Lady GaGa really wants you to look at her crotch

September 30th, 2009 // 115 Comments

Here’s Lady GaGa performing the final show of her tour in D.C. last night, and apparently she wanted the audience to think she was totally free-vag-ing it. This would be kind of cool if I wasn’t afraid the clown from Stephen King’s “It” is going to roll out and shank me which, let’s be realistic, is exactly what would happen.


  1. Do FreeBird

    I don’t understand all the negative comments aabout lady Gag-Gags ass. It looks perfectly normal for a 5′ 3″ 165lb 40 yo woman.

    well, maybe 45yo.

  2. Ali

    EW Keep it in your pants

  3. titsonsnack

    Does she not have any parents or family who care about her? Why do her loved ones let her go out looking like this?

  4. fawntastic

    has anyone else seen this?

    it’s lady gaga before she was lady gaga performing in new york city… looking like amy winehouse.

  5. XX

    @3… yes, she should work out or something because Lady GaGa can’t possibly be herself…. she has to look like a flawless freak like all the other celebrities. PFFT! Please. As long as she is happy with herself and how it looks, who are you or anybody else to judge?

  6. Robot

    @24 FAIL!!!

    Just messing sort of… It’s not nice to type in all capital letters it makes people think you are yelling. :’( Also it makes me think that you may have bad grammar. I may not have talent at singing but i have talents like most of the people commenting. Even if the talent is being mean to Lady Gaga. :D Also people bother to comment because they can they have an opinion, so do you but just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean you are wrong.(Like in your case) So one more time everybody FAIL!!!

  7. clpierced

    Oh Lady gaga! i frickin think you are truly amazing :) i love your songs and music videos. a true idol! buttt sorry it looks like you have tape around your nether regions…i dont get it? and i dont really like when you show camel toe, kinda gross. buttt you are cool as fuck still :)

  8. Shattered

    Why is she so obsessed with showing everyone her ass and cooter? I don’t get it.

  9. its going to hurt like hell when she pulls the duct tape off her penis.

  10. katie

    she only shows her crotch everyday because she knows how hard it is to believe that she is actually a chick…duh

  11. Jones

    She’s a brown bad special.

    Nothing wrong with that body at all, you fat bitches & queers, but she has a face like a proboscis monkey.

    I don’t give a shit about her music either way, but I would fold that loopy cunt against the headboard and beat it up till she passed out having a queef seizure.

  12. Jones

    *bag, damnitfuckingshit

  13. xx

    shes got a nice body, why not show it off?

  14. HITLER

    I want to eat that crotch.

    P.s. I LOVE KIDS!!!

  15. shimmy

    Well observed Fish. Gaga’s vagina is certainly like the sewerage that Pennywise frolicks in.

  16. Ann Street

    i like lady gagas sings,and her miusics vidios,but i dont like what she do.she is sou ……………………..!

  17. Anyone saying she needs to work out, especially with any mention of her ass is out of their mind. Her butt is perfect and she is in better shape than most Hollywood women – and I don’t even really like this chick. If my butt looked that good, I might not wear pants either – but I would like to see her in some friggin pants already.

  18. My eyes

    My eyes for christ sake. You should add a warning label on that shit.

  19. looks like a virgin that crotch does

  20. cookie

    Seeking your sexy partner ON ===SuGarDaddyHunt.CoM==

  21. Sam the Eagle

    Just to prove that the USA don’t take no back seat to England, we’ve developed our own Amy Winehouse. A one hit wonder, batshit crazy.

  22. Jen

    i think her music rocks. she has a meat on her bones and i think her ass is pretty nice! and her shock value is apparently working b/c she is being posted about and pulls in money for it. $$$

  23. Hugh Gentry

    her ass is fucking perfect. I’d love to slide into that thing all night long.

  24. Anonymous


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  25. Anonymous


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  26. Gag

    “…or 2) post-operative.”

    That’s it. She wan’t us all to see the fine work the doctors did.

  27. Heather

    I’m 115 pounds 5’9 and I think she is ugly as HECK
    You just can’t tell cause she distracts you with other things.
    Totally butter face. Not fat, nice body, but still wouldn’t tap that if I were a lesbian or a man.

  28. Go outside you know too.Before you thinking right before you know.Hi all.

    Here my sing it!

    See you again from you and I
    Go babe,to

  29. llub

    she is actually an incredibly talented vocalist and pianist, who dares to be different and not confirm to the LA size-0 starlets everybody coos over. too fat, too thin, too fake, too ugly. who the hell cares! this girl rocks, her music is new and different so leave her alone. she just represents the bravado you wish you had.

  30. Kristy

    Am I the only one who thinks Lady Gaga looks like a young Carol Channing?

  31. Duke Nukem

    Awesome Stephen King reference.

  32. Octavious

    So # 77, what you’re trying to tell us is that you’re an aneorixic coke whore??

  33. Tim Loudmusic

    Christina Princess, perhaps the fact that you look a lot like Lady Caca is the reason you’re defending her. BTW: I’d have no problem telling it to her face-she’s a disgusting unattractive vulgar freak who makes the average man’s dick crawl up and hide.

  34. crazypants

    People there’s plenty of legit reasons to hate on Gaga, but her body aint one of them. She’s got a hot little bod and her ass looks great.

  35. Darth

    It’s hard to see on which side she’s wearing it.The left or the right?

  36. Galtacticus

    Maybe her labia minora is well developed.But it could be the clitoral hood as well.

  37. stazzy

    oh please there’s zero evidence of any bulgeez. she’s spectacular –in the true meaning of the word–a spectacle. i love the way she dresses. outrageous.

  38. MP

    She is not conventionally gorgeous, but she’s certainly not ugly! And she has a fantastic body, so yeah, why not show it off? To boot, she has a brain! Gasp gasp! Think Christina Aguilera has even HEARD of Ranier Maria Rilke?

    I’m a chick and I absolutely love her.

  39. Jonny

    seriously, what’s up with that dudes hand.

  40. twinklepop

    hmm, well im not going to say that shes fat, but she certainly does not look like i would expect somebody with her money and time should look like. shes has a staff of stylists! somebody could have covered her butt in strivectin! and it doesnt really have anything to do with her amount of fat, that outfit(s) would have looked awful on anybody! i just wish we could finally get a cute, un-whoreish female entertainer around here! and no miley does not count, shes a slut waiting to happen….not to metion shes the antichrist.

  41. chuck

    I hate to be the one to say it but all of you who think there’s something wrong with that luscious ass up there are gay. Gay homosexuals. Gay gay gay gay. So you think a woman’s body is gross and disgusting? I get it. It’s cool. But you need to confront the true source of your cattiness.

  42. Jasmin

    shes wearing some kind of rubber underneath her panties…didnt anyone pick that up….heshe’s dont always have big weiners…it could be very very small or deformed even…small enough to band dow just so you can see vagina folds..come on people…

  43. There’s trying hard, and then there’s making yourself look bad.

  44. NO Mind Control!!!


    (thk u #21)

    (search The Esoteric Agenda for more mind-blowing)

  45. Stephen

    Jumping on a hysterical over-reaction band wagon much?

    Its a very sad day in the history of our perception of body image if an ass that size is considered “grossly huge”. But its the same point that shes milking masterfully the whole time. Every time some light beer swilling jock yells about her man-gina its putting another one of the western world’s hidden prejudices on the stage.

    To those obsessed if shes hot or not, man or woman, shes an annoying pest they can’t stick in a box. Heres a tip, stop trying to categorize everything (especially with conditions if you want to fuck the object or not) and just learn let things go.

  46. 1derwoman

    She may not be the prettiest girl in the world, but she is a very talented singer. If you don’t believe that, you should hear her sing live. She’s doing just what she needs to be doing with her look and her clothes… being very creative, as well as attracting attention. Regardless of what any of us think, she’s on top of the world and at the moment, unstoppable. Go Gaga

  47. If she wants to pull this off she should at least attempt to work out and lift up her ass. She just looks nasty!

  48. Dallas Barr

    Well, we all know two things now. She does an awful lot of drugs, and SHE THINKS, SHE’S THE SHIT. I disagree with the latter.

  49. joe

    Like any of you nerds could pull her anyway.

  50. joe

    Like any of you nerds could pull her anyway.

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