Lady GaGa is an inspiration to young girls everywhere

March 14th, 2009 // 82 Comments

Here’s a leather-clad Lady GaGa stumbling out of The Social nightclub in Los Angeles. The more I see of her, the more I think she might actually be the classiest lady in the word. She’s like Queen Elizabeth, but only if Queen Elizabeth was slightly more classy than she already is. I hear Lady GaGa attended a fancy gala with the Monopoly man once, but he ended up leaving in tears because of how unclassy he looked next to her.


  1. Watch

    shes hot! FIRST!!!

  2. Laura


  3. lisa

    is that perez next to her?

  4. Laura


  5. Chuck

    Wow,..Her boobs are so big!!!Does anyone know what she is dating with a young handsome millionaire on “C e l e b m i n g l e. C 0 M “?

  6. queen

    There is a HOT place A f f l u e n t m e e t C o m It’s where you have chance to meet rich single men and rich single woman!

  7. Viv

    she’s had a little bit too much

  8. Viv

    she’s had a little bit too much

  9. Black fabrics hides toes…but this is where I say thanks to lady gaga…

  10. kagrez


  11. “stumbling”? She’s simply trying to get to her car without being crushed by the paps. If Lady Gaga was instead pranching out of church in a muumuu, that’s not going to change the amount of skanks in the world…

  12. Yeah pretty sure young girls today can out skank lady gaga…

  13. S

    What the hell?
    Is Perez seriously copying that hair bow that
    Gaga wore a month ago?
    noooo class

  14. HoneyBrown

    I’ll give her this: she’s got a GREAT figure, a pretty face and a decent voice. I don’t know if that makes up for her apparent lack of fashion sense. I mean, I get that she wants to be a quirky pop-tart… but YEAH. Outfits like that are just stupid. She didn’t wear much more than that when she opened for Natasha Beddingfieled who was opening for NKOTB…

  15. Valerie

    I’m so SICK of holey fishnets. WHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY??!?!?!?!?

  16. Miss Brown Eyes

    Does she own any other shoes but those ugly nude peep toe Louboutin shoes? they don’t go with everything!

  17. Is superfish aware LILO is wanted by my member…its posted in every newspaper today…

  18. testing

    whatever she aint no role model. finally we have a pop star who doesnt pretend to be family friendly or virginal or innocent….thank god….she is a party girl and has an awesome voice and good music…….let her get her drink on

  19. p bitch


  20. Lowlands

    Is she a singer?

  21. thats what lady gaga looks like after fucking sly!

  22. Darth

    She looks more like a stripper to me than a singer.Rough times in da club?

  23. Lowlands

    Who’s that whitey next to her?? New hairdo?:)

  24. Sauron

    It’s good to go out sometimes and have a go.Waiting for my sweetie!

  25. Fick Tu

    Lady Pierced Labia, I think you mean.

  26. Lowlands

    I didn’t recognize Betty Paige right away.Is it just me or did he lose weight?

  27. Darth

    What about the sunglasses at nighttime? You can’t catch a cold by uncovered eyes.*Sniff*

  28. g_girl

    i love that girl, even tough she does not wear bottoms. and perez looks so much better without the weight and in normal clothes. i think the ribbon is really funny. they both look cool.

  29. Ricard

    Am I supposed to know who this is?

  30. Ricard

    Am I supposed to know who that is?

  31. Carolyn

    Yup, she’s a lady alright. Looks like that douchebag DJ AM to the left of her in #1.

  32. Alonzo

    What the fuck is that thing supposed to be?

  33. Reed Richards

    Pass it on….
    AIG Pays Bonuses with Bailout Money:

    (I know this article isn’t really appropriate for this web site, but I think everyone wants to know.)

  34. LT

    Why does she always wear her underpants over the top of her stockings like that? Maybe she attends the Superhero School of Dressing, majoring in Trashy Villians and Streetwalkers.

  35. phoring

    how is this girl talented? I probably have more talent in my middle finger!

  36. Venom

    I like her music but seriously, the no pants thing is getting old.

  37. Taffy Swerdlow

    I like the expression on the guy’s face behind her in the first picture. Rapture? Terror? A zesty mix of both?

  38. denise

    whatever, that night she got awarded on stage for her single “Just Dance” single going either gold or platinum ( i couldnt hear the audio too well) and perez presented it to her on stage. sooo who cares, let the girl go fucking crazy, i sure as hell would too.
    plus she’s awesome. she doesn’t bullshit anyone. and she’s very creative. something people need

  39. Bastet

    The most pathetic of all? A celebrity who dares to act appropriately, rather than yet another who follows the trend of dressing and acting in a heinous and unladylike manner, is nearly unheard of today. Trashy seems to be the norm lately, and I’m getting sick of it. Far too many girls and women (not only those who are famous) are setting an atrocious example for the next generation. “Where, oh where, have the smart people gone?” Pink asked in the lyrics of”Stupid Girls” a few years ago. I constantly wonder the exact same thing.

  40. britney's weave

    get on task, fish. you missed brit-brit’s “my pussy’s hanging out” episode last week, and now the lindsay lohan warrant fiasco. what are you doing?

  41. Lord Byron

    What’s pathetic are the attention whores who go around in their underwear to shock people. That’s getting old and boring – not shocking

  42. Look at the sweet kicks on her bodyguard! I wish he would kick that fat cuban in the mouth.

  43. Lowlands

    Is my Sweetie here??

  44. Totally trashy….ick.

  45. Air traffic control

    Lady GaGa’s groid bodyguard has a lower lip with a landing zone suitable for horseflys.

  46. unui

    does lady gaga not tuck his/her penis away on purpose?
    or is lady gaga just bad at tucking it away?

  47. Fashion Polezi

    I would say that if you can pull this wardrobe off then go for it. Combining leather, panties, fishnets, and heels is a risk, but if a lady can pull it off then good for her. F-me boots might work great as well – if you wanted to dress this down a bit for business casual, or just appetizers and cocktails with friends. Don’t over accessorize you will cheapen the look.

  48. me

    Anyone posting after me sucks on Lady CaCa’s tranny penis

  49. Cocksucker

    Who the fuck is this bitch. 99 percent of the cocksuckers on this site are no bodies and to all the fags and bitches on read this site. Go suck a dick

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