Lady GaGa Calls Rebecca Black a ‘Genius’

March 23rd, 2011 // 92 Comments

Taking time off from her busy schedule of wearing Superman’s house as a dress and shooting sparklers out of her vagina, Lady GaGa has voiced her support for 13-year-old Internet sensation Rebecca Black, according to Popeater:

“I say Rebecca Black is a genius and that anybody telling her she’s cheesy is full of s**t.”
Countless critics have panned ‘Friday,’ penned by Ark Music Factory, calling it everything from the “worst song ever” to “the most appalling thing on the Internet,” leaving Black feeling “cyber-bullied.”
Gaga, who has been outspoken in her anti-bullying efforts, admitting that she herself was bullied at school, said of the dangers of our highly critical and tech-savvy culture, “I, too, am a child of the dot-com era… That’s the thing about fame that is difficult because if you screw up … Google. It’s there.”

I’ve pretty much ignored the entire Rebecca Black phenomenon, but based on my limited understanding, I don’t think people are truly as mad at Rebecca, who’s just a young girl accepting an ill-advised opportunity, as they are at the music industry for shitting out another entirely manufactured product and calling it music. Now, I know that sentence almost sounds like they’re pissed at Lady Gaga who’s supposed to be the “artist” defending her here, so just to be clear, I also meant Justin Bieber, Ke$ha, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry and those Asian kids who sing about getting “slizzard” because I like to pretend I’m Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino. *cocks gun* Now get off my yard.

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  1. Richard McBeef

    Here’s an idea, if you don’t want your shitty music to be criticized then keep your shitty singing in the shower in your parents basement. Shower acoustics usually make you sound better than turning the autotune up to 11 anyway.

    • JC

      Exactly. That’s what I don’t get about this. It’s one thing if you’re some poor little bastard at school, trying to mind your own business and do your own thing but getting the crap kicked out of you anyway. That’s wrong. It’s a completely different thing to post your turds on the internet and then get upset when people think it’s shitty and tell you so. If you can’t handle criticism, then don’t put it out there for the world to see. Because even if you’re good, there will be plenty of people who hate it anyway. And this chick isn’t good by any stretch of the imagination.

      • Mandy

        Well said, McBeef and JC. I agree. If you want to make music videos and put them on Youtube, go ahead. But don’t be surprised when people hate it. I would love to sing and make videos, but I suck at it and I don’t feel like getting ripped apart – which is why I don’t put videos on Youtube. I don’t understand what this girl was expecting. Did she think she wouldn’t get one negative comment? I’m 22, so I guess I’m in the same Generation as her. And it’s frustrating that my generation is getting lumped into the “Generation Me” because of people like this. She can sing all she wants, she can make videos all she wants – that’s her business. But to go on talk shows and do interviews with newspaper, complaining because not everyone loves your music? Ughh.

    • Bang on McBeef. If you don’t want the criticism STFU and keep things private, not splattered on YuTube for everyone to judge.

      • testington

        It isn’t Rebecca’s fault this all happened it is her parents. Her parents exemplify everything that is making this generation turn into self centered pussies. They are the type of parents who will never tell their kid no, who tell them they are great at everything and then support all their dreams. That’s where there are hundreds of delusional American Idol contestants each year that they have 5 episodes making fun of.

        Rebecca Black’s parents told her she was a good singer, when it is clear she isn’t. Then they paid $2000 so that she could have songs written for her, produced and then shoot a shitty lo budget video. Then they allowed it to be put on the internet.

        If you 8 year old can sing like Christina Augilara on Star Search, then support her in pursuing a music career.

  2. Bill

    Lady Gaga… bullied? Fuck off you prep school bitch. I can’t wait until you are nothing and begging for a spot on Celebrity rehab.

    • Janet

      @ Bill! WTF!! Have you seen Lady Gaga perform live? You don’t know talent. Why be a hater? What did she do to you? It is because of people like you that we have so many suicidal or depressed kids/adults in this world. Stop being a hater!!

      • Ash

        First of all Janet, your response makes no sense. Calling out some self-entitled bitch with a god complex on her bullshit is the reason every kid is suicidal and depressed in the world. Yup, you’ve nailed it.

        Oh man I’m so over these Lady Gaga fans… she’s not original, her lyrics are infantile and she’s controversial for the sake of being controversial. Oh, everyone is making fun of Rebecca? I’m going to call her a genius! Of course Lady Gaga would think that, they’ve both been completely manufactured.

    • govt, hooker

      Ash u may be sick of the fans but that doesnt change the fact that gaga still has talent. u really shouldnt be talking about something u know nothing about. Gaga said that rebecca was a genius, but the thing is that gaga never even saw the video! she said this at an interview held by google, when an audience member asked what she thought of this girl who put a cheesy music video on youtube. if someone asked u this, would u really be able to judge how bad it was? gaga just wanted to support rebecca for putting herself out there and doing it, she didn’t call rebecca a genius based on her music, but her actions. i mean, it did become an internet phenomenon didn’t it?

  3. Marley

    …What the fuck is that?

  4. Hugh Gentry

    I didn’t know who Rebecca Black was until I saw the article about the worst song ever. Unfortunately, I then heard her song, and I concur. I hope to never hear her again.

  5. Levi

    Gaga.. just because she “shouldn’t be bullied” doen’sn’t mean she’s a freakin’ GENIOUS…. are you kidding me?? Celebs like to talk out of their asses sometimes.

  6. rien

    Ok, it really is awful. But at least she’s singing about shit 13-year-olds are SUPPOSED to care about.

    1) who is the creepy 40-year-old dude, and why is he in a 13-year-old’s song?

    2) was anyone else reminded of “Let’s Go To The Mall”?

    • Dan

      Yeah, I agree. The song seemed sweet and innocent. Repetitive, yes, but kinda fun. And it gets stuck into your head. I have found myself singing that stupid part about which seat she should sit in.

      I don’t really think she is a bad singer either. I mean, there is not a lot you can do with that song.

      Now calling her a genius is way over the top.

      I think people like to make fun of those that fall short of perfect – mostly because they are jealous.

      • Colin

        I don’t know if “bad singer” is the right phrase. She might have good pitch, but you can’t tell underneath all of the autotune. The thing that drives me nuts is her voice. Not just her singing, but the way she talks, too. If she came up and started talking to me, I don’t know how long I’d be able to resist the urge to punch her in the throat.

  7. noooooooo

    A lot of talk is going around about who instigated this car crash of a debut, some are pushing that her parents actually helped finance the mess without any real intent on getting a return on it.

    She should have known that peer feedback is 99% bullshit anyway though.

    “How does my singing sound?”
    “Harpies screeching in joy”

    She’s a story I wish would just go away and a music failure that I wish would be forever recorded in executive books. I’ve managed to avoid her video and song entirely so far and I intend to keep it that way. Ark will have trouble turning rage filled male teens into ticket sales so I’m not sure what the point of this whole thing was, maybe just a giant teabag on already disgruntled music patrons.

  8. Surely this is just the music industry trollin’. Right? Come on!

  9. Sorry gagme but rebecca black hits exactly ONE NOTE over and over her entire, tired, tiresome song. it’s what’s called literally monotonous. she’s only garnered support cos she’s somewhat easy on the eyes. something you struggle with.

    • Easy on the eyes? That’s a 13 year old girl your talking about!!! I think your a sexual preadator, you freaking pedaphile. I pray to god you are a young kid and not some horney man.

      • lol i said somewhat. and for your information that’s the only reason almost anyone is signed to a label. it’s how many TEENAGERS will potentially toss themselves over the cd cover… not me stupid

      • Pedophile is someone who has sex with children. We have a different word for men who find underage girls sexually attractive without acting on it…we call them “alive”.

      • Anonymouse

        Saying someone is “easy on the eye”, is NOT synonymous with sexual attractiveness. The fact that you (and others) conflate the two automatically is a sad indictment of our society.

        Do you think anyone who says “awww, cute kid”, etc. is a pedophile?

        Anyhow, the song is TERRIBLE. Couldn’t get through the whole thing. She’s not a completely awful singer, but from little I can tell from the overproduced vocals, her “talent” is best suited for a choir or chorus line. Nothing special. Most of us could hold a tune if we tried, doesn’t mean we’re solo-vocalist material.

        Gaga and this kid need to shut the hell up. Gaga is horendously over-rated, and this child needs to get out of the harsh light of internet sub-lebrity and concentrate on school where she might discover something she’ll get an *actual* career out of. Gawd knows it won’t be singing.

      • Bob

        Rebecca Black looks way older than she actually is.

        Besides, pedophiles are into CHILDREN in a biological way, 10 year olds for example, but NOT into 14yro chicks, that look like 18yrolds and who are equipped with big thingies.

    • Robot Voice, Robot Voice. All The Kids Love The Robot Voice!

  10. RoboZombie

    OK, so I support Gaga’s ant-bullying work. That’s fine and it’s important.
    That being said, with the advent of the Internet and “democratization” of the music industry, if you put your video out there for the world to see, you should expect criticism. that’s not bullying. It used to be, people got PAID to critique music and music videos…but it’s all public now, so you have to take the good with the bad.

    Full disclosure; Was at Gaga’s show last night, so I may be totally incomprehensible today.

    • RoboZombie

      PS That song and video are Crap. Pure crap.
      With that in mind, go listen to The Clash’s “Police on my Back”. I love the Clash, but I had a friend in college say what a shit song that was…and it killed me to admit it, but it kind of is.

    • RoboZombie, I think that’s just fucking terrible.

      I didnt know Gaga was supporting ant bullying, but I for one refuse to be swept up in her insect bullying bullshit. First we bully the ants, next it’s the beetles. Granted it probably stops there, but enough is enough!

  11. Lady GaGa
    Commented on this photo:

    ewwwww. Plastic does not breathe well.

  12. Sugar

    How could anyone call Friday the worst song ever after hearing Chocolate Rain?

  13. As god is my witness, I never heard the name Rebecca Black before reading this article. I even clicked on the hotlink on her name…and it just linked back to this article. Left with no other alternative, I hit play on the video to find out who she is.

    and yeah…that’s pretty bad. but so what? Someone I never heard of has an unlistenably bad song? I’m sure that’s a pretty goddamn long list, why bring THIS one up?

    • The Critical Crassness

      Mc Feely, once again your are hitting the proverbial nail on the head.
      There are so many people at there, who no one has ever heard of making shit music and some of them even post it online or go on shows like American Idol to perform it…..who gives a rat’s behind and why post about this particular girl.
      She’s 13 and lacks any real musical talent, so what?
      As for Lady GaGa, who gives a shit what she thinks about the level of this person’s talent. After all, she is the one who proclaims ever single thing she does as EPIC, when 99% of it really should be called BULLSHIT and the rest tediously mediocre!

      • bahlder

        They never paid some bullshit company 2 grand to make a music video for their horrible song.
        They wrote their song. They play their instruments. They go through the actual process of being an artist.

        Why the fuck should I respect this girl or give her any quarter aside from the fact that she’s just a kid?
        Song sucks. Wish I never heard it. If this girl becomes rich because of sympathizers we all look worse for it.

        Fucking viral meme horseshit. That’s all it is, that’s all the respect it deserves.

  14. Crackermack


  15. All that is rough in the world

    She haven’t seen my tunes.

  16. Get a lawyer, Rebecca. The last person Gaga called a genius was Madonna.

  17. Lady GaGa
    Commented on this photo:

    If this person called me a genius I would seriously start rethinking my life.

  18. Is the rapper on “Friday” a genius too, Gaga?

  19. Others Lady Gaga has called “a genius,” besides Rebecca Black: Madonna, her producers, her costume designer, gay people, the girl who makes her coffee, her dog, a photo of Albert Einstein, a toaster, some toast….

  20. dpbefun

    Hey Gaga, can I have a light…well alrighty then! Anal would fix her.

  21. Lady Gaga is getting tiring with her Madonna act. The more she speaks the more obvious her attempt at cloning Madonna is. From the horrible new song that sounds like a cut from Madonna’s 80′s song “Respect Yourself”, to the outlandish costumes, to the overtly in your face sexuality, to now standing up for causes and talking like she has a clue about anything.

    Self-Righteousness was also a Madonna attribute that Gaga is stealing. Her defense against Cyber Bullying would be a noble one IF she were truly concerned. She’s not. All she is truly concerned with is her image and people buying her shtick and thus continuing to buy her music.

    • The Critical Crassness

      Nicely said, Dante! She is definitely tedious and boring, therefore “tiring” is a perfect word for her schtick, which is exactly what her concern is in defending people against cyber and other forms of bullying. It is all just a sales pitch for her money makers.

    • govt, hooker

      Dante, ur retarded. money, really? where do u think that money goes? umm her ongoing two and a half year tour maybe? i dont know, someone has to pay the stage settings, the costumes, the dancers, technicians, and traveling tour fees, right? i wonder who pays all that? oh yeah, gaga does! oh and i also wonder who donates more than a million dollars to the japan relief efforts? oh yeah, gaga does that too!! who raises money for aids awareness? gaga does! who literally marched and got on stand to petition for a repeal of DADT? gaga did! i could go on and on, but u just need to do ur research.

  22. pie

    SHE – IS – A – GENIUS!

    • The Critical Crassness

      Nice to see you know where the “cap lock” key is. Shouting will not, however, make your point any less stupid than it already is. I’m not sure how your figure she is making a lot of money from this crap ass song being posted on You Tube.
      Just because she is appearing on various talk shows does not mean she is being paid to do so. Unless she is carrying a union card, she most like is not eligible for compensation beyond them providing her with travel and lodging.

  23. Lady GaGa
    Commented on this photo:

    That outfit not only looks like an abortion, it appears to be performing one

  24. testington

    the reason this became such a phenomenon is that when it came about people honestly thought this was the music industry trying to create the next Miley or Brittney or Mandy Moore. Because regardless of how terrible it is, it is clearly very professionally produced. People thought somebody gave this no-talent-charisma-vacuum a recording contract and were going to start trying to market her and were pissed.

    The reality is she is just a spoiled rich girl whose over indulgent parents paid for the song and video.

  25. G

    This girl just can’t sing why do we have to sugar coat it? Anyone calling her a fucking genius is a fucking moron.

  26. Sir Mix Alot

    This is a joke right? There is no way there is any legitimacy to this song and video. “Yesterday was thursday, Today is friday, tomorrow is saturday and sunday’s after that” how on earth could those be real lyrics to a real song. This is fake, a practical joke and I DARE NOT fall for it.

  27. Dubaniel

    She’s not pretty enough to be excused for her awful singing and horrendous lyrics.

  28. welldoneson

    That’s an ironic comment by GaGa, for she herself is “cheesy and full of shit”.

    BTW hasn’t she been famous long enough? Time somebody [oh wait
    I can't write that!]

  29. Lady Gaga finally ran out of good ideas to shock people.

  30. …The best segment of Rebecca Black’s depiction of everything that is wrong in this country, is the part where her along with her other two Disney future toddler-skanks/rehab patients in waiting, are all standing up in the back seat of a moving vehicle.

    And I never thought these words would ever inter into my mind– but—”where’s a good and very drunk, drunk driver, when one is so desperately needed?……Artofwar

  31. nonminti

    I don’t know,there are too much geniuses these days.Maybe I am genius too.

    • The Critical Crassness

      You can’t even write a reasonable, well constructed sentence give up on the idea of being a genius. Shoot for something you can achieve, “moron-in-training” or “idiot savant”.

  32. UnholyKrep

    So what in hades is this, an Autotune-atron 3000 sent back from the future to destroy popular music?

    Eeeeeesh, that’s is some horrid ear melting pap. Like McFeely above, didn’t know who this drone-tard was until reading the post and -gack- hitting the play button. Dang, a couple warnings would be nice for stuff this horrible.

  33. Anjyp

    SO. This quote was actually taken out of context. Gaga, directly before this, admitted to never having watched or heard the “Friday” video and then continued to talk with the questioner about the use of Youtube as a device to gain fame nowadays. She was merely being supportive of the digital generation that we’re in, and by genius I’m positive she meant something along the lines of “resourceful.”

    Also…. I went to prep school and I still felt like an outcast. I was bullied. How about all of YOU fake sons of bitches on the internet start showing some intelligence and respect. Sometimes you all talk out of your asses and, frankly, it’s just mean.

  34. Anjyp

    And I doubt half of you would be as insulting to anyone in person, so… why are you saying it now? Because you can hide safely behind a fake name and a monitor? Cool, guys.

    • Mandy

      I never understand why people say these kinds of things. If I met Rebecca Black or Lady Gaga in person and they played their music for me, I would say “That sounds awful”. There’s no reason to hide my opinion about their music.

      • Anjyp

        I’m not talking about you. “That sounds awful,” is at least an honest opinion of the way a song sounds. I’m talking about all the people on the internet who DO bully others, who say untrue and hurtful things based on nothing for the purpose of being cruel. At least the Superficial Writer is, most often than not, witty, fair, and intelligent in his statements about celebrities – but the message boards around the net…. Not so much.

      • govt, hooker

        if u met lady gaga for real, i bet u a million bucks u wouldn’t say that her music sucks. come on, be honest with urself.

    • Fletch

      Come up to my face and I will give you the same crap that I give on here. I’m sick and tired of people like you. Me, I tell it like it is. It’s your job not to get butt hurt.

  35. Anjyp

    For the record: I abhor the Rebecca Black song and I do NOT support her at all.

  36. Just Cause

    Gaga would side with someone like Rebecca. They’re on the same level musically, unattractive, and towards the fast lane into obscurity.

  37. Burt

    She’s not a genius, she’s a girl whose mom could afford to throw away 2000$.

  38. In a related story, Albert Einstein has been downgraded to “pretty sharp dude”.

    • You sir, are spot on. Louis C.K. does a bit about how the word “genius” has lost all meaning.

      “Take the word genius. You used to have to create a number or find a cure for a disease to be called a genius. Now? ‘Hey man. I brought this cup, in case we need another cup.’ ‘Oh dude that’s genius!’”

  39. Lady GaGa
    Commented on this photo:

    Of course, wearing something like this reduces the “genius” compliment a bit. It’s like John Denver telling you you’re a good pilot. As in, yeah, thanks, but what would you know?

  40. Lady GaGa
    Commented on this photo:

    I wonder what Lady GaGa’s kidneys would go for on the black market. Maybe a unicorn with a transvestite chromosome.

  41. Lady GaGa
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d never seen skanky quartz before.

  42. the captain

    she just needs to mask her own stupidity by saying these things.

  43. Melissa

    Am I the only one who is aware that Rebecca Black’s song Friday is a Bob Dylan COVER? Search YouTube and you’ll find the original.

  44. lozer

    as much as i like this site, these statements couldn’t have been quoted out of context any more!

    here is the (surprisingly good) interview with gaga:
    skip to the part where she takes questions from the audience, there is the statement

  45. dontlooknow

    Yeah, consider the source.

  46. Bluebies

    You guys can argue all you want. I can’t hear you anyway. My ears are bleeding.

  47. Joe Simon

    No lady gaga you’re the one full of shit. You’re probably on the shit if you think this crap you and Simon cowell call music is great. A 3 year old baby can make better music than this “genius”. It sucks big time and I can see “one hit wonder” written on this bitch’s forehead.

  48. Lady GaGa
    Commented on this photo:

    What’s more pathetic?…Her need to have people look at her, or that she still has fans? This “look at me! look at me!, please, what else can I do to make you look at me” schtick is cranky old. Can she leave and go live with Madonna already? bbooooo-ring!
    “Oh, look, another out-fit”…yyaaawwwnnn!….banking on your fan base being stupid and easily influenced by out-fits,…Isn’t that assuming?…and, isn’t that insulting her own fan base?…yes?
    Either way, its time, Goo-Goo!

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