Lady GaGa as The Drunkest Lamp Shade

March 3rd, 2010 // 51 Comments

Here’s Lady GaGa stumbling out of the Budha Bar last night in London and you’d think she’d pick a less elaborate outfit to get drunk in. Christ, I have a hard enough time not thinking my coat is a bear trying to eat me, so I can’t even imagine what this contraption must’ve been like. She probably spent twenty minutes wondering why she’s underneath a Victorian woman’s dress until someone told her that’s just her hat.


  1. bar room hero

    She is so mind controlled it is not even funny…

    what is with the crazy outfits…pop ‘music’ today is such garbage, so is rap.

  2. moshi

    goddamn shes so hot

  3. Richard McBeef

    I would wear elaborate outfits like that too, if I was trying to draw attention away from butt fugly marilyn manson face.

  4. Old Soak

    She must have a bladder the size of Texas. Can you imagine having to wrestle with that netting when you need to pee? I think the jukebox gave her aids too.

  5. nancy

    how does one pee in such an outfit, unless that’s what the netting is about. and the penis.

  6. Old Soak

    Ha Nancy! I win! :)

  7. Litlle Monster Nanner

    I’m a big fan of this woman…just not too much of her outfit choices lol.

    The big question that popped into my head was….
    How on earth does this woman go pee!?!?!

    I mean we all know when we get piss drunk we have to go pee eventually…
    How does she do it?

  8. phillygal

    i thought you said you were going to be funnier than the o.j. simpson post writer.

  9. Little Monster Nan*

    Hah! Seems like I was not the only one to ponder that question at this exact moment. lol

  10. Little Monster Nan

    hah! seems like i wasn’t the only one to immediately think that at this moment!

  11. kimberly

    I wonder what dye she used to achieve that sunny hue…

  12. Pants on the Ground

    Does this whore ever cover her disease? God she’s ugly! Her “music” is garbage. Her outfits are tasteless excercises in homosexual drug-induced flamboyance.
    Not impressed. But her fans in the “industry” will keep her around, unfortunately.

  13. Whiskeydust

    Somebody PLEASE remove her from this planet.


    And she wouldn’t be missed either.

  14. atheistgirl

    Nice arse.

  15. Mama Pinkus

    this gal’s narcissistic need for attention is disturbing

  16. Katie

    I just did a google search on Lady Gaga. I started my search with “does lady gaga..” and the suggestions that were listed as potential search questions are quite amusing. Especially “does lady gaga have a pines?”

    I love how American illiteracy can be comical.

  17. sandra

    eww what the hell. I’ve never seen someone try so hard to look so damn ugly.

  18. Jill

    She is SO owned and used and I surmise she will meet the same fate as many others…

  19. Jessica

    Hahaha lover her. she can wear anything. I wish she would use her fame for a good cause like Death cab

  20. Fantastic. Yet another pointless “look what caca is wearing post.” I expect to find this kind of shit on Perez Hilton’s site. PLEASE stop sinking to his caca fanzine status. Caca’s outfits aren’t news. They’re not even interesting anymore.

  21. haha

    sad bodyguard is still sad

  22. lisa

    is that red thing in behind also part of her outfit? ah no… that’s the door… i thought it would look nice if she carried that on her back:)

  23. Dianne

    What is she wearing? She looks dumb, and she becoming overrated…

  24. sunshine

    OK, this is past the point of ridiculous now. And I agree with #21 haha. Whatever that guy is getting paid, it isn’t enough.

  25. Jen

    how does she drink with that shiznit on her face?

  26. Sal

    Why is she caught in a fishing net? And that’s why I only buy tranny-safe tuna…

  27. Maybe there’s a snap in the crotch of her bodysuit?

  28. Steve

    She has a pee receptacle somewhere in that contraption.

  29. Booya

    Hey its that same security guy!! The guy who looks so traumatized to have to escort that “thing” around in london LOL. Good show George!

  30. Brad

    Boy George was doing that whole costumed androgynous shtick 30 years ago.

  31. Rhialto

    Dammit! She’d look almost like an alive Picasso painting!

  32. Darth

    What are you talking about!? She’d probably think that Picasso is a software application.

  33. bel

    wait but didn’t she says how u would never see her stumbling out of nightclubs???? i guess that was a lie too…

    lady gaga copied lotsa lotsa things from roisin murphy, and now there’s an article about it…

  34. captain america

    why this woman is in today’s entertaining tells us something about the “BANKRUPT-SITUATION” the united states is in today……………..

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  36. bmose

    The spacing on the netting is too far apart. The bugs can still get out.

  37. unfab

    All the get-up is to distract from her otherwise ugly face/body/ass/etc.

  38. barbara

    what a fu…….. freak and peoplw wonder whats wrong with todays kids take a look at what they have as idols Freaks an d she isn’t even a good singer she sucks

  39. #1 fan of lady gaga morgan harper

    i love lady gaga i even bet those pictures are fake the paparazzi probally told her and paid her to do that you should probally get their facts straight and i love her outfits and her style is amazing i think people that make fun of her are just being mean so i say let lady gaga live wild and courages I LOVE LADY GAGA!!!!

  40. Mary

    @ #11 – It’s a wig

  41. Cardinal Ximenez

    Jesus, could she look more like Nosferatu?

    I’ve never seen a celeb try harder to distract the public from looking at her ugly mug.

  42. Tony

    That thing is a guy

  43. He’s above the hyper-publicity and is in a happy relationship.

  44. It looks like a weasel was caught in the chicken coop.

  45. yyy

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  46. Ally

    Why does someone who makes very mainstream music pretend they are an artist ?

  47. She is SO owned and used and I surmise she will meet the same fate as many others..

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