Lady GaGa is starting to depress me

May 21st, 2009 // 117 Comments

Here’s Lady GaGa making a radio appearance in Syndey, and I’m having trouble looking at her lately without feeling like a depraved sicko. I mean, for God’s sake, she’s not wearing any pants, can barely walk on her own and is making random hand signs in front of her face. I want to look at her ass*, but at the same time she’s one step away from wearing a helmet and asking strangers for high fives.

*Totally did.

Photos: Flynet

  1. samechick

    She’s a man

  2. Galtacticus

    I don’t know what this but i would almost say;the Montauk Monsters aren’t that rare as we might think!

  3. Danklin

    I wouldnt fuck this chick if Britney Spears and Lindsay lohan AND Paris Hilton threatened to smother me with their vaginas.

  4. Angry Christian Bale

    Jesus fuck somebody kill this bitch.

  5. truk

    @8 BINGO!

    it’s one thing to dress oddly, it’s a completely different thing to dress uncomfortably… all this girl is saying is “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME.”

    somebody’s parents screwed up royally..

  6. Darth

    Old age woman 3000 is crossing the street with support.

  7. Thats a good ass! id actually let this space cadet seat on my fencepost!

  8. SoTe

    wow! what a nut job! She is FUGLY as hell, I’ve never heard anything she’s done but I’m hoping she’s got talent cause she is not getting anywhere with that face of hers and her sense (or lack ) of style.

  9. mikeock

    who is this fucktard?

  10. Lou

    What a fucking clown…

  11. She’s a superheroine– but she needs a superheroine name…

  12. she is and always has been completely retarded. look at her face for starters. completely vacant. not pretty or sexy. her suckness is multiplied infinitely by the fact that she is always trying to be trendy or make a statement. i wanna break her fingers.

  13. Ugh

    Lady Gaaaaaaahhhgaaghahhaagodwhy. :(

  14. shokroklove

    i love how she wears anything the fuck she wants and always looks hot.

  15. alfalfa

    wow she is so shocking wearing her underwear in public. so so very shocking. i’ve never been so shocked before in my life.

  16. RubySkye


  17. Phred Felps


  18. Charlie "The Dong" Fongooyamama

    Lady GaGa is Italian and she named spaghetti as her fave food in an interview. Her thighs show it. Time to cut back on the carbs, GaGa. You don’t want to go from Poker Face to Porker Face.

  19. M

    her crotch is brown? she pooped!!!!

  20. Me

    ewww wtf is that brown thing?

  21. de profundus

    OH GAGA.

    At least she’s not carrying a cup of tea as I’ve seen before.

    She’s not good live, unfortunately. What she’s doing is SHOCK AND AWE. Enough people will find this cool or fun to support her career, especially in the gay community.

    Personally, I could care less. If she can make a living from nothing then she’s pretty standard for this millennium. Get used to it.

  22. doug

    ——looks like she’s headed to woodshop class

  23. ha

    Well, that’s a nasty vaginas lip. But, i’d still poke’r face.

  24. Lily

    She needs to get a brazilian wax ASAP!

  25. Reality check

    she has some hips on her but she tapers nicely into a slim lower leg, no line back legs here, i like a lot. she looks soft and shapely, however her outfits and that horrid mug of hers is enough to make me scream running. i’ll bag it and tag it. just don’t open your mouth or play your music please.

  26. Reality check

    i can handle thick thighs what i can’t handle are huge man calves and broad man soulders and arms, that shit is like sleeping with a football player, so props to her for not being all hard bodied. to be honest, she’d be better for porn than this singing bullshit she is doing.

  27. Laurie

    Who *IS* this cunt?!

  28. No thanks

    I would not Poke Her Face.
    (hah! it was a bad pun on her fucking horrid terrible rythmless song that is get getting played constantly)

    and for the record, she has a dick.

  29. kornaz

    Thunder thighs, fat ass, ugly face and what the hell is hanging in her crotch? She’s a tranny.

  30. Dawn

    Um, what is hanging out of her underwear? really, like you dont know your shit is hanging out, that would feel quite uncomfortable. She is so lame, I am so sick her of trying to make a statement..she looks like a dumb ass.

  31. Kelsey

    Usually I like her, but yeah..this is a little much. I don’t think anyone on earth could pull off whatever this look is.

  32. Rrrrachael

    Duuude, what’s funny about this is that the cops in Sydney thought she was a prostitute and began to arrest her… No shit, it really happened..

    On a side note, you kiddies that just have to post “FIRST!” everytime, should be the ‘FIRST!’ inline to step into busy traffic.. Just sayin’.

  33. She’s ugly and she cant sing – in other words she’s gonna be as big as Madonna.

  34. O.K., you feel sick now, folks?

  35. RedFantaGirl

    @81 LMFAO!!!!! Had you not explained your pun I would have laughed harder. But that shit was genius! “I would not Poke Her face.” Tears running down my cheek.

  36. Worthless pile of shit

    Yeah, I never understood the hype surrounding this bitch. She isn’t even hot. She’s like a fatter, shorter version of Paris Hilton on smack. Makes me wonder if she ever worked for Disney…

  37. emi

    I love how she is attempting to cover her face as if she is not looking for attention or does not want to be seen, yet look at what she is wearing.

  38. Only REAL blondes have more fun

    why is it that every fucking ugly bitch tries to look pretty by dying their hair some insanely light shade of blonde.? It never ever looks real. This ugly witch-slut is Italian and looks like a clown. She is not talented at all musically. She just appeals to fags for being “trendy”. That’s what all the second rate hacks do. They try to do something “different” because they can’t do the thing the CORRECT way.
    I will be glad when she’s gone.
    Oh. Put some something over your legs, whore.
    Correction: UGLY whore!

  39. jilgad

    HAHAHAHAHAHA her nose must sit under a mountain of ketamine!

  40. everyone says this chic has such a nice figure? i dont get it at all!

  41. danny

    errr she has got a fanny lip hanging out
    if she didnt i would depinatly knoe ive seen more convincing trannys

  42. She’s just doing her thing.

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  45. bo

    she is not cool.she is ridiculous.u never will be madonna

  46. special ed

    she looks like a retarded duck.

  47. Queen Mrs. Burke

    I would NOT fuck her with her own ‘Disco stick.”

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