Lady Gaga’s Using Catholic Imagery Again

Because the Madonna Playbook only has so many pages in it – half of them devoted to finding a singular ring of unparalleled power – here’s Lady Gaga at Madison Square Garden last night where she did her best Flying Nun with Treasure Map Nipples impression. Now, the last time she used Catholic imagery, Katy Perry got her titties in a bunch, so I’m pretty sure she’ll stay out of this one and let the church handle it. You know, instead of those counter-productive boy-rape charges which I think we can all agree are a victimless crime compared to defiling a habit. I mean, let’s be realistic, you have to draw the line somewhere or people won’t think you stand for anything. Which in this case is boy-rape. The Catholic Church stands for boy-rape. See? That wasn’t so hard.

Photos: Splash News, WireImage

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