Lady GaGa greets fans. In her underwear.

July 28th, 2009 // 86 Comments

Here’s a drunk Lady GaGa posing for pictures with “lucky” fans outside her hotel in Germany, and I can’t imagine what kind of kind of person would think this was a good idea. You’d be safer running your genitals along the inside of a dumpster than being within 50 yards of Lady GaGa. In fact, I probably should take these down before someone gets scurvy.

Photos: Flynet

  1. al

    my brain tells me i should be attracted to her, but for some reason she is boner repellant.

  2. you

    She is so fashionable.

  3. Harold^Sick

    That’s one way to save money. Oh, and the underwear is probably cheap, too.

  4. fetus_mcnuggets


    theoretical question if lady gag gag offered to blow you

    would you let her ???

  5. fetus_mcnuggets


    theoretical question if lady gag gag offered to blow you

    would you let her ???

  6. Franklin

    You may not like her, but she’s not boring, and she actually sings instead of just playing pre-recorded tracks & lip synching (unlike some other fake blonde pop singers out there charging outrageous $$ to attend their shitty concerts).

  7. So Gaga wears granny panties and cone bras then? Is that what we’re to take from this?

    I didn’t realize that a sex kitten (supposedly) is to wear such unattractive and unflattering undergarments. Who knew.

  8. Mr. T

    How have we NOT seen this woman’s genitals yet?

  9. Bwuce Wii

    When you really have no talent, the only way you can make a name for yourself is to dress “provacatively”


  10. No complain from me yet…

  11. Ein

    Where’s the pussy? Damn it all to hell!

  12. Perkin Merkin

    She strikes me as a knob gobbler.

  13. I swear I clicked the wrong website when I saw this GaGa crap because its usually on Perez. Anyways, shes a hack job wannabe Madonna and anyone who defends this skankzilla is going to get stabbed in the eye..seriously.

    And to @6..she is boring, and she does lip synch..the only problem she sings to synthesized crap and not to mention annoys the fuck out of me.

  14. brian

    How outrageous. What a scandal she creates, everywhere she goes. What an icon. What an utterly replaceable, uninspired icon.

  15. a stylist

    I like her body. She doesnt look bad here at all. I dont like or dislike her. She’s smart enough to work the music business and what people go for. Why shoot her down for taking full advantage of it?

  16. Adrian Grenier

    We were kissing and stuff and then I went down like I was going to go down on her and she’s unshaved just fyi, just plain hairy, but the worst part was the…the SMELL. It was like she hadn’t showered in days, and that’s just not polite to let a guy go down on you when YOU KNOW you didn’t take a shower and she’s hairy! So I look up at her, you know I pause, and she looks down at me with that smile she does in the “Just Dance” video, sort of like “Suck it up”.

    L&A: So what did you do? You told her it was too much right. Or you didn’t feel good?

    ME: No..I …sucked it up and just held my breath. It was Lady GaGa!!

  17. Meg

    I like some of her music but she tries wayyyyyyyyy to hard with the costumes and just ends up looking pathetic. Nice body though!

  18. Seth Rogen

    Adrian Grenier is hotttt! Ow ow ow!

  19. Tom K

    She looks good to me! Body is on point. I find her crazy antics to be very entertaining.

  20. big teeth

    She has a great waist-to-hip ratio…

  21. ben dover

    the blonde next to her is way hot, ga ga not so much

  22. Yeah 21 if youre into prosthetic noses…

  23. Isn’t that really a man?

  24. R.I.P.Each


  25. I don’t see why people find her hot….

  26. titsonsnack

    She wears lots of distracting shit because she’s fug.

  27. frank lloyd wright

    Oh wow she is so shocking wearing her underwear in public. I’ve never seen that before. So very shocking zzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz

  28. RainbowButterflyUnicornCandy

    She is so friggin hideous. GET A NOSE JOB….or hit the headboard with it some more or bury it in the pillow. The rest….is okay.

  29. lol

    Desperately. Seeking. Attention.

  30. Intermino

    Oh, who cares? She’s got a great body and she’s confident enough to show it.

  31. Monie

    She looks smashed on these pictures.

  32. Valerie

    OH GET OFF your high horse, Fish, ya goddamn fuckin’ PRUDE bitch ass bitch! There’s no bottle, you can’t confirm she’s “drunk,” scurvy is a muthafuckin disease caused by a lack of Vitamin C, not VD, you dumb fuck, and you ain’t knowin’ SHIT about who she’s fuckin, you’re just pissed off because you don’t have the self esteem to greet YOUR fans in your goddamn underwear. Sometimes I think you’re a MORMON. Just get your tighty whities out of the bunch that’s lodged itself up your ass.

  33. Valerie

    Oh, and quit trying to push your strict, Puritan ethics of Ideal Womanhood on the masses, some chicks like to drink, wear skimpy fuckin’ clothes, and presumably fuck, when did THAT get uncool?

  34. BB

    I’m confused. Are “attention whore” and “whore” now synonymous?

  35. The pointy-boob thing is so 1986.

  36. silly putty


  37. Venom

    … Amy Winehouse is that you?

    This chick needs a nose job, and a boob job badly (they’re small and saggy as hell.) Not only that but she need to fix her grill too. Yellow, huge teeth too big for your mouth isn’t a good look, you know.

    That said, she’s got a nice ass for a white girl. And her music isn’t bad either. Yeah, after a few rounds I’d probably hit it…

  38. mer

    You need to be hotter to pull this stunt off.

  39. Danklin24

    I agree with 38, you cant look like a 70 year old grandmother and expect this stunt to go over well. Lets put it this way, its a tough call them deciding who’d better looking, Amy Winehouse or Lady gagag

  40. saywha

    what does this chick look like without the costumes and stage make-up

  41. Have you seen her before pics on those plastic surgery sites? Whata beast! I know I have it in my archives somewhere. One of those ultra beasty Italian girls from NY. We’re infested with them.

  42. lola

    Wearing so little clothing all the time is nothing more than a desperate cry for attention. I feel sorry for her need to be lusted after. Oddly, her fans look similar to her.

  43. She looks like grandmother in these pictures.

  44. RasputinsLiver



    ……….what’s the big deal about that chick in her bra? Mad-Donna did it twenty-odd years ago.

    How boring.


  45. Lisa

    Although I quite love her music, I can’t stop singing, “Bu bu bu butter, bu bu butterface, gag gag gag gag”

  46. Me thinks me likes her yellow toofs.

  47. Fati

    Psyche ward.

  48. Dave Mustaine

    This ugly Ho needs to compensate with the shock factor because her music probably sucks big hairy sweaty balls.

  49. Juniper

    she only has 3 or 4 fans? see the pictures … ^^ 2 women, a teenager and a man

  50. Juniper

    On sait que madonna l’a fait auparavant, madonna a elle même copié maryline monroe… elle se moque juste de tout ça justement (she’s just kidding with her look…) … vous réflechissez pas beaucoup vous les américain …

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