Lady GaGa Really Wants to Distract You From Her Face (It Didn’t Work)

May 24th, 2011 // 68 Comments

Sure, vaginas can wear ties. Why not?

Here’s Lady Gaga promoting her new album in New York yesterday by making an appearance on Letterman and hanging her half-naked body out of an SUV in-between costume changes. And, seriously, I don’t care how big of a fan you are, you have to admit she’s literally wearing whatever’s closest to her and going, “Ooh, look how original I am.” Except you know who did that first and the answer’s surprisingly not Madonna? The fucking Macho Man. All that’s missing is a cowboy hat and some Slim Jims which is just a matter of time at this point. Eventually she’s going to walk into a convenience store and realize a necklace made of hot dogs isn’t enough.

Photo: INFdaily


  1. might have jacked off to this but that tat is such a turnoff

    • It was the tattoo that turned you off? Not the horns on her shoulders, the red talons, the black smudge on her cheek, the giant nose with a hump, saggy mishapen tits, buck teeth, chola biker dominatrix getup or the fact that it’s Lady Gaga in general?

    • Of all things that stoped you, it was the tat. How about this thing has a penis. I seen the video where it slips out while its performing. Nasty

    • I can’t tell who’s joking on this site anymore. There have been some very questionable girls that guys say they’d legitimately bang and some drop dead gorgeous one that are considered ‘gross’.

  2. cc

    Best Buy? Maybe at $5.

  3. stratacat

    I know what I’m gonna be for Halloween–Bondage Alien Chola on Crack! I just hope the Spirit store has that freaky shoulder bra in a DD.

  4. Zanna

    You’ve got to admit, Marilyn Manson has really reinvented himself with this Lady Ga Ga character…

  5. Cock Dr

    It’s too easy.
    I just can’t dis a pop star who acts this crazy, dresses so ridiculously & hangs out her tits ALL THE TIME.
    Unless her name is Brittany.

  6. Lady Gaga
    Commented on this photo:

    That outfit actually comes with a seizure warning.

  7. Lady Gaga
    Commented on this photo:

    so Galliano.

  8. Tee

    for me i think gaga has a banging body her face not all that great but the body is nice.

    • Big Ass Bunny Feet

      In one of her videos she is wearing normal makeup and has blonde hair and looks really pretty. The makeup she usually wears makes her looks ugly.

      • Rico Jones

        I agree. Lady Gaga doesn’t have a great nose but that hardly makes her ugly. She is in shape and except for her nose her face is fine. I agree her make up choices often make her look weird.

  9. Rachel

    I liked her at first, thought she produced some nice ear candy and had some real talent (she can really sing and play the keyboard). But I find that her schtick (which was never original – see Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust/Alladin Sane/glam-rock phase, for example) has gotten terribly old. And her constant obvious efforts to camouflage her not-model-quality face are just annoying, and her body is nothing to put on display. There are a lot of incredible musical performers in rock, classical, jazz, etc., many of whom I would not want to see scantily clad, and MS Germanotta is one of them, yet she insists on pushing her unremarkable body (I mean, Ceiling Eyes Patridge’s body is better than Germanotta’s, and that’s not saying much) in front of the camera and audience. I couldn’t even watch her SNL performances.

    • vitobonespur

      After reading your critiques on Gaga and Pautridge (both of whom I find fairly attractive), I have to figure you must be an outrageous babe. If so, I wanna see…Is there anywhere online where we can look at some pictures of you? Preferrably nude or topless, but clothed would be fine if necessary.

      Some years back there was another lady on this blog — Amy I think…??? — who dissed someone or other and left the url for her Facebook page. She, indeed, was quite a hottie. You?

  10. Lady Gaga
    Commented on this photo:

    Annnnnd cue lopsided boobs…and go!!!

  11. red

    I’d tongue her ass and every other part of her body, before attempting to get her pregnant with a nice creampie!!!

  12. Lady Gaga
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    This is probably what sex with Katy Perry entails.

  13. Finally! I’ve been waiting my whole life to see somebody wearing nothing but Dark Helmet’s tie.

  14. Lady Gaga
    Jon Hex
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    I can’t wait for GaGa’s “Snap into it!” commercial where she’s wearing a Slim Jim wrapper.

  15. BigDaddy

    She’s growing a nose on both of her shoulders. By this time next year they will be the same size is the one on her face.

    • Big Ass Bunny Feet

      I like her nose just fine. At least she didn’t get the typical hollywood nose that’s tiny and pointy. Her nose was way bigger before her nose job but I’m glad she kept some character.

  16. rough:how white can you bleach my calvin's

    Speaking of best buy. If Gaga running out of ideas for wardrobe, she can always ransack Best Buy’s garbage for throw away wires and electronic parts and dons it as a dress. I think that would be innovative actually.

  17. Positively negative

    +1′s for everyone!
    Great job, guys!

  18. JC

    Macho Man was way hotter than Gaga. Hell, he still is, even in corpse form.

  19. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Somebody Shoot this Bitch Please!!!
    Why doesn’t the promotion whore just get the Best Buy Tag tattooed on her chest.

  20. Mike

    Gaga would cover herself in shit and call it a dress as part of her I’m-crazy -attention-whore antics that are disguised as some kind of free-spirit creativity bullshit but at the end of the day popping out of eggs and being draped in meat just makes you a fucking idiot.

  21. Tad Bit Tipsy

    Sorry had to chime in one more time…
    Latest News!!!!
    Lady Gaga Pregnant!!!
    Knocked up by the Geek Squad….

  22. Lady Gaga
    Commented on this photo:

    She has an Any Winehouse on her head.

  23. Sam

    So, I’m just venturing a guess here, but I think she might be trying to get attention.

  24. Lady Gaga
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    WTF is going on w/ her shoulders?

  25. This would be hot if her body were more attractive, if she weren’t so…well, below average. Not terrible, but not even really average attractive. Basically, it would be hot if it were someone else.

    This “dress like a werido” thing she has going on is getting old. I think she’s been drinking her old kook aid and thinks she’s some kind of style icon or something, rather than a walking freakshow that people laugh at.

  26. Man, if only she had nipples on those perky shoulder tits. Could you imagine? A chick with four breasts. Man, you even suckle them while going doggy style to avoid looking at her face. Four tits, man. It reminds me of the time I fucked a cow.

  27. Jacob

    She has a decent bod, but not as good as Madonna’s was back in the day.

  28. Lady Gaga
    Double D
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    Woman, you are worth $110 million! New tits cost $20K. Invest!

  29. Lady Gaga
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    “If I could turn back time….if I could find a way…” What a great tranny Cher!

  30. Venom

    If she inflated the boobs she would not be bad at all.
    She has a pretty nice body.

  31. Lady Gaga
    Commented on this photo:

    Gaga’s manager: – Lady, today put as many clothes as you can so they can’t tell who excacly are you copying !

  32. asdasdasd

    I heard Lady Gaga has kidnapped Commissioner Gordon. Someone please contact Batman!

  33. I guess she’s on her way to the afternoon shift at the gentleman’s club. They put the average-looking chicks on during the day, amirite?

  34. God Almighty

    He must be cold in that getup……

  35. Sin

    Lady Gaga has the body and face built for Radio…

  36. Captain Slappy

    The REALLY freaky shit here….isn’t her body. I bet she has a friggin’ 200 IQ, and can count jellybeans in a jar and give the RIGHT answer. You know…I think she is the right kind of autistic.

  37. Matt

    You know what’s boring and unoriginal? Whining about someone being supposedly boring and unoriginal. If she offends you, don’t look at her. Fucking hipster tool.

    • minx

      “You know what’s boring and unoriginal? Whining about someone being supposedly boring and unoriginal.” If the comments offend you, don’t read them. Fucking tool.

  38. the captain

    at the cost of $ 29.95 this outfit can’t mask her SQUITING tits!!

  39. Samantha

    it looks like she scalped snooki and tried to wear it as swag.. and her shoulders are so edgy!! get it?? you get it..

  40. Lady Gaga
    she aint no Kate Bush
    Commented on this photo:

    I hate tattoos on females, but here I make an exception, because the one of her bicep is more attractive than her face.

  41. JustSaying

    If anyone’s curious as to what inspired this particular look…. GOOGLE: Jiraiya Sage Mode.

    And for those of you who’s only defense for her is, “she doesn’t have a great nose, but her body is on point,” GOOGLE: Carrot Top

  42. bitingontinfoil

    I hate to admit this ’cause I’ve been as much a hater of this overly exposed, manufactured piece of tripe as anyone BUUUUUTTT…I *loved* her on SNL and saw vid of this and there were tons of kids there and she actually took the time (hours) to pose and talk w/them. Seemed pretty cool, actually.

  43. Mandi

    Ok, seriously, how has she not been locked up in the looney house? Sane people don’t walk out of the house dressed like this, but this crazy bitch does it and we give her a Grammy.

  44. Lady Gaga
    Commented on this photo:

    Holy crap that picture is enoug hto give nightmares.

  45. Moose


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