Lady GaGa Wore People Clothes

August 12th, 2011 // 58 Comments

I’ve been trying to avoid Lady Gaga posts lately unless she does something really shocking. I’m talking wearing clothes that a sane, sober person would look at and go, “Wow, this doesn’t make me look like a lobster with a LEGO vagina. I’ll wear it in public,” which I just assumed would return her to the Time Chamber. Anyway, I’ll be looking out my window to see if there are two suns now because clearly I’ve shifted to an alternate Earth where lobster LEGO vaginas are shunned from society and madness is king. “You there, kind sir! Tell me of this strange, new land and its non-flamboyant Madonna clones.”

Photo: Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN


  1. cc

    Is this a tacit acknowledgement that her whole shtick has run its course?

  2. Those aren’t people clothes…it’s obviously just laundry day at a jackasses house.

  3. Tiffany

    Fashion is about communicating about how you feel that day…I love her usual crazy fashion, but I really like this too.

  4. eatme

    fuck off with the advertisements

  5. Richard McBeef

    I have never not wanted to punch her in her ugly fucking face as much as don’t want to punch her in her ugly face right now, but i still have an uncontrollable urge to punch her in her ugly face.

    • Mellow

      chill dude. Why do u want to punch her in her face? You know that can be considered a hate crime.

    • fuckyou

      shut the fuck up bitch. what kind of stupid fucking name is richard mcbeef? go back to sucking your mom’s cock.

  6. naano

    boy, it’s like putting a dog in a t-shirt.

  7. Jon


    • Jon

      I should add a disclaimer.. half decent in ONE or TWO of the pics. I feel sorry for you bitter bastards if you can’t see it. There is no hope for you.. you should double your dosage.

  8. Lady Gaga Normal Clothes
    DOucHe BaGELs
    Commented on this photo:


  9. Lady Gaga Normal Clothes
    Commented on this photo:

    “Well, Kiss My Grits!”

  10. Lady Gaga Normal Clothes
    Commented on this photo:

    Insidious claws

  11. Fletch

    I’ll give credit where it is due; she looks really nice here. By the way, is that a profile of Homer Simpson on the front of the dress?

  12. Lemmiwinks

    The dress designer named that “flippered man walking with tulip stuck in eye-socket.” I totally get it because I live next door to a flippered tulip-in-eye-socket guy myself.. Small world.

  13. OK

    Wow, even dressed normal she is still completely unattractive.

  14. GaGaGa

    “I’ve been trying to avoid Lady Gaga posts lately …” now if only Kardashian and Lindsey L. were so easy to avoid the true ‘stars’ would be aligned.

  15. Lady Gaga Normal Clothes
    Commented on this photo:

    wow, looks like she doesnt even wear a wig

  16. kimmykimkim

    What exactly does a lobster LEGO vagina look like anyway? That’s what I really want to see.

  17. Lady Gaga Normal Clothes
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    “Must…support…hairpiece.. so it doesn’t… fall out…

  18. Lady Gaga Normal Clothes
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    umm what is with her hair? is she really losing it?

  19. DeucePickle

    Dammit, just when i was about to say that she looks good when she’s not wearing a hat the looks like a narwhal’s vagina, you pre snark-block me with LEGO vagina

  20. Satan

    That’s not the real Lady Gaga, it’s a pod person.

  21. Lady Gaga Normal Clothes
    Cock Dr
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    Not bad. Normal-ish.

  22. Frank Burns

    After all the pics I’ve seen with her on the ground after one of her bizarre outfits tripped her up, maybe she finally realized “Hey, if I don’t dress up like a freak show, I won’t fall on my face as much”. Love that celebrity learning curve!

  23. Lady Gaga Normal Clothes
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    Something tells me she just came from “Bonch” and not “Party Earth.” (Hint: Look up the definition of “bonch.”)

  24. DogBoy

    Honestly, she looks good. Dare I say– almost fappable. Almost.

  25. Venom

    She looks cute and she has a hot little ass.

  26. Lady Gaga Normal Clothes
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    Those nails are fucking tits! They’re tacky and gaudy and I fuckin love ‘em!

    • bassackward

      actually, tho I would not swear to it, the tits are the only thing real on this fucking freak! tacky and gaudy are just her style….

  27. She’s looking pretty good here; I’d like to see her in “normal” clothes more often. She has her own sense of style but this was a nice break.

  28. kimmykimkim

    I would like to nibble on her ass and give it a little slap.

  29. Lady Gaga Normal Clothes
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    This must be the freaks form of Camouflage, so she can blend in with REAL people…

  30. Lady Gaga Normal Clothes
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    Ah do declare, I feel the vapors coming on!

  31. Lady Gaga Normal Clothes
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    Gaga realizes, at the last second, that the throat she is about to rake open with her claws is her own. (damn!!!)

  32. Lady Gaga Normal Clothes
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    Lady Gaga is the dude on the left or the dude on the right?

  33. the chief

    some people tried in europe.
    ……….BUT THEY IMPOSSIBLE COULDN’T LOOK “Cheaper”, folks!!

  34. Lady Gaga Normal Clothes
    The Brown Streak
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    Maybe it’s just me but does it seem Lady Gaga just might be trying to get some attention? Nah…I’m overthinking it…

  35. Maxim

    I sow like you

  36. Lady Gaga Normal Clothes
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    looks like someone is trying to channel a Xtina with the hair and did she also get a tan?

  37. Queen of Everything

    Oh, she looks great. Like a star! I love this on her for every day outings.
    I think it’s best to save the crazy for the stage. She is super cool looking here.

  38. Linda

    She is so ugly!!

  39. Sean

    She looks sexy

  40. Lady Gaga Normal Clothes
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    I think she looks really nice for a change.

  41. fuckyou

    shut the fuck up the superficial! lady gaga wears “people clothes”? lady gaga isn’t a freak or a robot! and Linda, shut the fuck up because i bet you’re fucking ugly. K THANKS BYE. BITCH

  42. fuckyou


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