Lady Gaga Understands Perfume

January 27th, 2011 // 35 Comments

Despite being such a creative and original force not at all sculpted by a corporate record label, Lady Gaga is taking the next step in the pop star playbook by launching her own perfume. And fortunately for the consumer, she knows exactly what she wants it to smell like. Fashionista reports:

According to sources in the fragrance industry hired to develop Lady Gaga‘s first fragrance, the pop star has requested that the scent “smell of blood and semen.”

What’s even more amazing is this isn’t even an original concept:

Rad Hourani, who recently created a fragrance for Six Scents, listed semen as a source of inspiration.

So basically Lady GaGa wants her perfume to smell like rape which I’ll assume is a marketing strategy to make Ben Roethlisberger want to fill an entire swimming pool with it.

I can see this working out.

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  1. Dave ain't here, man

    Trying a bit too hard with the whole “outrageous” thing, I’d say.

    • Chandler

      Do you guys REALLY believe this story is true? Come on now. If you believe this is true, you have to be a complete sucker.

  2. Cock Dr

    I wonder what the marketing angle on that will be?
    Create some controversial ads that mainstream outlets won’t touch, then use the media uproar for lots of free advertising? Appeal to the freaks & weirdos niche market?
    It will sell. If Snookie is on the NYT bestseller books lists, Gaga can successfully peddle essence of jizz & plasma.

  3. anon

    celebrities launching perfume is always the first whiff of their downfall

    cases in point: paris hilton (is she even relevant any more? haven’t seen her on here in ages), jennifer aniston, britney spears…

  4. JRS

    Why do people still give her attention? Once people start ignoring her idiocy, she’ll go away and OD somewhere.

  5. oswald

    Why leave so many bodily fluids and discharges untapped? Why not add a lighter one to the line that’s reminiscent of tears & snot, and a piss & shit version for those who demand a muskier scent?

  6. Olive

    I’m so tired of this unoriginal bitch. This meat dress was plagiarized from a real artist Jana Sterbak who completed her meat dress in 1987. She’s just another pop culture bunny.

    • I’m tired of this unoriginal bitch to. I can’t believe how stupid people are and her “little monsters” who think she is so creative and innovative. This bitch has stolen ideas and looks from grace jones to madonna and so forth. Learn your music history people. This bitch is a fake

  7. Blood and semen? Wtf?

  8. Lady Gaga Meat Dress
    Commented on this photo:

    now THAT’S beefcake!!!

  9. seth rogen's vagina

    Nice dress – it really hides her penis well!
    I think if you want to market a perfume Ben Rapistburger will like it would need to smell like juice boxes and fear.

  10. maybe it’s cos i got snowed in at work last nite and i’m stir crazy now but.. yeah id probly fuck her. as ugly as she is she’s def doing something right, and i bet she’s rich as shit so yeah bang her and be a kept man, sounds ok

  11. fap

    If the world was less PC, “Rape” would be a great name for a perfume.

  12. lightdragon

    she’s developing a line with the scent of blood and semen. wonder how many people will donate samples to her

  13. Matty

    Anybody remember that scene in Boomerang where Grace Jones loses it because the perfume they’re making doesn’t smell like sex, throws her panties at the guy and storms off.

    Ya, this is going to end up like that.

  14. nooooooooo

    What’s nastier is that her fans will no doubt purchase this and wear it to the concerts she hosts only to introduce unexpected inclusions of body odor and vomit into the mix.

  15. Evil

    She wants it to smell like my asshole… I mean my place?

  16. Lady Gaga Meat Dress
    Commented on this photo:

    what’s on her head? oh… just a raw steak

  17. Ali

    I’m so cool, fashion and creative. That’s why I’m lauching my new perfume line, where basicly the perfume has the scent of poop. Yes. Not any poop. Dog shit. Because I’m so crazy and amazing. I mean, have you never wanted to smell like dog poop?…. Strange I thought you would have.

  18. Sharps

    The only people who believe this sort of tabloid, no base crazy talk are people who already hate her and want to believe everything they hear because it gives them more imaginary fuel for the fire. This is rediculous. That website linked is the only place on the internet talking about it. really? doesn’t that just discredit it right there?

    • krutboo

      why are yo getting angry about this shit? Who cares? Do you work for her or something? if not, its pathetic how you are defending someone who neither knows nor cares about you. Douche!

  19. Lady Gaga Meat Dress
    Commented on this photo:

    so its going to smell like bleach and metal? /hot

  20. Nat

    The scent of blood and semen? Robert Pattinson just pre-ordered thirty bottles.

  21. Meh

    Blood and semen? Oh yeah baby, that will smell delightfull…

  22. Fuck I hate this bitch. Wish an Israeli street vendor would mistake her for a fucking kabob, and grill her skinny ass up.

    “Muh Muh Muh Muh mah Pokah Fa– AAAAAAAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!”
    Sizzle Gaga, Sizzle

  23. erección

    Este chica necesita mas peniso en su pusi. ¡Tengo un erección muy grande y es perfecto para una pusi que es grande también!

  24. Aussie Mama

    I am certain she will out disgrace /madonna on every level, that’s her job, corrupt the kiddies to the max. I don’t get why people buy Paris’s perfume? Brittney’s perfume. They surely smell like ass and prozac. this idiot should call her perfume, ‘Dead Friends Soul’

  25. The only thing I’m being inspired to do with that perfume, is to go around spraying random people with it and claim that they all just earned their red wings.

  26. Alex

    Uh Semen smells really bad, what a nasty programmed little whore

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