Lady GaGa just gave Guillermo del Toro a boner

February 26th, 2010 // 116 Comments

Here’s Lady GaGa in London last night and screw her outfit. Check out the look on her bodyguard’s face in each shot. There’s a man who went straight home, told his daughter he loved her, then bought ten ponies and a Lamborghini just to make sure she got the message. Because she’s two.

Photos: INFdaily

  1. Keno


  2. fatguyinalittleshirt

    hahahahahahahahaha ……. hhahahahahahahahahahahh………

    hahahahaa…. oh man…… hahahaahahhh ahhhhah too much….!!

  3. AnnaDraconida


  4. Silencio

    That’s what I call a horny lady.

  5. Pat

    OK, I’m usually fine with what she’s wearing cuz I love her so much. But this is just stupid.

  6. pimp

    why can’t the Mark David Chapman’s of the world shoot a dumb bitch like this?

  7. This stupid puppet really seems to love Satanic shit.

  8. okr09

    oh man I love it! It’s funny, I no longer look at her photos and say “wtf is she wearing?” Now I’m just like “yep, that’s gaga….wouldn’t expect anything less.”

  9. Jade

    WTF no really WTF?

  10. Darth

    Isn’t carnival over yet?!

  11. Richard McBeef

    While everybody is talking about the horned hat type thing he’s got on, I think the real story here is that he is wearing pants.

  12. Posh

    Wow, she’s like uh so “DIFFERENT”. Ohmigod, now i LOVE her cuz she’s like like omg so unique and creative!!


  13. Galtacticus

    What’s on the menu for today? No thanks,i’m not used to goat meat.

  14. Sarakiel

    lol…bodyguards face truly is priceless… Guess he doesn’t ‘get’ high fashion… Whats the world coming to when you can’t wear horns just to walk down the street…i mean really.

  15. Jackalope

    Fast as fast can be, you’ll never catch me!

  16. Good lord that woman is ugly … and her desperate need for attention is getting really old. If she had a true talent, would she have to work so hard at being a freak to get herself noticed? No. I wish her 15 minutes would end already.

  17. tha man

    THE ANTI CHRIST IS UPON US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. S J West

    Aah ffs, this is just terrible. She clearly has a few of her younger relatives working the paper and mache like slaves painting away lumps of crap for her to wear on her body. I mean she’s fit yeah, but she’s tragically uncool, I mean talk about TRY HARD!!

  19. Wtf?!?

    Obviously, there’s no limit to how crazy this bitch is.

  20. jordyn

    jesus h people, she doesn’t do it to get attention. that’s who she freaking is. she doesn’t sit there and think “hmm what can I wear to get all the paparazzi on me?” it’s all art to her and until you make an effort to understand her (read her bio, listen to her interviews, watch her performances, etc.), you’ll never get it. so stop trying.

  21. wendy

    I think your expecting too much jordan, :)

    the people posting hate and useless crap here seem kind of too ignorant to be able to take something at face value and research it, and read?? OMG that would be too much for them.
    . what we have here is a bunch of lemmings, who can’t think for themselves and just feed off each other.

  22. mar

    Government Funding Scandal

    Privacy Commissioner of Canada / Brock University / CAMH


    Medicine Gone Bad


  23. Really

    This whore is such a Madonna wanna be. Please stop the silly bad costume party and go back to being a whore and a stripper!

  24. Richard McBeef

    @20 and 22 – That’s some really great insight. I just read her wikipedia article like you guys have done and now I understand her “art”. It’s almost like I know her now, just like you stupid fucking cunts seem to think.

    I’ve got a real life with a real job and i don’t give enough of a shit to research and read about fucking lady goddamn gaga.

  25. Io

    she looks like a demon impala

  26. lol

    lol i think it’s sweet…

    i’m a designer though.. it’s like she’s her own sci fi character…

  27. Io

    Richard I wouldn’t worry, they are most likely at the ripe old age of ‘I know everything, and holy hell you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO like totally stupid’…

  28. Rough on duty--shovel

    Just when you need those cripts who throw pies in celebrities faces and theyre M.I.A.

  29. Nero

    Is there anybody missing here a Sigmoid Colon?!

  30. Rhialto

    That’s quite a way to show respect for your great grandparents.

  31. greggo

    first funny thing he’s said in a loooong time

  32. radio_babylon

    @20: money in the bank, thats what you are to her…

    as they say, theres a sucker born every minute…

  33. wendy

    @Richard McBeef – February 26, 2010 2:18 PM Well, you just proved my point, LOL!
    Oh wow, he can swear too! is that really needed? it only makes you look like a fool with no class.
    you must be all growned up. And I said nothing about art,

    I said people like you are lacking in brains, and I can’t understand why other people would expect anything less than idiocy here. I’m an idiot for posting anything here myself. But sometimes I just wonder what makes people so dumb.

    “I’ve got a real life with a real job and i don’t give enough of a shit to research and read about fucking lady goddamn gaga. ”

    and thats why your posting here, I think I proved my point again.

  34. Bohemian

    Shes a DUMB ASS!

  35. gig

    eh, why not…. what were you people expecting anyway? a pair of jeans, a gap t-shirt & a simple ponytail?? who cares? btw, I want a pony too, and I’ll skip the lambo… just wanna get my jeep fixed

  36. DragonKatt

    I love her outfit…except for the hat.

  37. Richard McBeef

    @34 – It’s the goddamn internet you fucking dolt.

  38. Bob

    Wow what a stupid bitch!!! but what i don’t get the most is all the paparazzi making her famous. boycott the bitch so we won’t see her again! and number 25 that was halarious!!!!

  39. Bob

    Shut the fuck up Wendy!! don’t forget your posting here tooo you cunt! so what does that make you?

  40. gen

    Ahahahahaha, Fish’s comment was the best.

    The only people who think Lady GaGa is artistic are stupid people that don’t understand real art. It’s fine to say, “Her songs are catchy” or “She wears the strangest shit, I love it”, but she is absolutely NOT an artist nor is she talented.

  41. josepe

    she has a lots of hair extensions she must be getting bold, plus the horns are priceless, lol, bellcebu here i come ra ra o la la ga ga,
    you and me had a bad romance


  42. Lady GaGa,
    You are the best since 1989, Great costumes and your art is dope. Love listening to you and watch you in interviews and ETC…. Keep up the great work you do for charities you have interest in. God Bless You! HUGS B&G

  43. kyli

    to jordyn
    it is people like you ,who buy into this crap..and that is the reason for so many bullshit media whores in entertainment right now.this one trick pony is what is wrong with the world but that is just my bias opinion. Lets all pretend we are high art by wearing thrown out rave outfits from 1994..for god sake open your eyes people. She is just another trick that the music industry decided to ‘invent’ for the new generation of pop kids, a recycled version of all the other bleach blonds of the past but recreated to be enjoyed, consumed and bought by a new generation of “hip”, “rebellious”, consumer slaves. Now there is nothing unique about that, is there? And I don’t want to hear from the people who fall for this shit becuase most you types are obsessed fans who live through this kind of crap. Most of you have not thought past what is being shoved down your throat. Yes she plays an instrument, yes she can write a catchy ditty but you must ask the question why could she not make it being HERSELF? Like her little performances back when she was just another Jewish gal with brown hair from the upper east side, you know why that didn’t pan out, becuase she was not really that talented! But let us bleach her hair, or throw a blond wig on it, lets make her some “avant-garde” outfits, change the name, & their you have it a “superstar”..instant! And it works really well when you already have a rich little girl with a top notch education to fool all of you with, she herself is a slave to all that is being produced as facts for the consumer. Really sad actually, and as she ages we will watch her desperation for fame just like Madonna….

  44. bert

    Why doesn’t she just wear a sign around her neck. “HEY, look at me. I’m unique, I’m different. Pay attention to me!!! PLEASE!!”

  45. kyli

    And to William & Greg

    Yes she does speak about AIDS and awareness for women/AIDS research/ “charities”

    yet this trick/slave, is just another elitist propaganda puppet scum bag who constantly promotes serialized/hyper sexuality,masochistic,ritualistic behavior anytime she can on her videos,performances ,etc… and you listen to this piece of puppet meat as a true advocate against the spread of aids? Get real you have to come up with something better then that to for me fall for their shit..OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE……

  46. Giorgio!

    This is one stupid bitch who would do anything for 5 more minutes of attention. Ugly tranny.

  47. WiggtyWong

    Wow, all of the people calling her a stupid bitch obviously don’t understand the nature of what she’s doing and how she’s making people buy into it.

    Since she knows that the Joe-the-Plumbers, Teabaggers, and Liberalachis of the world are so co-dependent on the presence of celebrity (see her single, Paparazzi), she utilizes ridiculous outfits like these not as a means to draw attention and ire, but as a means to secure her market. Why?

    First of all, there’s a recession going on. Second of all, because the people who love to buy into Hollywood are gullible. If anything, take her outfits as her own mockery of the system that follows celebrities and then brings them to power. Seems like the publicity worked.

  48. rna

    Baphomet worshipper much?

  49. I hope she wears that the next time she goes camping and Sarah Palin accidentally shoots her.

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