Lady GaGa Went Crowd-Surfing in This

August 9th, 2010 // 112 Comments

I know your first reaction here is gonna be, “Lady Gaga hosts gang-bangs now. Of course,” but these are actually shots of her diving into the crowd at Lollapalooza wearing basically nothing but fishnets and pasties. And just to demonstrate there’s different laws for celebrities and the hoi polloi, Lady GaGa does this, it’s cool and “rock n’ roll.” I do it into a ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese and suddenly the Neighborhood Watch has the legal authority to tase me at will. It’s bullshit, man.

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  1. Lady GaGa
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    Ewwwwww. Ha ha ha ha!

  2. Lady GaGa
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    She reminds me of Blossom.

  3. captain america

    ……at least her nipples are covered.
    PRUDISH AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lady GaGa
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    I really see why all the makeup is necessary.

  5. Lady GaGa
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    Dude just by looking @ all 10 images, damn peeps are fuckin Stoked man! And the whole time she’s doing the Grrrr face or should I say the “Monster Face :b”

  6. Lady GaGa
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    Any one spy the Nip? Bottom left, pic 6…

  7. anonym

    no one grabbed her tits?


  8. Lady GaGa
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    Did she get her tits done?

  9. Lady GaGa
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    what a slut. but you already knew that.

  10. Lady GaGa
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    love this pic!

  11. Lady GaGa
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    Yeah, I thought Amy Winehouse too

  12. Lady GaGa
    One of the masses
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    Looks like the guy in the blue shirt had a snack!

  13. Neverrrr

    This was actually when Gaga played at Lollapalooza 3 years ago. This is not from this past weekends Lolla.

  14. Typical

    What a nasty, slutty bitch. Her face is so ugly, and her body is not much better. A true no-talent skank befitting of the modern American woman. She is your perfect representation on the world stage. Her and the savage black in your White House shows how stupid you really are. Would an Asian ever do this? Definitely not. We are too modest and classy for this kind of behavior. No wonder why all of your men want us. They are tired of the slutty gold-digging whites, fat brown dirty peasant mexicans, and ape-looking violent blacks that roam your streets. Grow up and get some dignity. Maybe then you will start being respected.

  15. BadMice

    Ha Ha I would cup her vagina so quick to end that entire drama about her being a MAN! (of course you can’t be certain). There are operations to change people (sick bastards).

  16. Lady GaGa
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    She’s got balls, I’ll give her that.

  17. Just Got Fingered


  18. Lady GaGa
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    I believe that nip belongs to a tranny man (not gaga). It’s the same blonde thing in makeup (not gaga).

  19. Lady GaGa
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    dude in the blue shirt just got stink-faced, what a stench, i can smell it from here and i’m in Mexico!!

  20. bitingontinfoil

    I hope they had a decon unit near the exit – or at the very least, a hosing off with Purell. blurgh!

  21. Lady GaGa
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    The guy (with the blue shit ) who is rammin his hand in her cooter is burning off his finger prints for some future crime.

  22. Call Me Surprised

    I usually don’t find Lady GaGa in the least bit attractive, but I have to admit she’s looking pretty good in that pic above.

  23. jessesgirl

    Her body is looking more and more like Britney’s every time I see it. Now that wouldn’t be so bad, except that that’s all she ever had going for her.

  24. Lady GaGa
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    “Well for me, the worst way would be for a bunch of old men to get around me, and start biting and eating me alive. ”

    Return of the Living Dead (1985)

  25. Lady GaGa
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    She looks like a horse in this picture. Thats bad.

  26. Queen of Everything

    …… have LOVED her art, but now I’m falling out of love with her. She’s suddenly become so “Snookie”. She is lacking discretion nowl Why would she be behaving like this? She looks like such a skanker. She really needs to put clothes on once in a while. She’s losing credibility & I’m getting turned off

  27. Lady GaGa
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    I like Lady GaGa more every day!

  28. Lady GaGa
    karen smith
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  29. Lady GaGa
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    pickle in the taco box…..thats

  30. chris

    lady gaga is a pop star. Lets get that straight for the record. Second, she is disgusting – i think if i had a bullet to my head, i would rather stick my junk into a blender than stick it in that. I give her 3 more years max until shes forgotten about.

  31. Lady GaGa
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    OMG!!Suckers get a fucking life instead of watching and commenting stuff u say u dont even like then why do you put so much interest of commentig fuckers

  32. lol

    free bitch baby

  33. Lady GaGa
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    Anyone notice how much she looks like amy winehouse?

  34. Lady GaGa
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    The United Kingdom has got a truly talented disturbed, cracked actress… He r name is Amy Winehouse. We Americans have this… Confused and over fed on Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Pookee or whatever the fat ho from J.S. calls herself and ribs. A whole lot of ribs. Your money is worth nothing at all.

  35. Lady GaGa
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    Ohhh SimonBarSinister …. You must be referring to Semi And I mean “Semi” Precious Weapons wanker. What an example. Warhol would have loved him huh?… Try’s way too much. Next It’s going to wear platform shoes with goldfish swimming in the heels. It’ll sing about the fish in his heel. Ohhh how he should be with the fish stuck in his heels….

  36. Bored with life

    She still looks like a dude…

  37. Lady GaGa
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    I think all you guys are tight & sucking her because she’s a down to earth girl who isn’t afraid & is confident of her body. Lmao you wish you could do something like that & not be called crazy

  38. Lady GaGa
    Cardinal Fang
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    Nice tits for a dude.

  39. Lady GaGa
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    Did everyone miss the blonde chick who’s going for Gaga’s pussy and having a slight orgaism at the though? lol

  40. Lady GaGa
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    she got fat :(

    • ambrezy

      r u fucking kiding me……itscalled skin u fn moron…all u obsessedf anorexic freaks BURN IN HELL UR PROB TEN TIMES HER SIZEW

  41. Lady GaGa
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    How is it that this girl can sport her tiddys and show her cot and put her ass in someone face and its alright to our society. That guy who had his face between her legs had to smell a stinkyy smell especially since shes jumping around the place and perspiring. I know her crouch or dick cant be oderless. Pewwwwwww! Doodyyyyyyy!

  42. Lady GaGa
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    She’s such a huge shameless slut, its AWESOME. Fan Service for the win

  43. Lady GaGa
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  44. Lady GaGa
    Josh Baskin
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    Waste of human flesh.

  45. She always looks like she needs a good bath. Yuck.

  46. Lady GaGa
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    Why does she look like Courtney Love to me in these photos…not good…

  47. fghgj

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  48. Lady GaGa
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    it is obvious she is either drunk or had took drugs she looks wasted omg lol what a trash … i like most of the comments you guys give bravo bravo!!!

  49. Lady GaGa
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    his fake titties look really realistic

  50. Lady GaGa
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    Guy in the blue tshirt can probably smell her sweet pussy.

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