Lady GaGa’s Eating Disorder Looks Alright To Me

October 8th, 2012 // 21 Comments
Lady GaGa Vomit Barcelona
WATCH: Lady GaGa Puke Onstage A Hundred Times
Who Won't She Copy?
Justin Bieber
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Probably because Madonna‘s all political now, Lady GaGa‘s apparently moved on to copying Justin Bieber because here she is puking four times in a row while performing in Barcelona last night. Granted, she could’ve just realized, “Holy shit, I am going to look like Donatella Versace when I grow up,” the important thing is nobody points out she probably just needed to fit into her next stage outfit, and this was the quickest way to achieve that goal. Which she did. That’s the wrong message to send about how effective that was, so let’s all agree this was just a dream you had. A very strange and vivid dream where I know it seems like I’m cupping your breasts right now, but that’s just your subconscious. Which also made the honking noises.


  1. Bee

    Move over car door crotch shots, the new fad of 2013… puking on stage.

  2. May Johner

    To be fair though, I feel like puking when I hear Lady Gaga’s music myself. Can’t say I blame her.

  3. Fondue

    Is it bad that I feel sorry for her?

  4. That was some high powered spewing. The dancer looked scared shitless that he was going to be puked on by Gaga.

    Judging by that stream of orange vomit, she needs to lay off the cheetos or stop going down on Snooki.

  5. Lou

    was she lip syncing?

  6. Deacon Jones

    I’ve puked in Barcelona before, lol

  7. alex

    Talk about, “the show must go on!” Didn’t miss a beat….

  8. USDA Prime McBeef

    Diarrhea or GTFO

  9. Jim

    GaGa can Spew Sing

  10. What the hell is wrong with these musos today? if you need to puke, take it elsewhere for god’s sake! Your audience doesn’t want to watch!
    Here are some other jobs where we would like them to not puke.
    The guy at OPSM who is staring right into your eyes with his nose almost touching yours.
    Your dentist.
    Your gyno.
    The guy fixing the air-conditioner tubes.

    • Trek Girl

      Sometimes it just comes out and you’re not able to move before it happens, even if there is enough time to do so. To be fair to Beiber, I recall hearing about an incident a while ago where he ran off stage and threw up, so it’s pretty clear that he’ll leave the stage if he’s able to.

  11. jennyjenjen

    She’s a drug addict. There was some footage last year of her passing out on stage. He weight yoyo’s because she’s on and off drugs. What a mess.

  12. The Royal Penis

    That’s Cthulhu leaving its meatsack called “GaGa”. Prepare to be ruled sheeple.

  13. Gaga has battled with eating disorders almost her whole life. And at least Gaga’s not a pussy like Justin and stops the whole goddamn show. She keeps going, she puts on a show for her fans.
    This woman works herself to death for her fans. And you people sit here and mock her.
    And she wasn’t lip syncing. This song starts out acoustic then moves onto the dancing and the back track is to multiply her sound. Do some fucking research.

  14. anonym

    is this shit for real? or is she copying Bieber on purpose?

    I can’t barf and dance at the same time.
    that’s impressive.

  15. Lady Gag Agh.

  16. Isn’t getting dropped on her head how all this shit got started?

  17. Ismoss

    Shes once…twice…three times a lady…

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