Lady GaGa Went Crowd-Surfing in This

August 9th, 2010 // 112 Comments

I know your first reaction here is gonna be, “Lady Gaga hosts gang-bangs now. Of course,” but these are actually shots of her diving into the crowd at Lollapalooza wearing basically nothing but fishnets and pasties. And just to demonstrate there’s different laws for celebrities and the hoi polloi, Lady GaGa does this, it’s cool and “rock n’ roll.” I do it into a ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese and suddenly the Neighborhood Watch has the legal authority to tase me at will. It’s bullshit, man.

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  1. Lady GaGa
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    Yeah, she’s borderline fat these days. At least when she first came out she had a hot bod – a bit thick, but more from muscle. Note to gaga: when you’ve got a case of the horse face you’ve got to keep the bod tight.

  2. Lady GaGa
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    NIPPLE ALERT, look at picture 5 all the way to the bottom left!!!

  3. courtney luv revival

    When you’re out of new trix, reach into the skank bag

  4. Lady GaGa
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    You guys are fuckin retarded. Shes obviously a girl. Wow.

  5. Lady GaGa
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    Shit that guy just got aids.

  6. anon

    dude i wish i was there so i could check for her penis

  7. Lady GaGa
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    y’know she was apparently overweight in high school. Hell, if I used to be fat and then got hot and not fat I’d dress like that every day until I got fat again…

    • Toni Hall

      amen! i say “fly, be free” instead of worrying about what the rest of the world finds decent and acceptable…americans are turning into the tightest assed people in the world..always worried…what will they think!!! who cares…i will not live MY life worrying about that or i have lived a life for other people instead of myself!

  8. Lady GaGa
    Stephen Hawking
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    Gaga is an ugly no-talent wh*re that appeals to all of the lowest common denominators. Avoid the rush and start hating her now because in 35 years when she is doing the “past her prime, last grab for any attention mambo” by dressing in fishnets and pasties you won’t be completely overwhelmed.
    Rumor has it that Gaga has a person employed to wipe up her slimy grey snailtrails from everywhere she sits. Go figure huh???!?

  9. Lady GaGa
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    When will her freaky actions be too much? You don’t have to act like a crazy person to get noticed, if you have talent. She’s just f’in ridiculous! She’s a fad that won’t be remembered as anything but a weirdo in the future.

  10. ME

    Her body isn’t horrible. If she weren’t so nasty, she could be attractive… I know this will sound mean, but a nose job is in order!!!! Then she would be cute.

  11. Lady GaGa
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    She’s a guy

  12. Lady GaGa
    LED billboard
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    so sex!!

  13. Lady GaGa
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    ielll i feel sorry for those people xD

  14. DancerForMoney

    My ISP just called me: their network has contracted Syphilis due to me accessing this page. Gross.

  15. Lady GaGa
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    Uggh, “Lady Gaga” is so hideous and disgusting. Not to mention the fact that she is an untalented attention whore

  16. Lady GaGa
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    Wow. When Janet Jackson did that Sh- – it was big deal & she had to apologize to the whole Fuc- – - – world!!!! Please!!!!! Oh I forgot Lady GaGa is yt..

  17. Lady GaGa
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    Was it it that every time I see her, she ALWAYS looks different?

  18. Lady GaGa
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    She looks like Amy Winehouse with a blond wig.

  19. Lady GaGa
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    she looka like a man

  20. Lady GaGa
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  21. Lady GaGa
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    whore is right! that’s all that matters today.

  22. Lady GaGa
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    When’s her porno coming out?

  23. Lady GaGa
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    Contrived. Phony. Fabricated. Annoying.

  24. John

    I can say I actually see a camel toe in the above picture ? Was it cut-off ?

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