Lady GaGa Posed In Her Underwear Because Everyone’s Calling Her Fat

September 26th, 2012 // 117 Comments

Starting around the time her tour hit Amsterdam, Lady GaGa has been looking noticeably.. plumper which, of course, prompted everyone to call her fat because why have an instantaneous worldwide communication system if you’re not going to yell, “Hey, tubby!” at famous people? Our ancestors would’ve killed for this. Or am I thinking of the polio vaccine? Anyway, she’s since tweeted the above pics as a response to critics and also wrote something about eating disorders on her Little Monsters blog that I’m sure was very motivational and informative, but instead, I’m posting this pic Terry Richardson took of her on the can. Which is motivational to me because up until college I wouldn’t shit in public restrooms. BORN THIS WAY, WHOO!

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Terry Richardson


  1. cc

    Face looks like hell and bum rash. Being fat isn’t her problem.

  2. dude

    i don’t think these pics are gonna help.

    And doesn’t that ass look like it stinks?

    • mel

      there’s no way it could possibly be stinkier than kardashian’s krap kanon! in fact, she most likely has the most pungent corn wagon in human history. i’ll take this normal sized ass anyday.

  3. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
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    Nothing worth doing Here!

  4. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
    No Standards
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    Looks good to me.

  5. XGL

    Social commentary is my thing this week, apparently.

    She isn’t fat, but she isn’t pretty. She’s average at best. Her waist is thin, but that’s ok. She probably is active enough for touring to never really get huge, but once she slows down, if she eats like she has been, she will get huge.

    That being said, I don’t know if she has really ever suffered from a serious eating disorder. Someone who has had bulimia or anorexia would never post a picture like this for literally hundreds of millions of people to eventually see.

    I’m all for embracing your body, but I just think it’s irresponsible to claim you have had a serious eating disorder problem and then post this, because rarely is this the result.

    • thehorror

      How is it possible to shame SHAME? That’s like saying a girl who is raped and then has consensual sex didn’t really “act like a rape victim” because she’s comfortable enough to have sex.

      • thehorror

        clarify: raped by one person and then later has consensual sex with another person. or the same. who knows, it’s 2012.

      • XGL

        I see what you are saying… I guess more of what I am trying to say is that girls with eating disorders shouldn’t feel like they have to do something like this to be over their disease. It’s okay to be comfortable with your body, but you don’t have to tweet pictures to millions of people to prove you are confident. It’s more of a ploy for attention than an actual commentary on eating disorders, and I’m not sure if it does any good and might actually cause harm.

      • thehorror

        Ohhhh now I see. If we were talking about any other person, I could follow what you’re saying, but this is Lady Gaga who does nothing but wear outrageous (and often minuscule) clothing, so it’s not entirely out of character (like if some other rando celeb did it).

        xoxo gossip girl

      • XGL

        True story. I can’t follow her at all. Maybe it’s all the drugs, but she does weird things and I think she wakes up every fucking day like “What’s the weirdest goddamn thing I can do today that makes zero sense?”

      • thehorror

        Also, we’re completely ignoring the fact that she’s using the old fat-girl trick: pics taken from above.

      • XGL

        and the “sticking out the ass so it looks bigger than the waist” trick as well…

    • Who are you, her fucking therapist?

  6. The Royal Penis

    She’s my little heroin strung out trailer park queen.

    I’m going to jerk off to this photo while shotgunning a PBR.

  7. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
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    She looks great.

  8. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
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    she is fat

  9. Sensei John Kreese

    Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.

  10. JC

    Can we start a rumor that Lady Gaga refuses to cover herself with a full burka, and see if we can get her to prove us wrong?

  11. Sarah

    If she is fat then every girl I know is a f*cking elephant.

  12. Dan Quayle

    He rancid velveeta wanted slather fisting

  13. JC

    The sad thing is, if you look back at the video of her when she was trying to be Norah Jones instead of Madonna (just Google “Lady Gaga NYU”), she didn’t look bad. Not a super-hot hottie or anything, but a hell of a lot better than whatever it is that’s going on here.

  14. USDA Prime McBeef

    needs more bag on head, otherwise bangable.

  15. Devilish Diva

    I am so sick of this woman’s trite pop music which she tries to pass off as edgy, artistic masterpieces when it’s just rehashed 80s & 90s Europop.
    And if she wants to be a role model, why keep posing naked or semi-naked all the time? How is this inspiring or edgy?
    She looks like an average looking woman doing her best “Playboy” poses.
    It’s always the plain or ugly people who are the most exhibitionistic.

  16. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
    Sexy is not one-size-fits-all
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    Def not fat, just more curvy. Her stomach is still toned.

  17. memmememe

    she isn’t fat but she is ugly. and what’s on her butt?

  18. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
    Cock Dr
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    I suupose we’ll just have to get used to the new Lady MuffinTop.

  19. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
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    She has zits on her butt :S

  20. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
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    It´s a Pig!!! (o.O)))

    • Dick Hell

      I probably lead a sheltered life but that is the first emoticon I’ve ever seen that incorporates perspective. Nice!

  21. Mohawk Disco

    Everyone’s Calling Her Fat? Considering what other things people call her this was a compliment.

  22. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
    The Observer
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    I still think she looks adorable.

    Good for her.

  23. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
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    I like it, a girl has to be built like that for sex to be fun. She has a bangin’ body, literally, nothing wrong here, but the younger one’s don’t know shit.

    skinny chicks suck and they break.

  24. qwerty

    I’m glad I didn’t go for it when I was so close to getting a tattoo. I still might…but for now she isn’t helping me convince myself I want one.

  25. What an idiot

    Can’t someone please beat down this ugly no-talent attention whoring cunt? Please? Her continuing to exist is like nails on a chalkboard…

  26. What an idiot

    Btw, this fatassed whore will say anything to get noticed. When being bisexual was the “in-thing” for hollywood lemmings, she immediately put out a press release claiming she was bisexual; same thing for being bullied…

  27. Gary Grant

    Her ass could use x number of tube steak.

  28. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
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    looks like the beginning of another Amy Winehouse.

  29. anonymous

    What the hell is with the high camera angle? Is the photographer 15 feet tall?

    Of course she doesn’t look fat from a high angle and her sucking in her gut while she poses.

  30. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
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    She doesn’t look clean…

  31. Her body is bangin but that is a face only a mother could love

  32. Sheppy

    To be fair she has a pretty nice body. Dig the round ass.
    That face though…!

  33. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
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  34. that is a man if i ever saw one

  35. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
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    She’s got an ass like Montana Fishburne…and I don’t mean that in a good way.

  36. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
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    “Mom! Aunt Sharon sleepwalked into my room again.”

  37. Inmate 12236969

    If you’re a guy and wouldn’t tap that—you’re gay.

  38. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
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    I’d make a map of Hawaii on that ass.

  39. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
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    Ugly feet there.

  40. Kevin

    What isn’t sexy is her lack of self esteem…

  41. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
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    Suck it in. Shoot photos from above. What, no duckface?

  42. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
    Tronald Dump
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    I wish I had a canoe oar to whack that thing

  43. We get it, your body shape is classic Victorian era housewife. Too bad I prefer space age runway-barfer sex machine. My loss I guess.

  44. mrsmass

    i’m calling bullshit on this whole operation. there is no way these are pictures of her after gaining the supposed 25 pounds. this body minus 25 pounds would be literally a sack of bones. fuck her and her need for constant attention.

  45. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
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    i’m nasty. I’d hit that.

    she has, at least, some curves, unlike Ashley Greene’s rectangle

  46. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
    Beer Baron
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    Just point me to the fudge.

  47. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
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    What sort of Herpes strain climbs up the back of your ass to your waist? FUCK! Somebody call the CDC!

  48. See Alice

    Dale Bozzio at her age please !

  49. Lady Gaga Bra Underwear Twitter
    Punny Gal
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    Hmm… Butt Ziticaca

  50. Dude, I would LOVE to be this “fat”.

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