Lady Gaga: ‘Rosario Dawson Should Play Me in a Movie. Or Marisa Tomei.’

In an interview with “The Morning Mash Up” on Sirius XM, Lady Gaga talks about how her life is “destined” to be a movie and that she should be played by an eight-foot tall multi-ethnic giant or a 45-year-old Italian woman. Either one. Via The Huffington Post:

“I think at some point, yes. I think I’m sort of destined for that screen at some point. … I’ve always been a big fan of Rosario Dawson,” she said. “Oh, you know what, I would have Marisa Tomei play me. I am such a Marisa Tomei fan. All my friends call me Marisa when I get angry. Because my New York accent just flies out of my body and I start smacking my gum.”

She then went on to admit she “drinks whiskey and stuff” all day while I’ll assume everyone just sort of nodded and mouthed the word “heroin” to each other. From there she mostly gnawed on the microphone until a janitor came in and shooed her away with a broom. “But it’s my creative cheeeese! Oh, all right…”

Photos: Splash News