Lady GaGa is starting to depress me

May 21st, 2009 // 117 Comments

Here’s Lady GaGa making a radio appearance in Syndey, and I’m having trouble looking at her lately without feeling like a depraved sicko. I mean, for God’s sake, she’s not wearing any pants, can barely walk on her own and is making random hand signs in front of her face. I want to look at her ass*, but at the same time she’s one step away from wearing a helmet and asking strangers for high fives.

*Totally did.

Photos: Flynet

  1. mikka1

    looks there is something dark between her legs under her ,mmm… underwear?

  2. EuroNeckPain

    Gaga = slang adjective in French to qualify an old person who cannot think straight any more
    What an ugly stage name.

  3. Guy

    Spelled Sydney wrong… not that Gaga warrants the time and effort needed to correct this.

  4. Evilance

    Ummm…totally not liking all the fag references…does this mean I’m straight now because this monster is the most un-cool thing I’ve ever seen…bah! kids today…they need a good dose of reality (and MDA)…think of something new silly clown girl (and learn to walk in heels for christsake…basic!)

  5. Amy

    WHat a Loser! why is she cool?? LOL..nice underwear!

    ***click on my name for Huge Memorial Day Sales***

  6. mrmr

    her face is depressing.

    but her ass. woah. id squeeze and plug

  7. obzelite

    wow, nothing like trying to compensate for lack of talent.

    i guess she has a good dealer cause what she is on must be on something good.

  8. razor dildo

    as bad as she looks, the chick behind her in the last pic is worse

  9. NANA

    they should arrest her for waking dressed like that in the street CRAZYYY SLUGGGGG

  10. she wants to look like Gwen Stefani…maybe
    dude 17- you dont know what she looks like in the first place, shes always hidding her face! with hair or huge sunglasses
    now you know that shes fugly!






  11. Mr Semprini

    She’s wearing golf gloves. No wonder she’s making those weird hand signs. She’s trying to read the green. No one has the heart to tell her that she’s eating lunch, not playing golf.

  12. LadyGagGag

    She must be on some crazy drugs to not know the difference between a music video and reality. It is a crime to let her walk the streets like that.

  13. gauge my eyes out

    Probably the same drugs the people are on that think she is good looking.

  14. olbertus

    Jesus jumped up Christ what an awful shit stain on the face of humanity, my God sometimes I really worry that aliens are watching our TV and internet and judging us on what is popular…

    Please don’t annihilate us superior beings even though many of us deserve it…

  15. dustybugger

    she tries too hard and so not original. i imagine some recording execs came up with her image at a big boardroom table saying, “why don’t we combine the likes of Cher, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and Gwen Stefani.”

  16. dickspitz

    Poker Face, HELL NO, for this whack freak its strictly poke her in the ass! That is clearly where her talent resides, in her fat, fucking ass!

  17. Linda

    This ugly thing calss herself lady gaga it should be gagagagaga yuck no talenet no looks nothing but a gross pig crying ..

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