Lady GaGa Posed Nude For Tony Bennett

December 13th, 2011 // 50 Comments

What you’re looking at is a charcoal portrait of Lady GaGa drawn by Tony Bennett, who apparently signs his original artwork with his real last name “Benedetto” because all Italians have secret mob names. (That’s in the Bible.) It’s currently up for auction to benefit GaGa and Tony’s charities, according to HuffPost Culture:

Talking during her Thanksgiving TV special, Gaga described the incident: “I walked in and said, ‘Well Tony, here we are’, and I dropped my robe and I got into position. I felt shy and thought, ‘It’s Tony Bennett, why am I naked?”

We asked Nick Fox, Fine Art Lecturer at Newcastle University & John Moore’s contemporary painting prizewinner 2010, what he made of it.
“While Tony Bennett is an amazing singer it is possible he might benefit from some observational drawing tuition,” said Fox.
“On a brighter note it is clearly full of passion for the subject – there’s a certain passion and sensitivity to her feminine charms. Yes, it is worth the asking price – it’s Tony Bennett! It’s about collectability at the end of the day.”

I like how Lady GaGa stripped down naked even though Tony Bennett barely even bothered to add breasts, and her vagina is basically a giant black blur covering her entire body, as he prefers to remember it.

BUTLER: Sir, aren’t you going to draw the squid penis?
BENNETT: For cryin’ out- It’s the gray thing that looks like the tip of a paintbrush! Get me a sandwich.

Photos: eBay, Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. Clarence Beeks

    He forgot to draw her nose.

  2. Dude of Dudes

    Well its fucking ugly. So I guess he’s our generation’s Picasso for capturing his subject in such life like detail.

  3. Davegeek

    Seriously, how did he miss the nose?

  4. Dude of Dudes

    To get ready for this she only had to take her top off.

  5. Dan

    its really not all that bad…

  6. Northeast Pennsylvania Association of Scrapple Producers

    wow, with that kind of talent for drawing, he’s lucky he can sing. Looks like he used JWoww’s Maxim cover to capture that derp derp melty face look.

  7. cc

    I am sure she fucked him too.

  8. pretty vacant

    tony better not give up ur day job.

  9. Looks nothing like that bitch except for the no clothes part. Hey Bennett, she’s got a schnozz that rivals Streisand’s.

  10. Not Sure

    Does gaga have a banana for a right tit, or is that where Benedetto drew her nose.

  11. Soviet Snow

    As I said on the Facebook side…I can see a black and white picture with a dick anytime. Just have to bring up the President’s picture.

  12. Do_Freebird

    Here’s Nick Fox’s web site:
    HIs latest “art instalation” seems to consist mostly of large droppings of paint on the floor.

    • Because an artist creates a series of abstract works, don’t assume he doesn’t know the basics and can’t create a “realistic” piece (check out his previous works) – and that he has no critical faculties as well. Fox was being kind – while Bennett’s drawing and painting probably gives him a lot of pleasure, his work is awkward, pretty rudimentary and untutored. If he created these anonymously and no one knew who “Benedetto” was – well, no one would look twice.

  13. Richard McBeef

    Her lower arm is hanging by just a scrap of skin.

    I’m at a loss on how to masturbate to this, I’ve been going at it for like 20 minutes and nothing. just nothing.

  14. Frank Burns

    This is the clearest case of elder abuse I’ve ever read. Phoning the AARP now for recommendations.

  15. casper


  16. At least he got her wonk eye in there. Next up he ought to do Audrina Patridge’s wonk tits.

  17. bitingontinfoil

    Look like that “sketch your profile pic” facebook app.

  18. I like what she’s done to her pubic hair.

  19. Lady Gaga No Pants
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like a 50 year old Vegas stripper.

  20. anthonyOA

    who posed for who? THAT’S the question.

  21. Brooke

    ‘It’s Tony Bennett, why am I naked?”

    Wow. I actually have the same thought as Gaga. It’s Tony Bennet, why the hell is she modeling naked for him?? Then again, Gaga would likely pose nude for the guy who flips the burgers at Carls Jr. If the opportunity prsents itself, why not? She’s Lady Gaga.

  22. williamwallace

    they finally found the sketch of the one-legged prostistute from the wreck

  23. forrest gump

    gravity “Hangs” on her face.

  24. Gigos

    What a wreck. Look at the fucking hands–this is “art” ?

  25. Slits for a nose, prominent teeth, soulless eyes, sharp claws, exuding a black cloud—maybe Tony was going for the “Voldemort’s Sister” look?

  26. Lady Gaga No Pants
    Big Bee
    Commented on this photo:

    I wonder if he said “Am…am I suppose to draw the penis?”

  27. Foobar

    (S)he who must not be named.

  28. gigi

    wasn’t there a rumor a while back that Tony was working w/ the ‘dark one’? lol so… yeah… now this makes perfect sense…

  29. Lady Gaga No Pants
    Commented on this photo:

    That Colonel Sanders outfit and those chicken legs has got me craving KFC.

  30. John Phillip Signes

    I would say: Good try Tony; but far from good figure drawing.
    Stick to voice Tony; the best .

    Your drawings : keep at home.



  31. Lady Gaga No Pants
    Commented on this photo:

    Holy shit, colonel sanders forgot his pants!

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