Lady GaGa as you never seen her before. (But not really.)

July 13th, 2009 // 104 Comments

Here’s Lady GaGa performing at the Oxygen Music Festival in Ireland where, like 99% of her performances, it was Ass Ahoy! I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but she’s like an oddly arousing car wreck. I know I should call 911, but at the same time, what if I made love to that gas tank? These are the trials of my life.

NOTE: Astute readers have pointed out we have nipple in the ninth shot, folks. Repeat. We have nipple.

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  1. steph

    she is gross

  2. Aunt Jemima

    Gawd! She’s ugly. Has medical science perfected a head transplant yet?

  3. Fletch

    Is that nipple in Pic 5?

  4. sper

    i’d rather plug myself into one of the speakers than into that skanky monstruosity..

  5. Sotto Cinco

    She’s got ass. I can see myself getting between those cheeks.

  6. Willie Dixon

    Pass…even if I saw her walking down the street in that outfit.

  7. Hammertime

    Almost feminine looking in that one pic. Pic #9 is definitely a man.

  8. Barry_Evans

    Do you think ‘”IT” has had the final operation now and the Penis has completely been removed and “IT” keeps it in a little jar next to the bed

  9. LG

    What a no talent hack…she cant sing…her music videos are bad and she is rather ugly…..but yet she get the press and air time because she shows off her ass and tits…..what a sorry state TV and music has gone too!

  10. Deacon Jones

    I’d do her. Trainwrecks are my viagra

  11. That’s quite a wedgie.

  12. The Observer

    Ah yes, the 21st century performer. Beyond ugly, beyond talentless, completely androgynous and just plain disgusting. Not to mention her fashion sense, which should be grounds for capital punishment.

    Send me back to the medieval era! The Bubonic Plague is a small price to pay for never knowing that this piece of crap will someday exist.

  13. I’d make her drop the last “a”, then make that lady gag…

  14. Mike T

    Why does her pussy look like it is a foot and half long in picture 8

  15. I dig Her… when is she coming to miami?

  16. shweber

    her tits are actually leaking

  17. le fag


  18. lizzy

    so over lady gaga. her shit is tired. next!

  19. Poot

    Does anyone else think that she looks like the “GEM” dolls from the 80′s? They were just as cheesy as this!

  20. dude!

    she busted out the KEYTAR! SWEET!










  22. phoring

    Britney Spears 2.0

    Sacrificing looks to enhance or gain traits such as controversy, slutty outfits, singing, intelligence?, bad girl, etc.

  23. #19 – Put the mirror down, Danny…

  24. You’re about as funny as cancer. Speaking of, go catch some.

  25. liz

    def nipple in pic 9

  26. rebrun

    its spelt *oxegen

  27. its spelt *oxegen

  28. Cash

    Know how I know you’re gay, Op?

    You’re fucking fascinated with this no talent drag queen that no one else but Europe gives a flying fuck about.

  29. #26 – Seriously, though, what do you use to shave your upper lip? It’s smooth as a baby’s ass!

  30. UpsetGoldfish

    @28 and 29

    Are you retarded? please, learn to read books. Like the fucking dictionary.

  31. Mr. Jones

    I have to admit, she’s done the impossible. Somehow, she is “shocking” whilst being totally boring and annoying at the same time.

  32. insecthero

    Wow, pic #6 is the first shot I’ve seen of her that shows her face as it more-or-less is. No huge sunglasses, no idiotic makeup and hairdo, no ass or boobs to distract. Just her face.

    She is fuckin’ ugly.

  33. Chelle

    Chafed much, Gaga?

  34. LOL @ “is that a nipple?” How desperate is THAT person? Go get laid already.

  35. Watch

    id ruin that ass for sure!

  36. GaGawd

    The rear view is nice but the outfits look here a bit like some kind of art project gone awry. I cannot condone this one. It might make a nice guitar though. I think she has a decent voice though compared to Britney. However, Christina Aguilera is the only one of the Tri-babe-virate with babeness plus a voice to match.

  37. Sledman

    Wow, for the first time ever I am in completely disagree with he comments here. I think shes fucking hot. Shes got a hot body and although i don’t like the genre I do like her music. The first time I heard it I though it was a new Christina Aguilera song, had no clue who Lady Gaga was. She may not have the hottest face but shes no Fergie either. Dont let the theatrics fool you, she knows what shes doing and making bank doing it.

  38. inspectahdank

    i personally LOVE lady gaga! despite what any of you say, i love her out-of-this-world style and i think her videos are awesome. not to mention she has a rockin bod. keep singing gaga! :)

  39. uh

    I love how you all pretend to hate her, but then somehow her songs are topping the charts one after another. Somebody is listening to them, and I’m willing to bet that most of you are even though you all like pretending that you are intellectuals on this site.

  40. Deacon Jones


    Yeesh, I just looked at your picture…

  41. HuckyDucky

    She is truly outrageous.

    Truly, truly, truly outrageous.

  42. Vince Lombardi

    Some people sing better with a wedgie, apparently. By the way, Fish, you have a NSFW photo in there.

  43. Kit22


    The festival is spelt Oxegen not Oxygen!!! and it was Awesome!!!

  44. yes, and...

    Not a bad ass, but what that “dress” is doing to her boobs can not possibly be comfortable. How the hell can she sing?

    And #32, Upset Goldfish, love your name, but you don’t need to be upset- the music festival really is spelled (~American form of the British word “spelt”) “Oxegen”, not Oxygen…
    #’s 28, 29, and 45 are right in that regard.
    However, #’s 28 and 29 could use an apostrophe between the letters “t “and “s” in the word “its”, though, because IT’S the contraction of the words it and is….

  45. i read that she likes girlie guys……… maybe i’d have a chance.

    i’m pretty, girlie and have an outfit almost like that.

  46. sommerfun

    She has less ass dimple than Megan Fox !!
    I love GAGA!!

  47. mirroredcactus

    she strangely resembles marilyn manson facially

  48. ralf

    uck, somebody get this tramp off the stage!! she looks like madonna & courtney love’s even raunchier & uglier spawn. & you can just tell that she’s riddled with VD’s of all sorts.

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