Lady GaGa wants to ‘turn the world gay’

August 13th, 2009 // 97 Comments

Lady GaGa poses nude in a homage to 50s monster movies for the September issue of OUT where she reveals her diabolical plan to make us all gay:

“I very much want to inject gay culture into the mainstream,” she told writers Joshua David Stein and Noah Michelson. “It’s not an underground tool for me. It’s my whole life. So I always sort of joke that the real motivation is to just turn the world gay.”

Generally, Lady GaGa’s daily appearance is a step in the right direction to complete her goal, but looking at these shots kind of makes me want to take my pants off and watch The Addams Family. And not for Gomez. (Looking at you, Thing.)

What? That hand could be a chick. Don’t judge me!

Photos: OUT

  1. belsunce

    she reminds me of Marilyn Manson o n #8. Lady Caca freaks me out, man

  2. Gaga has a Penis

    “She” has a dick, already queer. No thanks.

  3. Carrie

    I swear this is a dude!

  4. gil

    Lady gay gay

  5. take what I give

    I like this shoot….cool pics.

  6. gil

    no bitch no

  7. Taz

    it has to be gay

  8. Jim

    -just keep showing your fat ass and stumpy legs

  9. fearsarewishes

    If not wanting to fuck this lowlife shitstain makes me the ghey, then I am the ghey.

  10. Cornelius Jones

    I admit, I feel the monkey love for her…

  11. DeviousJinx

    Mission accomplished for the guys, not so much for us girls! I’m staying straight after seeing this.

  12. The observer

    When are celebrities going to learn that people with brains do the exact opposite of what they say?

    I bet the natural family people are celebrating right now.

  13. Twittering twat

    Bunch of twats

  14. havoc

    What does this chick do? Sing or something?
    Or is she some reality show thing?


  15. hell no I won't go

    Why does he/she care if someone is straight or not? I’m having a hard time just believing that this thing has sex with humans.

  16. What a skank

    Stupid. Ugly. Attention. Whore.

  17. Vince Lombardi

    Not relevant.

  18. EB

    I agree with Mr Superficial. That Uncle Fester sure is hot

  19. nahhh

    With those pancakes it looks more like she’s repping IHOP.

  20. PunkA

    Lady GaGa is just a tranny trying to pretend thst she is a chick. Sorry, GaGa, you came equipped with a cock. You date dudes. Yeah, you are gay. Enjoy it, but keep it to yourself, you hack.

  21. james

    What a dumb cunt. Take your degenerate culture elsewhere.

  22. Lady gaga is bring freakish to the main stream? only people who enjoy public access tv @ 3am will welcome her with open arms…

  23. PunkA

    The truth is that if all ‘chicks’ had dicks and looked like her, every male on the planet would be gay……

  24. Corny

    Good luck with that, cunt.

  25. R.I.P.Each

    Hedwig and the angry Ego.

  26. Dank

    Jesus, and i thought Britney was fucking crazy.

  27. Galtacticus

    Doesn’t she wear any undies?

  28. Gando

    She’s too comfortable being naked all the time.I don’t believe she’s a hermaphrodite lol.

  29. Jim

    lol @ the haters, you’re all taking the bait as it’s what she is setting out to do! She has more talent in her little finger than any of you, at least she can play instruments and produce her own shit, katy perry is the overrated one, bitch please, kissed a girl, preachers daughter whore

  30. Ariana

    If everyone turned gay, life would cease to exist.

    Fucking homos -__- Go stake yourselves.

  31. Automated Response

    I have a 10 incher with a 5.2″ girth.

    She can fellate me until I bust ropes on her face.

    Then I’ll spit in her gaping browneye.

  32. Automated Response

    I have a 10 incher with a 5.2″ girth.

    She can fellate me until I bust ropes on her face.

    Then I’ll spit in her gaping browneye.

  33. Stinky

    Jumping on the Twilight bandwagon to make money. Lady Mercenary, more like.

    If she can come up with something actually original (doubtful, at best), then maybe she’ll be more interesting than every other cliche-ridden “artist” out there today.


  34. BigDongJimJam

    Hey all you dudes must be gay. I’d stick my big dong in her puss, rump, and mouth. She can sit on my discostick…

  35. Hugh Gentry

    guys always double the length of their cock. you sir probably have a 5 incher…average.

  36. John

    Ha. From her wiki page.
    “Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (born March 28, 1986), was born a hermaphrodite and has a large floppy wang!!! ”

    10 to 1 odds someone here did it. :D (TO SPREAD THE TRUTH.)

  37. Huckleberry Hashimoto

    Ugh. Hasn’t her/his/its fifteen minutes run out yet?

  38. puhleez

    oh so being gay is a choice now?

  39. I swear she looks like a younger Bette Midler (spelling?). I like her music, but i ABSOLUTELY HATE HER FACE. It puts me in a bad mood lol.

  40. Gross

    Dumb bitch slut-whore

  41. Superbiggerevil

    “I very much want to inject gay culture into the mainstream,”

    I really wish someone would inject Lady Shit Shit with about half a gallon of turpentine, that or just pee on her/he after injesting a lot of vitamins.

  42. Senior Pepe

    Doesn’t this “chick” have a cock?

  43. Crabby Old Guy

    I don’t know who this “Lady Ga Ga” thing is, but those are some righteous shots of my personal savior, Keith Richard(s) in the first two pix.

  44. Katie

    They did a beautiful job on this photoshoot. Gorgeous.

  45. zena

    girls..please stop Being so jealous of her!! She have done nothing to harm u!!! Who cares if she’s gay or not?? all that matters is that she is hot and talented!! Just coz ur lifes are BORING doesnt mean u have the right to attack her like this

  46. Josh

    Oh yeah, check out that nose and her diabolical plan on wrecking society, she’s a Jew…

  47. ooooo

    OMG @#1
    That is EXACTLY what I was coming here to say after seeing the thumbnails.
    Though, is it technically gay if everyone is saying she is/looks like a man/tranny?
    I suppose that would make the straight men who lust after her gay, but the women straight. Hilariously. lol.

  48. Pat

    Haha, she said “tool.”

  49. mike

    Well if all chicks looked like her the whole world would be gay.

  50. gigi

    LOVE this Photoshoot!!!! love her! and I still think she’s a genius playing w/ the collective psyche of the pop culture sheep.

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