Lady GaGa’s outfit fails to contain nipple. GASP!

March 19th, 2009 // 50 Comments

This was bound to happen: Seen here with Bobby Brown circa 1985, Lady GaGa slipped a nip while signing autographs in Portland, Oregon last night, and based on her outfits, is anybody really surprised by this? It’s sort of like finding out Britney Spears had a secret third son but traded him for some Oreos at lunch. Ooh, shocking.

NOTE: Pic links to NSFW version that’s really not worth getting fired over. I’m man enough to admit that. Ladies?


  1. It could also be MC Hammer

  2. amanda

    i dont think anything about htis chick would be worth getting fired over

  3. amanda

    or DJ Jazzy Jeff…

  4. ldy

    There is a HOT place A f f l u e n t m e e t C o m It’s where you have chance to meet rich single men and rich single woman!

  5. Rhialto

    I don’t look up for a nipple.Is there any country in the world where nipples are a big deal!??

  6. Darth

    Tell any baby that nipples are a big deal and they laugh (or cry) hard straight in your face!

  7. me

    Anyone posting after me sucks on Lady CaCa’s tranny penis

  8. Gando

    Well,i’ve seen some nipples and looking at them is really a big deal. . . Eww!

  9. grobpilot

    Who the hell is this slag, anyway?

  10. Rhialto

    Is she this round-hipped girl again!? Otherwise,who is she? What is she? And who’s responsible!?

  11. Whatawoman

    Unless this woman has the world’s LARGEST nipples and the most irregularly shaped breasts ever known to mankind, that is not her nipple. It’s some kind of skin discoloration, or maybe a trick of the light, but that is not a nipple. Please. Look down further. You can clearly see her actual nipple poking through her shirt.

  12. Zanna

    Nice disco-ball tie.

  13. g_girl


  14. OMFG! A NIPPLE!!!!! Uhh, I have two of them.

  15. amanda

    #11 perhaps she has tuna can nipples
    im assuming an entire breast will fall out eventually, only then will we truly have an answer

  16. Holly

    In other news, wearing colossally ginormous sunglasses day and night cannot fully conceal a Herculean monsterous crooked proboscis. Seriously, take them off.

    Despite your video being filmed in blurs upside-down at night in a wading pool with a huge shiny blob on your face for distraction, we all saw your prehensile fifth-arm-of-a-nose and that ski slope you call a dorsal hump.

  17. Samela

    Please get your facts straight, as minute as they may be: Lady GaGa was here in Vancouver, BC last night, not in Oakland.

  18. britney's weave

    @11: agreed. i’m calling photoshop on this one.

  19. Richport's Ghost

    Ugh…. nipple. Gross.

    Anyone got a nice big juicy cock for old RichPort’s Ghost? Num num num num….

  20. phoring

    her image is pathetic

  21. Lio

    @11 and @ 18

    you guys are morons, that nipple shot is coming from the bra! and a blazer over it so unless she has got ridiculous huge breasts all of a sudden, that is a legit nipple shot. use them eyes, guys.

  22. foraz

    Don’t know don’t care

  23. mikeock

    Here’s $50.00. Take a bus to Canada and go skiing.

  24. Balack Oboombox, the socialist pig piece of shit

    So, this doesn’t prove she is a chick. She could still have a dick. I’ll just be pissed if it’s bigger than mine. Thanks for the $13 in my paycheck you piece of shit nigger obama lying socialist pile of street ape shit.

  25. Site Admin

    Just another pathetic, disgusting mudshark; nothing special about her.


    LMAO! If thats her nipple she is one deformed, goofy skag. Goofy like the big-lipped top water jig next to her.

  27. vito

    Exactly who in the fuck *is* Lady GaGa, and why is that nipple not in my mouth?

    All things considered, I don’t think she’s as bad as everyone’s making her out to be. I mean, she’s definitely not a hottie like Michelle Pfeiffer. But she’s not exactly a disgusting troll like Amy Wine-Hound either.

    All in all, doable. Or at least I’d let her blow me.

  28. Bianca

    weird place to put a nipple

  29. its just a nipple slip whats the big deal we all seen a nipple before….havent we?

  30. Jay

    What a joke!! That’s not a nip slip, hell that’s barely an areola slip. You guys are really reachin!! The woman runs around half-naked most the time and this is a nip slip???

  31. TheMunger

    Dude. This is old. I isaw this photo about 3-4 months ago.

  32. lila

    dude, you are crazy, there is no nipple here. stop being a nipple revisionist.

  33. Jon

    There are two censored pics.

    One has hardly any nip. The other is better.

    Look at both before commenting you lazy farkholes.

  34. Jon

    There are two censored pics.

    One has hardly any nip. The other is better.

    Look at both before commenting you lazy farkholes.

  35. Galtacticus


  36. TP

    Who would have thought a nipple could draw such attention.

  37. Hammer don’t hurt her! Hammer can’t touch that.

    She needs to hurry up and get naked for the people. If she’s a guy she should have her uterus and crazy round hips removed. She could push out an SUV.

  38. That partial nip intrigues me to see the full nip, followed of course by its adjoining breast.

    #19 – That one actually made me laugh Still White… which makes you like 1 for 30. Good job, son! Which is exactly what I’m sure your sergeant told you in the shower, right before screaming “FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!”

  39. doubleu

    the only thing i can figure is that because of this weird nipple location, there must be tons of padding. i mean seriously, look at where the supposed boob-bottom is, there’s no way they’re that big with that nipple location…

  40. A-COD

    I am a huge fan

  41. Boy! pretty soon Superfish is going to merge with a major Financial Institution,,,look at all these ads on here…

  42. Frank N Stein

    I go Ga Ga for nipples.

  43. insecthero

    So WHO exactly is this useless lump supposed to be?

    Never mind, don’t answer: I really don’t give a shit.


  45. annie

    I kinda dont care for these pics and im a closet lesbian..
    this sure is some scary shit.
    must be proof she is a man afterall..

  46. Shey

    She must be older than 23… She looks like she’s 28-30.

  47. robert

    ‘lady ga ga’? sorry, i dont forsee anyone going ga ga for this woman. now, ‘lady na da’ i could understand.

  48. Hotbox

    Ok DORKS, read the friggen post. “Circa 1985…Bobby Brown…” etc. This is not M.C. Hammer…try 4 years later before he was well known. “23, 28-30,” 35, 21, 57…who cares? There’s not much difference in what is stated. That is a brassiere top, made popular at the time by a young Madonna, and that is clearly a nipple/areola slip. Under the bra is a naked waist covered by a jacket. There is a dark line that is the bra and a lighter black that is the inside of the jacket. Nipples are a big deal to me. I love them and any little view/touch/taste I get revs me up. And no, I’m FAR from desperate. Those of you that are so desensitized need to get out more. I don’t know or care who she is. It’s a pretty hot pic, especially for its time.

  49. Molly

    lmfao this is less of a nipslip and more of “some perv with a camera looking down her shirt”.

  50. now I’m realizing how padded her bra is…lol.

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