores have talent… HA…

  25. Chico

    Ya her ass looks alright in the first pic. I’d push her face first in to the pavement and then hit that ass like I was part of the rodeo. YEE HAW!!!

  26. Sheena

    Looking at those photos gave ME an infection! Ain’t right to wear clothing that fucking tight. Just ain’t right…

  27. AnnaDraconida

    Did someone call Ke$ha TALENTED?! Fucking idiots. Oh, and GaGa (+ most other pop stars) are digitally tweaked to look skinnier in their videos, that’s why her ugly ass looks different compared to her fictional version in the clips.

  28. NaNaNoNo

    Ke dollar sign Ha is even more worthless than GayGay, uglier too. Anyone who seriously believes that toy music somehow represents “talent” needs an icepick lobotomy.

  29. Dumb Talentless HohOhO

    No wonder it’s celibate….

  30. Fuck you back dude

    Everyone would look like a “stick bug” next to Beyonce, she is not exactly a thin woman. Beyonce’s thunder thighs alone can suffocate an elephant when wrapped around its neck.

  31. Latino

    QUIERO… MAMI !!!

  32. Latino

    QUIERO… MAMI !!!

  33. Latino

    QUIERO… MAMI !!!

  34. Summers Eve

    Grace Jones called GAGA a complete rip off. NOBODY says that about Ke$ha because she has her OWN thing going.

  35. Blech

    Ke$ha needs to go back to her cave. Her music sucks balls.

    I don’t understand this wave of music being produced, written and composed by illiterates. But I do know that it won’t last.

  36. GeneralEmergency

    This just in…

    Doily-Zilla has now finished its destruction of Tokyo.

    No more news has come from the once great city in over 12 hours.

    World leaders are now conferring on ways to combat the Doily-Zilla threat.

    Of the various plans put forward so far, the most promising appears to be a British plan of bombarding Doily-Zilla with little old ladies, tea cozys and crumpets.

  37. I think she has a nice ass… I’d totally have my hands all over it when I was fucking her from behind!

  38. AteIsEnough

    I’ve said it before, and here it is again…most celebrities are freaks. Gaga is more living proof.

  39. lol

    @ 25
    look at her stuff before became famous…

    you do know she got into one of the best music schools in the world at age 12 right?

  40. Tek

    If you got it flaunt it… and that ass is pretty much the only thing she has going on for her.

  41. Tek

    @40 Eh, that’s fine. GaGa’s been playing the piano since she was 4. Not only that but she’s a songwriter. She was writting lyrics for other artists before she even had a record deal. Oh yeah and she actually has a voice too. So touché.

  42. DragonKatt

    Gaga has talent, and she also knows what to do to become famous. She knows how to weave fans into adoring her. In doing this she knows there will be a love/hate split.

    She can do real music and look normal, it’s just that pop music sells, and apparently…so does looking outrageous!

  43. By^th*tono & ~

    I wonder what Mozart and Bach and Beethoven would think of our modern music?
    Man oh man are we falling apart as a human culture!

  44. dude

    her ass is like her music: shitty and forgettable

  45. ErrrTodd

    GaGa is the perfect entertainer for homosexual men. Her dippy little pop tunes are all about getting laid and she changes costumes a lot…the two things that drive gay men into an absolute frenzy of hero-worship fapping.

  46. crazypants

    Gaga’s body has always been on point – like I always say, there’s plenty of real, fact-based reasons to shit all over anybody – there’s no reason to make shit up.

    Gaga has a nice body. Quibble about her face or prefer your women taller or thicker or what have you – but how can you look at her dancing around in the Telephone video and say her body sucks?

    Her ass, especially since she’s a tiny chick w/ tiny boobs, is basically as perfect as it’s going to get. Her ass looks great.

    Hate her music, hater her costumes – leave her ass alone.

  47. dUdE

    looks like 10 lbs of monkey shit in a five pound bag

  48. it seems she wants to increase her fame by giving shit poses!

  49. Lauren

    She looks like she’s wearing a bunch of dryer sheets.

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