Lady GaGa’s nipples promote safe sex

Lady GaGa attended the MAC Viva Glam launch in London today where she encouraged her fans to use a condom or else they’ll die like that guy in The Deer Hunter. Okay, sure. FOX 411 reports:

“I see them every night and they are so beautiful and precious and lovely, but some of them are insecure and very troubled and not confident,” she said. “I meet them and they cry, and they say ‘Gaga you make me feel like I belong.’
“And I think to myself about that one girl or those hundreds of thousands of girls who meet that guy at a club who makes them feel like they belong and they don’t have that negotiation. We all know that having sex without a condom is … Russian roulette.”

As someone who frequently has sex without a condom, I’d just like to say that not once has it ended with a woman taking a bullet to the head. They only get pregnant and find out I gave them a fake name which is possibly the greatest gift you could ever give a person. Who wants a guy constantly having sex near their children? That can’t be good for them.

NOTE: Full Size versions are slightly NSFW. If you squint.

Photos: Getty, Splash News, WENN