We Get It, Lady GaGa. You Have a Mommy And a Daddy Part.

November 22nd, 2011 // 38 Comments

While Reese Witherspoon predictably took the boring, vanilla approach to (almost) flashing her subterranean lair, Lady GaGa, of course, went the exact opposite direction and presented International Emmys with hers. Because nothing says excellence in trans-continental broadcast than a gold statue hovering next to grab bag of sex organs. Will the penis shake your hand, or perhaps just a wave of the clitoral hood? These are the mysteries that try men’s souls. International men.

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  1. cc

    Isn’t she over yet?

    • Linda

      Wow, she is still hot. I would make love to her in the moon lit sky and doctorpeoplemeet was amazing.

      • Cassy

        lady gaga is the nastyest perso alive by far.
        men wouldnt even do her
        she is a wanna be
        she thinks she differet she is
        christina aguilara, brittney spears with a smidge of madonna
        she puts this shit into u little kids heads saying looking and dancing like a trampy little slut is different and cool
        being urself is what is okay she dresses like that because she has no sense of her own style

    • No she’s still selling millions of records.

  2. Meat Popsicle

    When is this bitch going to drop her drawers and get it over with? It’s like a train wreck. You want a quick glimpse of the carnage and then you just want it to go away.

  3. The Kilted Yaksman

    I think the people that see a penis are victims of their own confirmation bias.
    In other words, you’re just seeing what you WANT to see.

  4. the t

    so the vag flash pic was removed or she just doesnt have one.

  5. Venom

    This is so fucking stupid, she is a woman and is clearly a woman. Only complete idiots believe otherwise. She has a hot little body too.

  6. Where in the world is Paul Kersey when you really need him?

  7. Derp

    that is not hair – it’s clearly part of her dress – a underwear type layer in the dress so that her vag DOESN’T show – it’s sheer black, and what you believe to be pubic hair, is most likely the stitching on that modesty layer. Duh.

  8. sc4play

    Nothing I’m interested in seeing here. Moving along……

  9. Lady Gaga Vagina Flash
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow! Now that’s a long penis!

  10. ®ough--one standard will do jussssst fine. Thx!

    Now she reemerges. Maybe you can’t rely on the media to get to the bottom of pressing issues, like what Gaga went as, for Halloween. She can’t be allowed to just fell off the face of the earth next year.

  11. Deli

    I don’t see any vag, or penis, in these photos.

  12. Desert island, yeah I’d tap that.

  13. Rob

    “Grab bag of sex organs” is not prose sir, its poetry.

  14. JC

    Why does she have a cutaway view of the Titanic tattooed on her arm?

  15. If she really has a penis, why did she wear a prosthetic one when she dressed like a dude? I think it’s time people moved on.

  16. moe

    Am I supposed to see something here? All I see is her leg.

  17. Johnny P!

    Can’t wait ’til her line of “Glamour Merkins” comes out! Should be on the shelves by Christmas…

  18. Sliver

    A tattoo with a unicorn….that says born this way…and the unicorn has a huge horn…hmmmm.

  19. wtf

    This post is ridiculous. She no more has a penis then Chas Bono does. She is quite obviously a woman.

  20. Lady Gaga Vagina Flash
    Commented on this photo:

    She is stunning, amazing pair of legs as well !!

  21. Captain Slappy

    It puts the lotion on the skin…or else it gets tazered again.
    She isn’t a train-wreck in motion, it is like trying to photograph spaghetti and meat-balls on a water-bed while Justin Beiber fist-fights Gaga over whose “penis” is bigger.

  22. Innocentia

    Sometyme she looks like she is a trans-gender, meaning no harmto trans -genders ofcourse

  23. Lady Gaga Vagina Flash
    Commented on this photo:

    If Amber Rose had hair

  24. icewizzy osas

    lady gaga ur so sexy am fallen 4 you baby i need a pharashoot…

  25. Lady gaga iphone 4 case

    Lady gaga will be fast becoming the most exciting people inside well-known culture. Fans almost everywhere are obsessed with the singer’s style, facial foundation, head of hair and also …lady gaga

  26. Lady Gaga Vagina Flash
    Commented on this photo:

    Ya gottta love everything about this dame…

  27. Lady Gaga Vagina Flash
    Commented on this photo:

    Wonder if she knows her dress has that big rip in it?!

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