Lady GaGa looking freakishly normal

November 9th, 2009 // 81 Comments

I always assumed seeing Lady GaGa’s actual face would be akin to staring into the Ark of Covenant, and sure enough, it turned out to be a similar experience. Mostly because not unlike the Ark, I found myself compelled to stick my penis in it regardless of the consequences. Hey, tell me something that didn’t melt a whole bunch of Nazis wouldn’t feel awesome. That’s just sound logic.

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  1. Taz

    still fug!

  2. Bite Me or Fight Me

    ‘it’ has a penis. eeew.

  3. she’s not even that ugly.

  4. she’s not even that ugly.

  5. Ari

    Definitely a tranny. No wonder she covers her face up.

  6. Ari

    Definitely a tranny. No wonder she covers its* face up.

  7. Ari

    Definitely a tranny. No wonder it* covers its* face up.

  8. my brain

    LOLOl ok i’m done editing

  9. tilleyCA

    She’s gorgeous! Looks like she may have gotten a nosejob, but hey. I’d hit it. SO FUCK THE REST OF Y’ALLLLLLLLL :D

  10. Valerie

    She looks older than 23

  11. Crystal


  12. Beer Nuts

    In pic 15, she’s describing the size of my package.

  13. Hugh Jorgan

    I’m willing to bet she looks better than 99% of the women that post here. And 100% of the men that post here couldn’t get it on their best day. And hell, I don’t even like her and think her music sucks.

    @#12 – ya crackin me up

  14. djs

    If you look for older pcitures of her before the strange clothes, bleached hair, heavy makeup and the nose job, she was a very attractive Italian lady.

  15. hey

    wow, she’s really not even that bad!

  16. Dude of Dudes

    Well I would hit it. But I have to say if I saw her on the street I dont think Id really notice her all that much.

    I see chicks so much hotter than she is on a daily basis. She’s average at best. Is Jon busy?

  17. x

    The show is called “Wetten Dass..?” not “Wetten Daas..?”

  18. Kdizzle

    She kind of looks like Amy Winehouse…

  19. Jenna

    I don’t think she got a nose job, I just think all the pictures are from a good angle and her hair makes her nose look smaller. Either way, she looks much better without the insane attire and makeup. I’m really curious to see what she looks like in just a pair of jeans and a tank top or something.

  20. Jenn

    @18 she really does… lol

    Nice torpedo’s.

  21. test

    She looks like Amy Winehouse indeed!
    It´s eiter some side-effect of the substance abuse or she IS Amy Winehouse alter ego

  22. I Think

    GAGA FTW!!!!!!!

  23. Kay

    wouldn’t call that normal, lookin rough.

  24. How do drugs work? by Lady Gaga!!!

  25. Max Planck

    She forgot to bring her knitting.

  26. jim eh

    There’s my good ol’ Stefani Germanotta. I like her, and in 5 years all you negative nancies will be sorry you shunned her so bad.

  27. Jail

    Sad when 50 lbs of pancake makeup constitutes “normal”.

    PS She’s not cute.

  28. After you put a scrotum on your head, 50 ibs of makeup becomes normal. Perspective is fun like that..

  29. Ein

    She is the next Aguilera: Made ugly by the excess of make-up.

  30. stupiass

    fish wants to stick his penis in a whole bunch of nazis? what?

  31. Want more Lady Gaga info? Check out for all the latest updates!

  32. Want more Lady Gaga info? Check out for all the latest updates!

  33. sunshine

    The dress that thinks it’s a table is normal.

  34. Kat

    Weird seeing her without so much make up. I’d still say she’s not that attractive, but definitely not ugly.

  35. A Chick

    She definitely got a nose job. Looks wayyyy different.

  36. effervescent

    CHIN JOB! nose job, and maybe she shaved down her jaw bone, no matter what she looks much more feminine than before.

  37. Shep

    wow blow up picture # 7 and tell me that’s not a man dressed up like a woman, barf.

  38. Sardonic

    Sarah Jessica Parker photoshopped with Amy Winehouse

  39. Christopher

    Is… is that nip in the first pic? Cause if it is, it’s not in the right spot…

  40. Anon

    Whoa, she looks pretty cute. However, Google “Lady Gaga no makeup…” Not so cute.

  41. Motionn

    she still has way too much eye-make up on. If she went back to being brunette and wore way less eye make-up and red lips, she could be attractive.

    I’ve seen older pics of her and she was almost cute. That pancake make-up makes her look a good 15 years older.

    Some Latin, Italian and other chicks of mediteranean and middle-eastern background look horrible as blonds. She is one of them.

  42. seriously

    Wow that is some heavy make up. I think she looks average at best but at least she’s working with what she has and hopefully doesn’t go get a ton of surgery.

  43. Matt

    I like her flap jack tits! I definately would suck and play with those!

  44. iujuuland

    she’s amazing and looks good in that pictures

  45. VtFarmboy

    OMG I look at these pictures and…. OMG Somone tell me she doesnt like Carol Channing!!!!

  46. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    She looks like any other dog faced ugly Jew you see at a Long Island shopping mall. She gussies herself up to hid this fact.

  47. minx

    It’s true, she used to be surprisingly cute back when she was a brunette and without all the crazy stuff on her face. That said, her tits are way too saggy. Can’t get past those. She needs to push them up or cover them up.

  48. Simone

    Her boobs are hanging way lower than they should be for someone her age. They look like they’re nothing but sagging skin. She needs a better push up and together bra.

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