Lady GaGa as you never seen her before. (But not really.)

July 13th, 2009 // 104 Comments

Here’s Lady GaGa performing at the Oxygen Music Festival in Ireland where, like 99% of her performances, it was Ass Ahoy! I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but she’s like an oddly arousing car wreck. I know I should call 911, but at the same time, what if I made love to that gas tank? These are the trials of my life.

NOTE: Astute readers have pointed out we have nipple in the ninth shot, folks. Repeat. We have nipple.

Photos: Splash News

  1. She’s sick, perverted, twisted, disgusting, skanky…no number of surgeries will ever make her look like a normal human being.

  2. Mark

    Gaga’s Ass is that of a Mental tards Ass…I’d put it in there tho

  3. aces

    I would definitely love to eat lady gaga asshole I bet her butt smells and tastes so good. Iwould kiss her ass everday lick her asshole everyday id worship her ass like the goddness she is expecially her wet pussy I don’t care if she just pissed she could piss in my mouth all u assholes r fucken jelous u wish u get a girl like that

  4. aces

    I would love to eat lady gaga asshole I would. Kiss and lick her asshole all day everyday I would worship her butt like the goddness she is I bet her ass and asshole smells and tastes so good I would lick her wet pussy and clit all the time I wouldn’t care if she took a piss she could piss in my mouth all u fucken assholes r fucken jelious u wish u could get a woman like that

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