Lady GaGa Didn’t Make A Song With R. Kelly. What Are You Talking About?

“Just a second, girl. Told that motherfucker I needed more bran…”

When the Village Voice published its interview with Jim DeRogatis detailing the graphic and extensive nature of R. Kelly’s alleged statutory rapes, almost everyone immediately asked what the fuck Lady GaGa was doing recording a song with him. Including Lady GaGa who suddenly re-recorded the song with Christina Aguilera taking over R. Kelly’s part and now claims the video experienced unexpected delays that were completely out of her hands and have left her “devastated.” Which might sound reasonable if this wasn’t the same woman who obsesses over every single detail of her persona right down to the coarseness of her merkin and the shape of the confetti that will queef out of it. But she was totally caught off-guard, you guys!

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