Lady Gaga is Dying

July 7th, 2011 // 74 Comments

Ian Halperin is promoting his new tell-all book about Lady Gaga that reveals absolutely nothing we didn’t already know about her eating disorder and being a crazy drug addict. Except it does explain why she wears 800 elaborate costumes a day, and surprisingly it’s not for attention or because of all those drugs she eats instead of food. Via RadarOnline:

“Those who have worked with her on tour reported to me that Gaga barely ate for weeks at a time to fit into her costume,” said Halperin, who has spent 12 months investigating Gaga for his book.
“She is sick and obsessed with her weight. One friend told me, Gaga will stare at herself in the mirror for hours on end, analyzing and critiquing her body. It’s an unhealthy obsession.”
And while most people believe her outrageous outfits and heavy makeup are just part of her act, Halperin says there is a more sinister reason behind her look.
“Her lupus is far worse than she lets on,” he said of the disease, which Gaga has admitted to having. “Part of the reason she wears wigs and makeup is because her hair is falling out and she’s covered in red blotches, both side effects of the disease.”

Wait. So this means “Born This Way” was never really a gay anthem, but just a song about Lady GaGa’s skin’s falling off. You’ve been deceived, Little Monsters! Quick, stab her with your sparkle spears or shoot rainbow beams out of your tummies or whatever it is you people do in combat that the army had to let you in or you would just diiiie.

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  1. slappy magoo

    Any truth to the rumor she’s really Paul from The Wonder Years?

  2. Lupus? She turns into a wolf? That *is* sinister.

  3. Dick Dickerson

    Saggy ass pancake titties

  4. I think she needs to move in with Casey Anthony

  5. That Bastard Tony

    To all of the ladies out there, please (and I cannot stress this enough) EAT SOMETHING!! Seriously. An occasional cheeseburger will not put you over the weight limit at your local amusement park. Hell, if you have a regular workout regime (or even just walk a couple of miles a day) you can get away with a little grease and sugar. Guys are not attracted to skin and bones no matter what Hollywood tells you. We like curves. Is it the reason why we were all stalking JLo 10 years ago.

    …and to Lady Gaga, if you truly are a trendsetter, put on a few pounds and show your young female fans that you can have curves and be hot. Just sayin.

    • ZigZagZoey

      You’re not such a bastard, Bastard!

    • Hey Hick Fuck You

      Hey, chubby chaser, speak for yourself. I like my bitches see thru.

      • omfg.HE’S NOT A ”CHUBBY CHASER”its just your im not sayin all people should like curvy people,but damn give people a break.
        1.ITS NOT COOL
        4.SHUT UP!
        _______________________________________~ITS MY OPINION~

    • You are speaking the since you sound smart im gonna tell you that i might be developing a eating disoder or something! I mean all i eat is salad.
      i dont know what to kinda curvy.i just dont have intrest in what i eat.Anyway,do you have any advice for me?

  6. Grant Schaeffer

    She giving me a lovely come hither look ! Only I can’t take her up on her offer as I’m a normal heterosexual male and my penis is responding negatively to her visage .

  7. Brooke

    Ian Halperin is full of shit. I actually read his Michael Jackson book, and in it he said Michael was weak and tired and could barely stand or sing. Then This Is It came out and proved that wasn’t true… He just questions people who don’t really know anything and gets lucky sometimes.

  8. Icequeen

    let’s see, she has lupus, which is treatable BUT instead of taking care of herself, she fills her body with drugs instead of food?? Is it really any wonder why lupus is kicking her ass? Kinda hard to feel sorry for her when it is obvious that she only making things worse by starving and doing drugs.

  9. Jj

    Kind of a heartless post.. If any of this is true, it’s sad for anybody to go through this..
    Gaga is such a great talent , I guess we’ll see..

    • JC

      She is a great talent! She easily makes the list of Top 10 Madonna cover bands for 2009 to the present.

  10. Lady Gaga Dying
    Cliff Clavin
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m tired of this self-obsessed ego maniac.

  11. Cliff Clavin

    I’m tired of this self obsessed ego maniac.

  12. Frank Burns

    Sheesh, I’m not her fan but I don’t wish that she dies from lupus, or some other disease.

  13. Alicia

    The writer and so many of the commenters here are cruel, nasty people. I don’t care whether you like Gaga, her music, or her costumes, she is a human being and if she is suffering through ED and Lupus, she deserves compassion and kindness, the way any other ill person does. Not scorn and “kill it with fire” comments.

  14. Then why do I see rough in your eyes?

    All a ploy to be an Icon. Micheal had his virtiligo. Elvis had his pills. Madonna had her hairy crack. Now shes battling something….I though she ran out of crap to put on, when I read the headline.

    • TomFrank

      “Madonna had her hairy crack”? You’d think she’d go to another crack dealer if she found hair in it.

    • kimmykimkim

      It’s vitiligo, buttcheese. And its a real thing. I’ve had a white spot on my right foot since I was 6 years old. Luckily I don’t have it bad at all. And also, luckily, its shaped like a little mushroom. And it doesn’t tan but it does burn. And Lady GaGa really does carry lupus but she’s not going to die from it – at least not any time soon. And this is actually a really old story. She announced this way back when Larry King interviewed her about a year or more ago.

  15. The Critical Crassness

    Yeah…this is believable, just like there are little green men in flying machines coming from Mars to steal Earth’s women,the moon is really made of green cheese and Justin Beiber is bonking Selena Gomez, cause every little pervert homosexual fucktard really loves to fuck girls…..another bullshit fantasy from the drug-addled mind of Lady Gaga, the “Queen of Attention Whores”!

  16. christia1230

    Lupus is different for every person who has it. Some people have no symptoms some people have severe symptoms and every symptom can stay for weeks or even change from day to day. I myself was diagnosed with Lupus last year right after my 21st birthday. (If my hair hair was falling out any worse though I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get a teal colored wig haha)

    Lady Gaga has donated a good amount of money towards the Lupus Foundation of America in hopes for a cure. Good for her for fighting through the pain and keeping the faith.

    • Linzie

      Yup, just like any other auto/immune disease – e.g Graves disease, arthritis, diabetes type1 &2 and so on

  17. Being a Lady GaGa fan is the unhealthiest obsession in this whole story.

  18. Lala

    You all know that she specifically said she DOESN’T have lupus, right? And yeah, she’s clearly trying to hide the fact that all her skin is falling off by being nearly naked most of the time. Ian Halperin is a hack who just makes shit up. When people lie about things that can be proven wrong by, um, using your eyes, it’s really annoying.

    • Emily

      THANK YOU. everyone is just assuming she has lupus because of this article but if they opened their ignorant eyes they would realize she said it runs in her family but doesn’t yet have it.

  19. doodles

    Say what you want about Gaga, bitch makes some good foot-stompin’ tunes and in my book, that’s all that matters.

    • D-chi

      That about sums it up. Crazy as the day is long, but puts out good tracks. Lost my junk when she opened with Dance in the Dark. Fun times.

  20. Lady Gaga Dying
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  21. Jon

    The drugs and the eating disorder have been easy to see. The Lupus, who knows. I don’t know much about it, but for people who are really sick, they can’t work and she seems to be working fine, despite drugs and eating disorders.

    I think you have to be a freak to like her. Her monsters are freaks.

    • D-chi

      You say freak like it’s a bad thing.

      On the real, though, in “Fashion” she says, “I live to be model thin.” She needs a whole tray of sandwiches.

      • Emily

        “Fashion” was written four years ago. Try a better argument. Gaga is not even underweight. She is at a perfectly healthy weight.

  22. whitney

    It’s never Lupus until it is Lupus. Huh.

  23. Frank Rizzo

    I honestly thought the title was referring to her hair.

  24. Lady Gaga Dying
    DC Supreme
    Commented on this photo:

    Please, please, please be true…

  25. Natalie

    Weird…if she has red blotches all over her skin, how can she go around baring so much skin?! That doesn’t make sense! In any case, I think she is a very good singer, just needs to dial down the crazy.

  26. monster

    Gaga never admitted to having lupus, she said her tests were “borderline positive” but still negative, so this is complete bullshit.

  27. monster

    fu you for making fun fo someone based on their disease. jealous as hole!

  28. Intifada

    If what he says is true, then I feel bad for her, and only wish her the best. It’s too easy to be cruel with somebody like her, and too cheap. Save your hate for Madonna or people like her. I don’t see that kind of pretense in Gaga, but admittedly I don’t pay much attention to her.

  29. the captain

    my condolence…………..

  30. Human Decency

    Wait, why is someone else’s medical condition ANYONE’S GODDAMN BUSINESS? Go salvage what’s rest of your real lives people. She is still a human. You wouldn’t want your boring ass getting paraded around the internets every time a skin flake falls off or you have a blister appear on your greasy face. Everyone ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  31. Human Decency

    Fuck you.

  32. faq u

    in the words of eminem

    “tell lady gaga she can quit her job at the post office; she’ll still be a male lady!”

  33. lil monster

    stfu stupid journalist shoot w rainbows wtf is that dude ur kidding this is something serious i hope mother monster takes action for this diease. i love u mother monster

  34. Joe Mahma

    This revelation should translate into some ticket sales.

  35. Lady Gaga Dying
    Commented on this photo:

    thats to sad her music is awesome its to sad some people are so insecure and are so quik to judge others much. o well u guys must have some shitty n fuked up lifes, if shes different and yet became so famous think u all will never b no one.

    • Audieme

      Please learn the difference between “to” and “too.”

    • Chorazin

      First of all, if you are not simply trolling, acquire an education, drop the 1337txt and finally, get a clue.

      Secondly, I don’t think her critics have been ‘quick to judge’ the Gaga…. She’s been whoring up a storm for years now, and the majority of people who dislike what she does/stands for are not angry at her difference, but because she is *exactly* the same as a number of major pop icons who have gone before.

      If she *is* dying, it is probably from shame at having raped the careers of Madonna, Freddie mercury, Betty Page, et al.

  36. NotaHater

    I fail to believe she wears 800 costumes a day i mean be reasonable annnd so what? I dont care if she has lupas, she isnt decieving us. I like her because of her music and her political views. She does what she wants, get over it. Let people live how they want to live and as long as it doesnt effect other people.

  37. D-chi

    It’s never Lupus.

    Also, luv ya Gaga! You so crazy.

  38. HouseMD

    D-Chi, thank you for pointing out the obvious, it’s never lupus

  39. Mama Pinkus

    if anything will kill Ms. Gaga, it will be the unrelenting crushing depression she feels

    • Emily

      You know fucking nothing about her. She just released a statement saying she’s so happy when she wakes up every morning so you have no fucking idea what you’re taking about Ms Pinkus.

  40. Emily

    People like all of you are disgusting. Lady Gaga is doing just fine. If she was “dying of lupus” she wouldn’t be able to go onstage every night and slay. Gaga, thankfully is not anywhere near being anorexic/bulimic or a drug addict. She is at a healthy weight and not as thin as Paris Hilton. Gaga is always being taped and pictured. If she was a drug addict, we would see her falling off stages and being as messed up as Amy Whinehouse, but she’s not. She’s doing just fine. And who the fuck are any of you to say “she would look better without skin and hair.” Do you know what it’s like to have a disease. And I hope when she’s fucking 87 and rocking the stage you’re rotting dead in the ground for saying the shit you’re saying.

  41. Emily

    May I also say that Gaga does not have Lupus. It is although in her family genes. She does not officially suffer from Lupus.

  42. Emily

    SHe doesn’t have Lupus, but it runs in her family.

  43. Emily

    She needs to “dial now the the crazy”? The “crazy” is making her successful. WHo is going to go up and tell her to stop being successful.

  44. Ifhyu

    You went too far with this post. Lupus is not something to make fun of you twisted tard.

  45. i hope shes ok.cuz i cant have gaga out of my life!she is the person that started my love life with that song papparazi< (i think i spelt that wrong)

  46. Emily

    this is the biggest load of fucking bullshit I have ever read. She is not dying, and she won’t be dying anytime soon. She has Lupus, yes, but she is handling it and she is happy. For once in her life, she is happy. So leave her be already.

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