Lady GaGa doesn’t want you to notice her

September 28th, 2009 // 65 Comments

Here’s Lady GaGa arriving at Dulles International Airport in D.C. this morning and trying her best to avoid being photographed by the paparazzi. A task that might’ve been made simpler by, oh I dunno, wearing pants and not looking like you’re about to drive a limo with your clitoris after eating a punchbowl full of coke. Just a thought.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Hollard

    She has a penis. Its there… somewhere

  2. AmericanWhiteTrash

    Look me wearing these goofy fuck me shorts and boots!… I mean don’t look at me! Can’t I have some peace and quiet! Why can’t I travel without cameras and attention?! *shakes her ass and shows her box getting in the car*

  3. The Duchess of Squeeze

    Next time can you crop her out of the photos and just show her bodyguard? He’s hotter than Satan’s crotch.

  4. Twiggy

    Marilyn Manson dressed as a limo driver?

  5. i cant stand her, she needs to get outta my city if she knows whats good for her.

  6. julia

    her knee caps are weird…

  7. Nameless

    Lady Caca doesn’t want a photo op? The herpes must be flaring up somewhere and she doesn’t feel clean.

  8. Pat

    They made her pay the oversized baggage fee for those thighs.

  9. ger

    #8 – that’s fkn awesome.

  10. mylene

    her bodygard is seksiii

  11. It's Me Fuckers

    #4 you took the words right out of my mouth! I am a HUGE fan of Lady Gaga but she is seriously looking like Marilyn Manson in these pictures!


  12. BB

    Superfish, I am so proud of you for saying clitoris with a straight face!! Look at you being all grown up!!

  13. it's me

    I wouldn’t want anyone to notice me either if I looked like that.
    By the way, her knees look weird cause she’s on them 24/7
    I’m surprised they’re not carpet burned, but maybe that’s whats wrong with her face
    Name change
    How about

  14. Wikky

    Yeah, well it’s Dulles Airport. I wouldn’t want to be noticed there either.

  15. Viv

    @10 so true

    The bodyguard is hot and it seems he’s got a big package.

  16. kIKI

    Has hell frozen over? Are pigs flying? Lady CaCa doesn’t want attention???

  17. Penis alerter

    That body guard needs to guard a hotter body, MINE… Please, oh please!

  18. Randal

    I think the joke’s on all of us and Lady GaGa is having a good giggle on our behalf! :D

    Lady GaGa is always noticed because of her very original style. Mix that in with the ability to play the piano like the best of them, sing and hold notes as well as dance, she’s a beacon in an otherwise dark industry of no talent hacks.


  19. Logic is lost on this girl. She should be smiling and flaunting that outfit.


  20. Oh Randal

    Oh Randal………! (Insert sitcom laughter here).

  21. John Madden

    Gay outfit, and I never approve of long hair, but the blond dude must be a running back. Those are goal-line thighs. Sure, the guy with the short receding hair looks bigger and stronger, but what you need on fourth-and-goal is that low to the ground fireplug guy with those thighs that will keep churning and push the pile forward. And that face sure belongs in a helmet with a full face mask.

  22. Boy, I didn’t think Marilyn Manson was that short.

  23. Lain

    Who the fuck comes up with these posts? They’re not funny.

  24. Aunt Jemima

    #13 Lady Gay Guy.

  25. ArrestedDevelopment

    #23, Perfection!

  26. PrettyWoman

    #24, leave Fish alone. You don’t see him going down to your workplace and knocking the dick out of your mouth.

  27. PsyKo

    I think she loves her legs… at least, she loves to show them.

  28. It's Me Fuckers

    #27 I actually LOL’ed at that one!!

  29. Bow Wow

    Don’t dogs have to fly in the cargo hold?

  30. chick

    NASTY! I wish she got a tan or wore hose to cover up some of the imperfections on her legs. Gross

  31. nahhh


  32. Scott the fag

    Those shoes are simply fear-osh.

  33. titsonsnack

    She’s so douchey.

  34. girliegirl18

    most celebs i can tolerate but this chick is sooo annoying!! sure she has a rockin’ body but her face is soooo ugly and her outfits are awful!! i cant stand this biatch….buttaface!!

  35. Randal's rectum

    Funny how faggots like all the pretty colors and wierd shit. Useless shit actually. Lady Cunt Cunt is a fringe talent. She is there, like the idiots Howard Stern and his sort, to get your attention by being a clown. Simple goofy bullshit for simpletons.
    Randal and all gay fellers like her cuz she says she is artsy. Sucking cock is artsy too I guess.

  36. The coyotte

    kill the bitch

  37. Cloudy with a chance of Blueballs


  38. livingjetlag

    Wait, is Lady Gaga in those pictures? I didn’t notice her.

  39. Randal's Taint

    Number 36. Don’t knock it ’til you tried it, bitch. Oh, and find your own username. Fucking Trolls make me sick.

  40. notafan


  41. rah! rah!

    #35…if you think this girl has a rockin’ body then you have a rockin’ case of glaucoma.

  42. It's a he/she

    If lady BULLSHIT doesn’t want us to notice it, it should just strip naked. Trust me, the room will empty immediately, as everyone runs to the bathrooms to puke.

  43. Get a clue

    18. Randal – September 28, 2009 3:37 PM

    I think the joke’s on IT and Lady GAG ME is having a good giggle AFTER LOOKING IN THE MIRROR.

    Lady GAG ME is always noticed because of ITS ATTENTION WHORING. Mix that in with the ability to play the piano like CARTMAN, sing and hold notes and dance LIKE BARRY MANILOW, ITS a PERFECT EXAMPLE OF AN industry of no talent hacks.

    Fixed. You gotta stop snorting the white stuff, Randal. You post on several bulletin boards, and you’re laughed off of each. Lay off the drugs, pal; it’ll be a lot less embarrassing for you later on…

  44. Billie bob

    @1 she’s a Hermaphadite. :)

  45. Rasputins Liver




    I dunno what the hell that is behind that guy….


    …but it’s fuckin’ horrible lookin’!



  46. Rasputins Liver




    I dunno what the hell that is behind that guy….


    …but it’s fuckin’ horrible lookin’!



  47. datroof

    that dude looks like jeremy piven’s less successful brother, and thus even more of a douche

  48. If..she doesn’t want to be looked at…why does she wear such outrageous clothing? if she wore normal clothes out while “not wanting to be seen”, no one would give her a second look. It’s not like she’s attractive.

  49. sup

    She looks like she smells bad

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