Lady Gaga’s Demanding Photo Agencies Photoshop Her Pictures Now

April 8th, 2014 // 29 Comments
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While Beyonce went the less subtle route of having her publicist demand websites remove unflattering photos of her, Lady Gaga‘s people were smart enough to realize photo agencies would let you have sex with your kids if it meant an exclusive and started demanding pics be “enhanced” before they’re approved for publication. A process that was immediately agreed to because I made the joke about sex with kids, right? Okay, good. Page Six report:

Photographers covering an event last week had to agree to give Lady Gaga final approval before any of their images could be released.
They were told to “Smooth out her jaw line and thin her arm,” and “Smooth out and thin her legs,” according to one insider.
“They are all complaining she’s a control freak,” the event organizer told me.
Kevin Mazur, the Wireimage/Getty photographer who had the exclusive rights to shoot her shows at Roseland, which wrapped up Monday, admits he retouched his images and that Gaga’s management team had final approval.

Of course, the most amazing part of this story is that Lady Gaga is asking for boring, conventional things like thinner arms or a less manly chin instead of being turned into a bedazzled eagle-woman with three elephant dicks. It used to be about the art.

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  1. Lady Gaga Photoshopped Paparazzi
    Hugh G. Rection
    Commented on this photo:

    Actually, that might not be a bad idea.

  2. You know what this means? Photo agency hiring spree.

  3. So apparently “I was born this way” isn’t good enough for her?

  4. Lady Gaga Photoshopped Paparazzi
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    She needs some Shoppin’ on that armpit.

  5. Dox

    So… maybe if you actually wore clothing, you wouldn’t feel the need to have people photoshop the imperfections on a perfectly normal looking body. (I use normal in the loosest sense of the word here.)

    I guess we went from the message of be proud of who and what you are, to… conform to societies standards of beauty.

    Glad to see she has artistic and moral integrity.

  6. JC

    You’d think that someone who’s hired a person to vomit on her would be less picky about the little things in life.

  7. Lady Gaga Photoshopped Paparazzi
    Commented on this photo:

    Photoshop? Sure, why doesn’t somebody photoshop a big wang into THIS picture. Is that what she’s looking for?

  8. Lady Gaga Photoshopped Paparazzi
    Commented on this photo:

    F*ck she’s ugly…even with 10lbs of makeup…that is all.

  9. The Most Interesting

    It’s gonna take a lot more than a little blur on the jawline…

  10. Your move, Lena Dunham.

  11. poop

    this doesn’t even make sense considering she purposely goes out of her way to make herself look gross most of the time

    calling bullshit

  12. D-chi

    I used to love the Gaga, but lately I’ve been pretty indifferent to her. But I’m really disappointed (though not very surprised) that she’s basically a huge hypocrite. She says she’s all about acceptance and encouraging people to be who they genuinely are, yet she can’t stand people thinking she has a thigh diameter of more than 4 inches. (Her old songs “Fashion” and “Vanity” were much more telling.) I guess “Born This Way” is only for us peasants who can’t afford a glam squad and photoshop team.

    • That “be who they genuinely are” really refers to sexual orientation, ethnicity, race whatevs. Gaga has a decade+ long history of eating disorders, and her manta unfortunately doesn’t extend to accepting how your body looks without having to starve yourself, or how age will change her face and body. However, I don’t think the flip side of EDs and photoshopping is automatically Lena Dunham, either. Maybe she should consider being a pioneer for that rather than some of the more desperate moves she’s been reduced to.

      • D-chi

        It’s true that an ED messed with you in so many ways. I was under the impression she encourages people to feel beautiful as they are, but when you have an ED, that unfortunately doesn’t extend to your own brain. Really, you tell others they’re wonderful as they are so that at least you can help someone by happy if you can’t be happy yourself.

  13. Kimmykimkim

    Whatever, fuck this stupid bitch. She’s as good as dead to me.

  14. I don’t blame her for insisting on photoshopping, what with that face, nose, ass, boobs…the woman looks like an inflatable latex bag filed with biscuit dough.

  15. sounds like she has major body issues

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

      When she gave her soul to the machine, she forgot that you lose to your mind to it in the process as well.

  16. Are they supposed to Photoshop her to look more like a man or less like a man? I’m confused.

  17. C'mon

    What a fucking hypocrite…

  18. Lady Gaga Photoshopped Paparazzi
    Commented on this photo:

    What is that fugly heshe looking at?

  19. Lady Gaga Photoshopped Paparazzi
    Pierre Poutine
    Commented on this photo:

    Nice wig.

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