Lady GaGa Poses For Terry Richardson, Makes Fun Of Lindsay Lohan

August 29th, 2012 // 126 Comments
Banned From Marmont
Lindsay Lohan Nipple Cleavage Terry Richardson
Now Where Will She Do Coke And Take Boob Pictures? Read More »

With Lindsay Lohan banned from Marmont, Terry Richardson is all Lady GaGa‘s now. Not that he wasn’t already considering Lady GaGa is legitimately famous and people actually want to pay money to see her perform. Anyway, that didn’t stop GaGa from firing off a friendly tweet, or bitchy depending how you read it, to her sleepover bestie:

@lindsaylohan ummmm are those my earrings??? this is awkward…:) kiss kiss chateau bunny

Afterward, she shat out a puppy granting her membership to the Thundercats if I’m looking at this photo right.

Photos: Terry Richardson


  1. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
    Commented on this photo:

    Live on stage at the GOP convention in Tampa

  2. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
    Phyllis Diller
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    Phyllis Diller.

  3. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
    Stewie Griffin
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  4. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    I’ve never seen a couch that looks like a rectal prolapse before.

  5. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    Say what you want, but Lindsey is looking better in these photos than she has in a…wait, nevermind.

  6. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    He’s just so ugly
    And the one on the right looks bad too

  7. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    Penny run like hell!

  8. And now I’m forced to like Lady GaGa.
    Goddamn you Lohan!!

  9. Sunny

    Terry Richardson is such a sh*tty photographer….every picture of every “celeb” looks like a ridiculous shot from a basement-made porn.Why people still pose for him is beyond me – it’s not edgy, it’s not provocative, it’s the same bright lightbulb in the background that makes people laugh at photography as an “art” (which I actually do believe it is, I just think he does the community a huge disservice). Any person who poses for him – especially after the Lohan gun photos – is of serious questionable judgment.

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

      Considering the rate at which he fucks those he takes snaps of, questioning their judgement about allowing him to take their pics begins well before even considering his talents at the actual act of taking said snaps. But in this case, I assume even this low life scum bucket couldn’t bring itself to entertain any desires to so do Ms when-are-my-15-mins-up-ffs?

    • El Jefe

      He is a shitty hack of a photographer.

  10. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    When a dog turns down doggy-style…your 15 mins of fame are over. :P

  11. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    Gaga Winehouse?

  12. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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  13. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    He’s not a good photographer. Why is he famous?

  14. tom

    Nasty ho.

  15. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    Near nude and even her fans aren’t turned on by her.

  16. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    I love all the clowns who rail on this girl. Yet every single guy who makes a bullshit comment would jump at the chance to fuck her.
    …and she’d laugh you out the room.

  17. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    In late August, Gagas enter their estrus cycle and will instinctively adopt the “presenting” stance in the presence of any male.

  18. carl

    You can’t make fun of anybody with a busted face like that. Ugly retarded bitch.

  19. sam

    That dogs ass is prettier than her face.

  20. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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  21. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
    Not telling
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  22. YEs

    Fame doesn’t make everyone sexy.

  23. YEs

    If I had to choose, I’d do the smaller animal.

  24. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    I would bang her in that position, without a doubt. She looks sexy/naughty there.

  25. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
    Tiny monster
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    That’s Gagas hello from Finland!

  26. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
    real man
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    i think she is hot as hell. wouldnt kick her out of bed.

    • Gaga4Gaga

      That’s because you’re not gay like JMC…

      I agree…hot as hell…A woman who’s happy to BE a woman!

  27. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    I bet this bitch is a FREAK in the sack.

    I’ll pass.

  28. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    Smell my finger.

  29. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    Nah, she tries just hard enough…

    To keep her rich and famous, unlike you buncha whining losers.

  30. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    Looks like she’s sitting on a trash heap.

  31. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    Everything he does looks trashy.

  32. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    Wow. That looks so spontaneous and unforced.. like they are having a lot of fun! Not.

  33. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    Looks like she’s covered in spiders.

  34. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
    Pine Table Fever
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  35. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    iphone 5?

  36. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    Omg I smell acid and dog turd. Why is this girl so disgusting? I no longer view her as a star. She’s trailer trash with money. Damn that ass must stink especially when the core hole expands into a starfish and expels stinky sewage and half digested McDonalds mixed with pancreatic juice balls. Lady gaga. You’re going to hell girl. You’ve forsaken god and he wasted favors by giving a ln ungrateful undeserving dog like you talent and fame. I hope someone throws feces at you.

  37. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    You are style Symbol in world .

  38. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    Shortly after this photo was taken, Gaga shot his load all over Terry’s chest. (some got in his eye)

  39. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    Cocaine’s one helluva drug

  40. Lady Gaga Terry Richardson
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    Looking for the rest of that $2 million? Here it is!

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