Lady GaGa definitely doesn’t have a penis

February 17th, 2010 // 236 Comments

Here’s Lady GaGa at the Brit Awards last night effectively shooting down rumors she’s an hermaphrodite. Apparently her Grammy outfit didn’t do the job, so there was really no option but to go full clitoris. YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN WITH YOUR MINDS.

NOTE: Having some issues uploading uncensored versions this morning – divine providence perhaps? – so the NSFW shots are the last row. Don’t get fired.

NOTE: Full size versions are now NSFW (might have to refresh) and I removed the uncensored shots from the bottom row. For the sake of humanity.

NOTE: Bumped to the top just to see if I could add one more note to this post. I win!

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  1. That’s on helluva tuck job.

  2. sdfsdfds

    I think there’s people who come on gossip sites and post “no talent” to every single person. Say what you will about Lady Gaga, but she IS talented. If anything, her music now greatly downplays what she is capable of (there was even a video of her on here singing before she became famous).

  3. Beeotch

    I think she looks like freaking Gozer from Ghostbusters in these pics…..don’t cross the streams!

  4. AmericanWhiteTrash

    Need to click it more than once retards. How many times does it have to be explained. Christ…

  5. LadyBUUBUU

    Looks to me like a nude pair of underwear. I dont see vagina at all. I happen to know what one looks like… lol. I think she disproved the “Penis” thing at the Grammys

  6. JuliusPeckers

    HEY IDIOTS that cant navigate a website! You have to click “VIEW FULL SIZE” so that you can squeeze one off to her penis. Retards.

  7. JuliusPeckers

    HEY IDIOTS that cant navigate a website! You have to click “VIEW FULL SIZE” so that you can squeeze one off to her penis. Retards.

  8. Madonna has taken us down this road so many times. I know the scenery like the back of my hand. What matters is talent and it seems Lady Gaga has some. Her fans love her. I’m gonna wait and see if she has staying power. She’s a bit over exposed.

  9. Employee

    roast beef factory

  10. Objac

    Well…I have to say.

    Those are in fact lady bits.

  11. Lady Gaggag

    This proves absolutely nothing…could get a sex change in the amount of time all this crap has gone on. Is it so hard to produce an elementary school picture to prove ‘she’ was in grade 4, grade 5 etc. Not one pic of Lady GagGag exists as a kid??!?

  12. Now that it’s confirmed, she’s somehow less interesting now…

  13. James

    She looks like she just walked in from the whore pit… I think I met her there once.

  14. Lux

    Taint Paint by MAC.
    Seriously, that vulva has foundation, concealer, and powder on it. That’s insane.

  15. kingofbeer

    she is such a turn off… bleh

  16. beep beep

    “No, just use the old noggin, much UNLIKE your failure in the White House that has to resort to using a telepromter recently when speaking to elementary school kids.”

    @50 justsayin’: A public figure would be better off using a teleprompter during a presentation than resorting to a grade-school style cheat-sheet on his/her hand. I’m not blaming SP. She is who she is, limited intellectually, no doubt, and an opportunist, like many others. One does, however, have to question the judgment, minimal competence and patriotism of those who would consider putting her in charge.

  17. jake

    Hey Number 61— fucking look at the Rolling Stone from last July, it has lots of pictures of her as a kid, and use google asshole, you find pics of her as a kid too. dumb fucker. it’s not so hard to imagine that an ugly girl is still a girl. most the world is ugly, that doesn’t make them genderless, so fuck you.

  18. IKE

    Nice ass.

  19. Sardonic

    Peek-a-boo. I see Ga Ga’s Goo Goo.

  20. BEA

    ohhhh my gosh….that pic has full on clit!! so embarassing

  21. Keeg

    I bet it smells like falafels.

  22. BEA

    i still cant believe they got close enuf to see clit….lol

  23. The Crunch

    I want to fuck the shit out of Lady Gaga Just because

  24. lol, wow lady gaga is human after all!..

  25. yuki

    her face is covered up.
    might be a vag-reveal stunt double.

  26. gaga

    I’d lick and suck that….hot

  27. gaga

    I’d lick and suck that….hot

  28. Natalie

    Am I the only one that still sees stars?

  29. ladylvr

    I’d suck and lick that clit all night long…now I have to finger myself, I’m so wet

  30. So she’s not a man now, so what? Doesn’t mean she didn’t have a sex change somewhere in the past! Frankly, if she was a bloke she’d be kind of handsome in an effete sort of way, but as a chick she’s well, a bit of a pooch.

  31. marrrrrrr


  32. idiots

    Uh to remove stars view the image in full size duh.

  33. ashley

    she is beautiful, SHE has a VAGINA, and she’s talented as hell. go listen to Honest Eyes and shut the fuck up– get something else to pick on, other than something that makes you sound like a complete asshole douchefuck.

  34. ufsiij

    That’s clitastic!

  35. There is no Lady Gaga…only Zule!

  36. Looks Like Gozer From GhostBusters

  37. Vanessa

    Maybe no penis, but this doesn’t prove that she is post-op.

    Just saying, I’ve seen the pictures of post-op transvestites, surgeons can do wonders now a days.

  38. lorien

    Okay, okay…..she doesn’t have a penis…..anymore.

  39. eddie

    I see two butt pimples….

  40. Long Duck Dong

    Hey 30: I think ole JFK had a “tard” sister too! Rosemary Kennedy. Just sayin…

  41. its only now she can afford one

  42. Flower

    She has pimples on her ass. (pic 8). Don’t get too close…those cooties can jump a mile.

  43. AnnaDraconida


  44. Helena Handbasket

    Is s/he an hermaphrodite? This photo proves nothing. I demand DNA testing.

  45. delglim

    Ugh. Not fashion forward. Just trashy. And I used to like her.

  46. ObviousTroll

    WTF? All I can see is a pink star. What a rip-off.

  47. Cumquat

    83. ashley

    There is no proof that she has a vagina in these photographs. Learn some basic female anatomy before you spout off about the ignorance of others, you foul harlot.

    • YoMamma

      Labia Majora is what you are looking (licking?) for. That would be the OUTSIDE of the girl parts dipshits.

  48. timmy the dying boy

    Hoo boy. There’s a little 5 o’clock shadow there.

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