Lady GaGa: So what’s the deal here?

December 13th, 2008 // 109 Comments

Lady GaGa performed at the Z100 Jingle Ball last night, and up until today, I had successfully never heard a single drop of this chick’s music. While trying to determine if she’s Christina Aguilera’s transsexual little sister, I stumbled upon Lady Gaga’s video for “Poker Face.” Then, like a child touching a hot stove, I watched it. I now hate my eyes, ears and frontal lobe. Of course, I could just be a guy who’s out of touch with today’s music but still looks incredibly awesome in tight jeans. Who’s to say?

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. mimi

    Who is that idiot? Never heard of her.

    Pray for Amy!

  2. r moore


  3. r moore


  4. britney's weave

    damn. all sorts of vagina in these. yikes.

  5. mimi

    Only douchebags exclaim and announce that they posted first. See, over to the left of your name is a number. Whoever has a “1″ next their name was first, you fukkin morons!

    Let us pray!

  6. Amanda

    It’s a MAN, baby.

  7. Eva

    I wonder what Randal would have had to say about this… thing.

  8. meee

    ok first off, no self-respecting person calls themself “lady gaga”. GAGA? really?! that’s ALL you could come up with?

    second off, i can’t tolerate someone whose clit is completely visible through their granny panties onstage.

  9. Ashley

    LADY GAGA IS THE FUCKING SHIT. youtube her videos they’re crazy and awesome. she is seriously one of the coolest artists (and she’s actually an artist) that i’ve seen in my life.

  10. Ashley

    her name “GaGa” is from the Queen song “radio gaga”

  11. Miss Kitty

    She looks like Anna Nicoles Smith’s grandma…

  12. Cait

    I was CERTAIN looking at these pics that this was a transsexual, but if you watch her video, even though it and the song are wretched) she’s actually a good looking girl. I think it’s the poor choice of outfit and tranny make up that did it for these…

  13. riz

    i like her loubs. i haven’t ever listened to her music before. xtina is definitely copying off her look though.

  14. goddess

    Randal would sniff, then eat, the granny panties. Then burp.

  15. Ummm

    Wait so she’s not a man?

  16. lovelovelove her!

    future of pop!


  17. Sandi

    That video / music – awesome! – in these pics though she needs a second layer of panty or a liner or somethin’.

  18. rnr

    The music she collaborated with on Just Dance and Poker Face are both the SHIT. The rest of her music is just, “eh”. The music videos are also some of the best I’ve seen in a loooong time. I agree that she looks like a mess in these pics

  19. TetterkeT

    She looks like she might have a penis.

  20. mlou

    Just you tubed her, she is shit, her music is shit and the videos are not original.

  21. Amy

    I’d like to personally thank Mimi for the prayers. Is this the same Mimi from the Drew Carey Show? Just wondering…

  22. CaptainMorgan

    That looks like one angry vaj. I’ll pass.

  23. Evil Cat


  24. Matt Wold

    Firstly I congratulate any club kid for making the transition to popstar – bien fait. Madonna’s humble beginnings come to mind. However, “Just Dance” is a catchy yet utterly mediocre song at best. It’s mind-boggling that it’s reached the top five on the US charts. Having said that, Mizzy Gaga is a competent performer and certainly has some vocal chops as demonstrated in numerous live performances around the world and possesses some artistic vision, which is refreshing. Regarding her appearance, she is a very ordinary looking girl bordering on homely, dawning extraordinary make-up and clothes, often to the tackiest and cheapest effect. In essence, she is a poor man’s Christina Aguilera. However, she could evolve into the very hottest of creatures with her newfound fame, fortune, and possibly, taste. TBD.

  25. shimmy

    C.Fuguilera hates her. And Vise versa.
    Yeah, beats me too, since they’re both trannies and should care to understand each other more.

    But damn, I love that Poker Face song. It’s hella catchy.

  26. isitin

    Who the hell would want to listen to “Pop” music. You gotta be hard up.

  27. Sean

    Okay, Ive been WAITING for the Superfish to hear about Lady GaGa.

    Because I LOVE HER!

    Shes amazing, shes got such an element that surpasses alot of the acts out there right now, shes original and sooo cool.

    And Christina Aguilera is ripping on her, not the other way around.

    I reeeally wish that the Superfish would not dislike her : (

    These pictures do her no justice whatsoever, look into her more, and you;ll like her.
    Look up ‘Just Dance’, and you’ll LOVE her.

  28. Ardgelina

    I think if she is going 2 dress that way she needs to make indie electronic music not lame pop same ol same ol crap!

  29. ally

    it’s actually called “z100 Jingle BALL”

  30. bob

    so that….thing between her legs… should i guess that its a huge hard clit or what?

    i mean as a girl… ive seen many girls running around in underwear in locker rooms, at nights-in , you know that kind of stuff, BUT WHATS UP WITH THAT?… just plan gross man

  31. meborg

    I’d hit that sooooo hard, she’d be GAGA afterward…that’s a woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. elisha

    how do you not know lady ga ga she is so hot her first single was just dance, it goes off in clubs

  33. F-Obama

    Who is this dude?

  34. Emilio

    I really like her music but yeah these pictures are just a bad outfit. I read somewhere she makes her costumes herself, which is cool, but this white one needs to go. Maybe if it were another color that would help.

  35. jen

    Are you guys retarded or something, it’s her piercing.

  36. Marzapan

    Getting back to the “pop” comment, what are you, in 6th grade? Oh, has she already “sold out”, and if others like her which make her “pop”ular then god forbid you should? Clearly you are retarded. Having said that, she’s ok. The first two singles should be MUCH stronger than they are and I’m amazed she’s doing as well as she is. But fucking congrats to her. She’s not without talent, just needs some serious polish especially in the hair, makeup, and wardrobe department.

  37. sfnsfnb

    Usually I can take pretty much whatever is dished out here, and dish out more in return. I do all sorts of trolling, racist comments, whore and hairy twat comments, links to obnoxious tubgirl and lemon party pics, Michelle Obama posts and every other kind of shit-stirring crap, but with this thread and the Michael Jackson (God damn but that was creepy!!!) thread, Fish has started to really frighten me!

    I don’t know if I can take this!!! What must Fish be thinking to post these things?! I think I’m going to go hide!!!

  38. Jenna

    I don’t think it’s her clit you’re looking at btw…..probably a piercing

  39. What a fucken idiot. She’s got nothing on Tootie Ramsey.

  40. billabong021

    Wtf man, I swear, superfical commentary can absolutely ruin a music video. I just watched it and it truly does look shit but i swear superficial’s comments swayed me on that!

  41. Delia

    This Lady GaGa looks like a really bad drag queen…and by calling her that is giving her more credit than she deserves. The sad thing is, I live in Portland where Z100 is stationed at and I still no nothing abut this person.

  42. Delia

    This Lady GaGa looks like a really bad drag queen…and by calling her that is giving her more credit than she deserves. The sad thing is, I live in Portland where Z100 is stationed at and I still know nothing abut this person.

  43. Charles

    Thanks…..a$$……now I’ll have that bull$hit stuck in my brain for the next…..ever!!!! What is doing in those pics btw??? Smuggling twinkies???

  44. Funeral Guy

    Man, her face is heinous but I do like the cameltoe with the big ol’ clitty.

  45. marme


  46. timmy the dying boy

    Is he/she/it any relation to Shauna Sand? There’s a certain resemblance.

  47. timmy the dying boy

    Is he/she/it any relation to Shauna Sand? There’s a certain resemblance.

  48. tromba

    Never heard of her either. Checked out her vids – she has got good pipes. Not Christina good but immensely better than Britney and most of the other crap out there. Take Rhianna, for example.

  49. whoa!

    ae those sweat stains on her panties?

    kinda hot for a tranny

  50. Naddy

    I love her Shes amazing She sings AMAZING live she is a true performer you haters need to STFU

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