Lady GaGa has a scrotum on her head

November 3rd, 2009 // 44 Comments

Lady GaGa attended the 13th Annual Ace Awards last night and apparently decided her hairdo should resemble a nutsac. Maybe it’s just me and my penchant for seeing balls everywhere thanks to a childhood accident, but let’s be realistic, would any of us really be surprised if Lady GaGa crawled out of the dead grizzly bear she sleeps in and told her stylist she wants a giant scrotum on her head? Frankly, I’m amazed it’s not a daily occurrence.

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  1. JADE

    Doesn’t she always dress like this though? Weirdo……..

  2. Timbo


  3. Timbo


  4. ELLE

    LOL I love Lady GAGA but i agree, she has some fashion issues.

  5. trash

    hi im lady gagarbage, i use weirdness as a crutch for my lack of real talent

  6. Joe Smoketoomuch

    enough of this thing already

  7. AteIsEnough

    This woman is fucking looney-tunes!

  8. havoc

    This guy Lady GaGa tries way to hard…..


  9. Papahotnuts

    I can’t believe the Superficial writer took the liberty of comparing my nuts to this sea-donkey. You have officially insulted my balls.

  10. Lineman7

    I’d tap that ass…
    Looks pretty good from behind.

  11. say good night to the Rough guy!

    Did she look normal for halloween…

    She got a pretty good ass, as a result should only walk backward….

  12. fat guy in little shirt

    she IS the Great White Bjork of the new millenium.

    What a maroon.

  13. EricLR

    Wait a minute, the Cable Ace Awards still exist??? Finally, a chance for my G4TVHD-2 channel remake of “Small Wonder” to win some long-overdue recognition!

  14. 2big4u

    (S)he is a fuktard.
    That is all.

  15. 2big4u

    (S)he is a fuktard.
    That is all.

  16. Dace

    I was under the impression that those belonged on her chin.

    My bad.

  17. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    I have a feeling she would be a vanilla lay. The alter-ego may be fun but the real GaGa is more LaLa.

  18. GeneralEmergency

    Now what would really make this outfit work would be for her to move her hands and fingers frenetically in front of her mouth parts and then run about room making a loud buzzing sound.

    Hmmm…Much like the little friends she attracts during outings.

  19. What

    What’s with the hands? Did she have a stroke?

  20. Cristobal

    Halloween is over lady Gaga. Get with it.

  21. Jason

    Is she covered in crack dust or something? Geebus, I don’t understand this (wo)man.

  22. Lil Dirty

    I bet she cries a lot when she’s alone. Not that I care.. I’m just sayin.

  23. I bet she’s wondering how in the world she became so popular. She’s scary.

  24. Beer Nuts

    I’d put my scrotum on her head.

  25. IKE

    She is WEIRD!!! But….she has a healthy appreciation for ASS, so she’s OK. :)

  26. IMHO

    I don’t care how popular or how ‘good’ (personally, I think she’s maybe sub par-mediocre at best) she is. She’s trying way to damn hard and doing it for the cameras. Honestly. You think she’d dress like that if she was going to a normal party? Maybe, but I doubt it.

    I think she’s trying to be edgy! and new!. That or trying to make headlines. B/c all we ever read is about what retarded outfit she’s wearing. So if she wasn’t dressing worse than a clueless child then we would see so much less of her.

  27. Beedo

    I hear this GaGa dude has a scrotum somewhere else too….. (In his pants!)

  28. Cool. Now it will match the one between her legs.

  29. NL

    Did she copy Miranda Kerr’s fashion photoshoots? Wearing bras and panties over her shirt/dress/pants?

  30. Pete O'file

    This is why half the world wants us dead. F this chick.

  31. And we care about this person why?

  32. BURN IT!


    And then nuke it from orbit. it’s the only way to be sure.

  33. Shep

    Having a penis and a vag will undoubtedly cause you to be a little f’d up.

  34. Do FreeBird

    Change of pace. Usually, they’re in her mouth.

  35. JPRichardson

    She’s disguised as a Silent Hill VG creature, I believe…

    Oh, NICE ASS!!

  36. dodgerfan

    This bitch is strange, who cares about her anyways? She gets weider everyday. She has no sense of fashion.

  37. lola

    She actually looks better than she normally does. The outfit sucks as usual, but you can’t see her face. Too harsh?

  38. Pro Acai Max

    I could not understand what the hell she wear . She was look sucking man . I think she does not know whats she wear. Whoever design this absolutely gone mad.

    Pro Acai Max

  39. Kevin

    YOU GUY’S DONT GET IT she is mysterious, GOD these people don’t get fashion……ugh give me a break what a douche

  40. Shannon

    What is wrong with that tranny?

  41. WTF

    Ri-dam-diculous! WTF is up with this chick? Surely she doesn’t actually think that shit looks good!?!

  42. TranAlert

    Hey, that’s an entire hairy balls and cock outfit!
    Pink pants being the shaft.

  43. I do not care how popular or how “good” (Personally, I think he is probably sub-par – at best mediocre), he is. That way it damn difficult for crews doing is trying to do. Honestly. You think he’d dress like that if he was going for a normal party? Maybe, but I doubt it.

    I think he’s trying to be edgy! New! And. That or trying to make headlines. B / c we all have ever read about the dress she is wearing dim. So if he so bad a clueless child we would see much less than not was dressing.

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