Lady GaGa Thinks She’s Princess Di Now

“I wonder if Charles would like it if I wore a lobster costume,” she thought.

Lady GaGa is an insane, batshit drug addict, so you’ll be surprised to hear she has paranoid fears about dying exactly like Princess Di because, didn’t you know? They’re the same person. Via The FABlife:

According to Britain’s The Sun, Lady Gaga allegedly feels that she is essentially “pop version” of Lady Di, and subsequently runs the risk of losing her life in the same way. “Gaga has always been absolutely fixated on Diana and sees herself as a 21st-century incarnation of her,” a source claims. “Gaga has had dreams about dying the same way as her and has genuine fears that her fame could literally kill her, either in a chase or at the hands of crazies.”

So Lady GaGa is the reincarnation of someone who died while she was 11? I guess in GaGa’s mind, Diana meant to die before she was born but was probably too busy designing giant egg cocoons to dance out of in a yolk costume. They’re so alike!

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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