Lady GaGa… who the hell knows?

April 21st, 2009 // 96 Comments

Here’s Lady GaGa in London last night and, okay, we get it. You’re trying to bang Tim Burton. Message received. Now, for the love of God, put some pants on and lay off the opiates. You’re giving Lewis Carroll a ghost boner.

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  1. LT

    You know, I actually feel kinda sorry for her. She thinks dressing like this is fun, her songs are overtly sexual, she used to be a stripper…what’s left of her that’s clean? There’s nothing. That’s a bit sad.

  2. lolz

    @47 – you do realize the inherent irony of casting judgement on others for casting judgement on others, right?

  3. ihateemo

    Please stop posting about her. Please.

  4. devilsrain

    She is slightly off her rocker yea, but I just watched her perfomance on the paul o grady show and the girl has a ton of talent.

  5. nunayobiznass

    whaaaat!!! check out the “red bumps” on the bottom of her ass in the 6th picture!!

  6. titsonsnack

    What is this chick’s deal. I have never heard any of her music. She look-a like-a man.

  7. What the hell if she wearing? What a god damn retard!

  8. GaGa

    I love her and her music, and I even sort of like this outfit, but she should do away with the strangely applied black lipstick and the umbrella when it isnt raining.

  9. frank

    I like Marilyn Manson’s new look…

  10. lori

    It’s like those recurring nightmares I have of being in public with no pants on. Lady Ga Ga has brought them to life! Aiiieee!!!!

  11. notfunny

    i want her to sit on my disco stick

  12. lola

    Not a look I would go for personally. Detective Geisha- I think.. She needs to wear tights, ass zits or not

  13. RaraAvis

    Is she using a Sharpie as lipstick? That’s a new one.

  14. lindsay

    Although she has some pretty good outfits, this one simply does not work. The whitened lips should match the rest of the face, it looks amateurish. And the shoes flat out don’t work; they are too heavy and bring down they rest of the costume. It’s a mistake, she will be embarrased by this looking back on it.

  15. She’s hideous enough to drive Warren Beatty to homosexuality.

  16. I said it earlier: WE MUST LAUGH or CRY, folks?

  17. janie118

    she is disgusting

  18. Lyla

    Ok guys, she’s not that bad just dresses bizarrly

  19. n

    everytime i see this chick she can’t stand up without some bodyguard monkey holding her up. Drugs much?

  20. brenda

    nothing says…. damn that’s a fine rear like some hot ass acne..

  21. Marie

    This was when she was on her way to the Paul O Grady show

  22. question

    That is one ugly ass. No tits and big thighs is a definite no no.

  23. Ortal

    Hemm.. If she wanna walk around the city dressed like that – she needs to work out first! Even supermodels aren’t allowed to walk around with their panties & bra..!

  24. American Idiot Convention

    These posts are proof that this country has no conception of artistic self-expression because we’re all f*cking corporate zombie soul-less media whores.

  25. sin

    Now that is one desperate media whore. No one would wear that unless they knew the media was waiting for them and was craving any attention at all.

  26. Her boots look like badly made prosthetic legs.

  27. Fuggles

    Fucken Ugly Heinous Bitch

  28. wtfug

    she has a butt pimple on the left cheek

  29. Oh my God.

    She is absolutely revolting. Lock this bitch up! Do something, seriously! Can’t understand why the Pet Shop Boys are so into her. Seriously…they even added her to Twitter and keep messaging her. Obviously ignoring all the messages from their fans. Oh no, they just want to talk to GaGa……

  30. salawhite

    She is so tall and sexy.I know a place you can date with such girls.
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  31. Aja

    She tries toooo hard. I don’t like her.

  32. love lady caca


  33. cole

    She can do no wrong….she is a tranny train wreck and I am alllllll about it

  34. Jason

    She’s talented and naughty…I’m in friggin love!!! Love her care free attitude…helluva voice, writes her own stuff & plays a mean piano..can maddonna, spears or Aguilerra do that?…nope

  35. This lady has a few nice songs but in some desperate need of some pants…agreed.

  36. sho nuff

    who the fuck is lady ga ga?

  37. Jason

    Hate all you want peeps but shes got more talent and better pipes than madonna, spears and aguilllera….and better ass!!

  38. haha

    I don’t even know who this Radio Gaga is, but what I do know is that Costco has the best free samples. I often lunch there.. < —- hahahahah

  39. sierra

    SO…Is lady g a man or a woman? i never could tell…. lol

  40. Desiree

    *I think Lady GaGa’s songs are beautiful but..she looks like fucking ugly,not sexy xD..her nose is so big ehehehehehehe xp

  41. señor jacksoff

    WTF is up with that guy. He needs to put on some pants

  42. Just saw this post of Shady Ga Ga and she was just snapped on a bad night. Half these commentators know deep down inside they would eagerly trade places with the guy holding her up–and hope that later they could help lay her down.

  43. Syl

    Can barely walk in those lame boots — It must be hard to walk around in leotards with a dick taped down

  44. asdsadasdas

    you all the mother fucker

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