Lady GaGa definitely doesn’t have a penis

February 17th, 2010 // 236 Comments

Here’s Lady GaGa at the Brit Awards last night effectively shooting down rumors she’s an hermaphrodite. Apparently her Grammy outfit didn’t do the job, so there was really no option but to go full clitoris. YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN WITH YOUR MINDS.

NOTE: Having some issues uploading uncensored versions this morning – divine providence perhaps? – so the NSFW shots are the last row. Don’t get fired.

NOTE: Full size versions are now NSFW (might have to refresh) and I removed the uncensored shots from the bottom row. For the sake of humanity.

NOTE: Bumped to the top just to see if I could add one more note to this post. I win!

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  1. Coco

    looks like she has a maxi pad on or somethin.

  2. lolitahaze

    she has pimples on her ass.

  3. one step closer to her porn career

  4. please no porn from the gaga

    who wants to watch her do porn??

  5. The bitch is wonderful at tucking it just sucks that this was the worst performance of hers.

  6. snicks

    Fucktards. It’s INNER LABIA not CLITORIS. Sigh.

  7. bar room hero

    pop “music” is garbage…

    The only thing worse is rap. God how I miss ~30 years ago…

    none of this $hit, no (c)rap, and no reality tv…


  8. You must be a little intimidated by such a strong women. She is extremely smart and articulate. Obviously, you know only her stage presence and as I have already stated she must intimidate you to cause you to spew such venomous statements.

  9. Penis or no penis. I love her! But wearing a get up like that is asking for trouble!

  10. Jon

    I’d hit it.

    I enjoy the comments about post-op and tucking though. The more these comments keep up, the more chance she keeps flashing her vagina in new creative ways. She could spread her pussy flaps and piss on some of the people here and they’d still say “nice tuckjob” with a mouthful of urine dribbling out their mouths.

  11. There is no way she is a dude. I would like to see these pics without the star…anyone know where to find them?

    Kind Regards,

    Vita Mix 4500 Blender

  12. She’s a great performer dude…

  13. Dr 101

    Something about her strikes me as off. I sense self-hate.

  14. Gagagagaga

    Lady Gaga is not a guy, she s just a BUTTERFACE… you know, like the song, POkerface, she was warning us already about how ugly her face is, Talented ?? let me think about it, ok, she sings… she can play a little piano.. But nothing extraordinary or original, i ve seen better pianist, better and cuter singers, like tori amos ! She s a hell of a pianist/singer ! anyway The only “original” thing about this woman is that she s in love with controversy and acts/dress/looks like a female marylin manson and most of the time her ass and vagina are showing and she wears freaky weird clothes that makes her look “unique”… How do we call those people ???? Atenttion seekers ?? Artist ??LOL… Whores ?? Because women who dress like this…… Hmmm…. she looks neither decent nor original, she looks like a hoker “from heaven” lol… Indeed she s rocking the world with her butterface, bad romance, paparazzi, and all this tunes but like all the atenttion seekers, someday they run out of material to impress and end up forgotten when a new piece of meat jumps on stage showing her ass and tits singing whatever crap comes to their mind and dress like a freaky slut to impress us !… I personally like her music, but i really think she s no revelation, or the greatest artist of the century, what she does, have already been done ! by Grace jones, Cher, Madonna, Marilyn Manson, Liberace, etc etc etc…. so Enjoy it while you can gaga = ) and lay off the coke coz you re very skinny and your tits are gone !

  15. Bjornbar

    Ignorant fools, heard a live recording of her, truly great voice, so shut the bull crap.

    And about moaning about her looks, I bet most of you are alone or fucking really huge king size girlfriends….

    Sad fkks.

  16. loedy

    @ 48 If thats skin colored g-string thats a skin colored g-string shoved into a vagina!

  17. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Ok, she proudly wears her omelet dress as if it were her wedding.
    Pic two – I just can’t believe she wasn’t aware her vagina was out – or is her vagina so worn out to insensetive?

    In the pic where she holds a cup – looks like she had her wrist cut – or is that some sort of weird rash/red ink tatoo?

  18. abdo

    This Bitch is the most overrated pop star I ever seen..
    denying real talents like Leona Lewis and many more just for that freak of nature..

  19. Fuxy

    I’m sure she wore that to end rumors of her alleged hemaphrodism. If that post talking about how insane the makeup cake is on that shiny apple is true, gaga knew for sure people with 45 megapixel cameras were going to be digital zooming their way into her very unlikely cervix. She is fucking pointing that thing like a goddam loaded gun at a meadow teeming with deer.

  20. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Yeah, Donna Lewis is a sweet birdie. Ga Ga is not edgy, she is truely a freak ! Now Liz Phair -she is edgy.
    Those who have no talent (voice, ear, songwriting) can only attract attention by flashing their genitals and scandalous costumes (that someone else makes for them).

  21. Oh, thats kinda creepy. Would have been better for my health if you would have masked certain parts in the Hi-Res versions as well. Unfortunately, you didn’t do so … now i am blind.

  22. I think she just has a chubby mons pubis. Nothing wrong with that – a lot of women put on weight there just like any other part of the body.

    I’m admit to nothing here…

  23. JP

    why don’t go naked next time?? U totally gak gak!!

  24. Uhh… so, it’s ok to flash vag in brit?

  25. Visit the world’s largest online provider of adult sex products now and see for yourself what all of the “buzzz” is about!

  26. White Badger

    Are You a God? …Then DIE!!!!!!!

  27. Anna

    Haha is that her pussy:P?

  28. Boogeyman King Dong

    It doesn’t look like she’s still a virgin.

  29. Darth

    Hard to see.You gotta have X-Ray eyes these days.

  30. Lord Puzzai

    Gsus christ…looks like she forgot a roastbeef sandwich in her pants

  31. Gando

    Who’s washing all these costumes afterwards!? Looks like the perfect job for a panty sniffer.

  32. I hope everything is good with her brains….

  33. Nero

    Her biggest audience are hysteric gay men.Not a big surprise ofcourse.

  34. Hermaphrodite? bahaha…

    I still love the way she sing.

  35. LarDeDaa

    Iam just happy to see it…

  36. bbw786

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  37. Rhialto

    Is this a seamstress course or is that really a vag!?

  38. bbw98


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  41. karen

    One word…..sick! And not sick in a good way!

  42. havoc

    That clinic in Sweden did an amazing job. Same goes for her Adam’s Apple.

    You can barely see it now….


  43. HackSaw

    Says you.

  44. Jua

    can somebody show me a picture where she has a bellybutton??

  45. jaes

    i tot her vag looked pretty good.. neat..

  46. words cant describe….

  47. roxy

    to number 37 if shes so horrible then how come all of her songs were #1 on the charts WORLD WIDE and howcome she has over 10 million sales on both her albums….she was right though the pop world was so sad and she fixed it spears nor agulera can compete with that…and her style is AVANT GARDE take manson or bowie or bjork for instance…so you hate her becasue shes different? this is something we havent seen in awhile..i admit somethimes its a little over the top but every one(who hates or loves her)cant seem to keep her name out of there mouth…so to all the haters your just pist and jealous that you could never be different you try so hard to fit in and be normal its sickneing..worrying about what everyone else thinks about you,how sad….and you know what almost all p*ssy looks the same so its nothing different ,well in most cases atleast…one more thing they say when ppl go on abou thow much they hate something/one it means they really like it so the jokes on you

  48. happycakes

    It is a prosthetic! duh!

  49. dhavoc


  50. dlf

    who likes this stuff!?? um who doesnt, every show sold out, one album five hits, only female artist to do what she has! get a life people she is a female, r u stupid she has pics of her as a little girl and has parents and family! u losers have nothing better to do than spread hate!!

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